A Sense of Nocturnal Delight

Rated M for Strong Sexual Content, Strong Language and all of that in between!

Disclaimer: Don't own the entire Total Drama series. For those of you who are 18 and over, enjoy. But just a little hint of warning, it's not for the weak at heart. You were warned.

Chapter 1

It was night time in the radioactive dump known as Camp Wawanakwa. Right around the Toxic Rats' girls cabin, Dawn had decided to do her nighttime meditation before turning in. She was hoping that the spirits of the animals through the sky and Mother Nature's strong commanding auras in which Dawn feeds will prevent her from having brutal nightmares.

Dawn was always really down-to-earth and was always at peace with herself, an pure nature-loving moonchild to say the least. She kept enjoying her moments of peaceful silence when Dakota stepped out of the shower wearing nothing but her pink towel. She was so much shocked and yet so surprised at first.

"How are you always doing that? Don't you see that it bugs the hell right out of me?" Dakota replied constantly she became a bit annoyed by Dawn's freaky sleeping ritual, which of course was Dawn sitting indian-style upside down. But whatever the hot blonde famemonger liked it or not, it was pretty much Dawn's comfort zone just to say the least.

"But Dakota, I must meditate so that our Mother Nature's spirit of every animal on earth will protect me through the night. This way, I won't get horrible nightmares and I can get through the night sleep without any harm or damage to my body whatsoever." Dawn replied with a calm expression.

"I don't even wanna know what the hell you mean by any of that nonsense, but please don't get your spirits around me." Dakota scoffed as she took her favorite pink blowdryer and blew the hot air right across her beautiful delightful blonde hair.

Dawn somehow a break from her meditation and just looked right at Dakota's hair. Her hair felt like the sweetest wheatfield that was just blowing right in the spring wind on a very breezy day. Perhaps it was just like a heavenly stream of an ocean turned plain yellow. In a moment none too soon, Dawn felt something turned on inside her body just looking at the heavenly blonde-haired, green-eyed angelic creature known as Dakota. She bit her lip tentatively at her presence.

"Hey, Dakota... I know this is very weird of me to ask, but... Are you really attracted to boys?" Dawn asked her as if she was taking some sort of guess.

"Of course, I'm attracted to boys, Unicornhead. What kind of a dumbass question are you really asking me all of a sudden?" Dakota replied as she started to unwrap her favorite pink towel. Dawn was just so amazed and yet, caught by surprise by that figure of hers.

It felt so much like the perfect and mesmerizing body of all time. Those B-cup breasts of Dakota had such enough grab, such long smooth legs that matched a certain Queen Bee in comparison, and that soft tight creamy ass of hers that the famemonger possessed. It wasn't so round and bootylicious like LeShawna's or plump and tight like Anne Maria's, but it had pretty much a creamy grab to it. Dawn once again, licked her dark peach lips.

"Nothing... but have you ever thought interest of the other sex?" Dawn asked with such optimism.

As Dakota heard that statement, she just stood in stunned silence. Her green eyes just bulging to the uncovered fact that there was something secret about her that Dawn already knew about the fame monger herself. Dakota's knees felt like they were about to turn into jelly in an instant. It felt like an unknown force keeping her down from a sudden abyss. Is this actually true? Does Dakota actually have a thing for... girls?

Hoping that she wouldn't have to give out an answer in front of Dawn, the famemonger herself decided to lie under her sparkled and whitened teeth to the moonchild.

"Well, well, well, look at the time. I'm beat. Let's talk tomorrow, okay, weirdo? Night!" Dakota desperately spoke out as she just rushed her own naked self to bed. Dawn let out a defeated sigh as she was about to turn in too. She was hoping to get an answer from her though, but she had no choice but to wait another day...

A few hours later...

Dawn was was asleep while wearing her usual pink undergarments and underwear as she looked right to the beautiful Dakota, who was just resting so peacefully.

In Dawn's point of view, Dakota almost looked so much like a princess that came out of a fairy tale. Who was the princess that always slept while waiting for its prince to come? Sleeping Beauty, of course! She always reminded Dakota of Sleeping Beauty! Except that Sleeping Beauty was sleeping so peacefully in the nude...

Dawn's mind must've shouted "jackpot" when those entire bed sheets just molded to Dakota's entire body and those sweet delicious tits. Dawn took a light gulp as she sensually got out of bed and approached the sleeping angel. With sexual intention right to the moonchild's face, Dawn took the zipper that was molded to her slippers pink nightie and slid it all the way down to the floor really sexily. Dawn had those very sensual, curvy, and bodacious B-cups just like Dakota had. All that was left of her was her very tantalizing purple panties. It was those those kind of panties that would give anyone a case of the thong itch, but it just felt soft just like cotton candy itself.

