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Simply One Hell of a Writer

Music rang through the large room, and I stood stiffly watching, holding my hands in my lap. Dancing was the last thing on my mind. For a moment my eyes followed the Earl and Elizabeth dancing, watching the blonde smile as he twirled her delicately. "Milady.." A voice which I did not want to hear sounded from my left. Despite my efforts, I could not outright ignore him, for obvious reasons. I still had a persona to keep up, even if the butler had seen right through me. It didn't appear like the others were aware of my true identity. How would they react if they knew? Shaking that last thought, I glanced over at Sebastian. In his gloved hands he held a slice of the enormous - and…rather delicious looking- cake. My stomach warbled in complaint, and I hoped he could not hear it. "The wrist of yours I grasped a while ago should still hurt." Indeed it did. My lips pursed at him, purposely showing my discontent. A childish act, I am aware. Yet I could not stop myself. "Let me humbly lend you a hand."


With a small, growing ball of what I can only call dread and embarrassment, I watched him cut a bite size portion of the slice with the fork. "We made this birthday cake just for you. Now…" He opened his mouth as example and held the piece of cake on the fork out for me to bite. Glad I could not reveal my embarrassment to him, as I'm sure he already knew the smug bastard, I opened my mouth and let him feed me the cake. Looking down, I decided. The cake was more than delicious, admittedly so. Not that I would tell him that. Sebastian looked out at the rich couples in the ballroom with an unreadable expression. "Now, the ball is opening. It seems that only the two of us are left." To my horror, everyone had somehow found a dancing partner, and were swirling peacefully around to the tune of the musicians. Suddenly I felt like all the air had been sucked out of the room. Oh, no. No, no no no….Ugh.

No. I would not. I will not. Moaning inwardly, I observed as Sebastian pulled out a pair of glasses from one of his hidden pockets I supposed, and cleaned them before slipping them on. Why would he need glasses to dance? Another revaluation hit me. Why would he dance with me? The answer came as quickly as the unbidden question. For appearances. Why else would he do anything? That sure didn't explain the man with the scythe and the red-haired maniac. A sudden shudder racked my body, and I tried to hide it. Judging from the glimpse in his ruby eyes, he didn't miss it. Of course not.

Sebastian peered at me through the useless pair of glasses resting on his slender nose, smiling condescendingly. "If I may, let me instruct you on dance steps, a tonight is most likely your first time at a ball as well." My lips pressed together, but I refused to answer him. The bastard knew he was right, anyways. His hand waited outstretched. Finally, I slowly lifted my uninjured hand and placed it in his, but not before hesitating. He had attempted to kill me. But…he couldn't exactly try such a move now, could he? His image was too important.

His grip was surprisingly gentle yet firm. His other hand moved to my waist, and we began to move in a circle languidly. My breath was uncontrollably fast, and as we moved, the room did too. A new form of panic enveloped me suddenly, and I stared hard at the button's on Sebastian coat, hoping to calm myself. Gradually, with longer breaths, I was able to slow my heart beat. "That's it. Calm down and compose yourself as if you are about to kill a man." My eyes traveled up to his face, yet again taken aback by the mysterious man. Part of me didn't even want to question as to how he knew. I wasn't afraid, though. Not that much. My change in expression must've clued him in, for he studied me thoughtfully, then said. "Perhaps you are wondering why I am not killing you." I met his fixed stare, refusing to break eye contact, even though I wanted to quite badly. "My duty as a butler is to facilitate the ball." Sebastian continued, lifting the corner of his lips in such a subtly way I might not of noticed it. Breaking my gaze and concentration, he looked away. "I would rather not, after all that preparation, stain the even with human blood-" A chill filled my veins as he spoke so causally. Human blood. "and my Master has ordered me to offer you hospitality." Sebastian blood colored eyes flashed to mine, blank and cold. Another shiver worked it's way up my spine in spite of myself. He has the eyes of a killer, too.

"If you return to assassinate Young Master, then I will kill you with no mercy." he added smiling. "However, if you return a guest, then I will off you the best hospitality." Sebastian suddenly leaned his face closer to mine, his pale features moving much closer than already comfortable. "Do you understand? If you do, please make a barking sound like a dog." What? I had no choice here, and we both knew it. After a reluctant pause, I forced out a small 'bark', much to my humiliation. My blood boiled now in frustration and anger, but my blade was useless here. He was inhuman, whatever that meant. I tried not to ponder on that too much.

The raven haired butler pulled away from my face, to my relief, and nodded. "Very well done. Please remember this promise is a secret between us." He flashed me a full smile, squinting his eyes closed in what I supposed was to be merry. I found it rather odd. My pride was irrevocably damaged, as well as a few other things, so I decided to ask the butler a question. Why not? I hid a resigned sigh. Even if it was a question I already knew the answer to. For some reason, he seemed to blink in a expression of astonishment when I asked him. His pale face and dark hair looked suitably fashionable with the simple spectacles, despite how queer this was. "Am I of the same trade, you ask?" Sebastian shook his head, as if I was simply a child asking a foolish question. Perhaps I was, to him. "No, I am nothing of a hit man."

"I am merely one hell of a butler."