Without any minute to waste... Dawn lifted up the bedsheets and sent her entire body inside the silky sheets without Dakota knowing one bit. Sweat started to glisten from Dawn's face, trying not to touch one bit of skin from the sleeping fame-hungry female herself. What was Dawn thinking about those shapely lips' of Dakota's? I mean, she had those kissable pink lips that would just turn every guy to stone. But the moonchild wonder what her lips would feel like through a sexy moonchild like Dawn herself?

Dawn took one last breath and went right for the kill. Her sweet face nearing hers by the latter second. And then, in an incredible shocking twist of fate...

...her dark pink lips had mushed right inside onto Dakota's light pink ones just like a steam presser. Dawn's heart felt so much stopped because of that kiss, and only the pressure of their lips together was making Dawn breathless than before. Dakota had suddenly opened her wide green eyes as she was shocked.

She would have likely told Dawn to get those moonchild lips of her, but there was something so fascinating about Dawn's lips that even she couldn't put her mind to. The excellent combination of orange and peach, it looks like Dawn's lips felt so much tasty and satisfying like a tropical smoothie. Dakota felt so defenseless to just get out of her grasp. But the most shocking thing she did...

...was just returning the kiss. Dakota did a nice counterattack with her long pink tongue attacking hers in an ounce of milloseconds. The battle for tongues felt slow and just so savory at the last minute. Who knew kissing Dawn just felt so intoxicating to her at this moment? It felt such like a nymphomaniac's paradise! They kept on exchanging moans between their tongues.

As they continued to kiss each other passionately yet roughly, Dawn's delicate hand slid down Dakota's slim stomach, and right to the sweet spot that was her tight pink puss. Dawn felt like this blonde sex kitten needed to be purred. Without any hesistation, Dawn slid two of her fingers and started to massage Dakota's sweet spot altogether.

"Ooooooooh..." Dakota whispered sexily as she soon felt it. "Keep going..."

With her response, Dawn kept rubbing her smooth and hard. The way that her fingers plunged in and out of her sweet tasty clit felt a little orgasmic. It was making Dakota squeal through pure ecstacy. She began relieving herself over and over again but she didn't want dawn to stop rubbing her like a genie in a bottle.

"Don't stop... DON'T STOP! AHHHHHHHHH...!" Dakota moaned in shout form as Dawn's sensual magic fingers was rubbing the fame-monger the right way. The sensation felt so much warm and just so exciting. Dakota's body was going out of control very much as she clung on to her pillow for extreme sexual turbulence. It wasn't long until her pink slit was gonna explode into a cum-infested volcano. "Oh, make me cum, make me cum! MAKE ME CUUUUUUUUM! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...!"

With a loud moan, Dakota's love juice had blasted Dakota right in her fingers making her savory puss wetter than a field of candy rain. Dawn took her already-wet fingers and slid through Dakota's pretty mouth, just tasting her cum seductively. In Dakota's POV, it just tasted like pure nature at its best.

"Mmmmmmmm... yummy..." Dakota smiled sinfully at Dawn as the moonchild decided to take off that tight purple thong just for the heck of it. Dakota's eyes was witnessing something so beautiful. The tight pink vaginal flower that sprouted from Dawn herself. So tasty and mouth watering, that Dakota urged to pollinate her so badly.

"Eat all you want..." Dawn spoke seductive-like as he crawled up to her chest and sat right on her chin in which it forced Dakota's tongue to appear and give her pale, yet candy-coated slit a nice lick. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh... that tickles..."

Dakota's tongue was motorboating her every second she could imagine. Dawn's pink slit felt so tasty like some kind of strawberry taffy, because once Dakota could feel the taste, there's no way that it was gonna stick to her mouth for so long. But she never cared one bit. Dakota kept munching on and on as Dawn's moans began to increase ten-fold.

"Oh, god...oh, god...OH, GOOODDDDDD!" Dawn moaned incredibly as Dakota's long tongue was penetrating her slit in and out. Dawn's eyes rolled upside down in pleasure that her increasing sexual libido was just shooting way up the sky like a rocket. The sweat started dripping down from the moonchild's face due to the pressure and the moisture her sweet groin was still taking to the sweet tongue of Dakota. It wasn't long until Dawn was about to lose control as well that her orgasmic goo was about to shoot out of her.

"Yes, yes... YEEEEEEEEEEEES, OHHHHH, I'M CUMMING! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Dawn shouted out as the wet silky fluid shot Dakota's beautiful face just like a splash of paint through a flawless canvas. Not to mention that Dawn's juices were also inside her mouth as well. Dawn had finally decided to break off the sit-in-face position and gave Dakota a small, yet satisfying french kiss. But perhaps Dawn was tasting her wet, slimy cream inside her Dakota's mouth yet once again.

"Hmmmmm... you wanna bump me...?" Dakota spoke to Dawn in a suggestive and sexy tone. With that little question, Dawn agreed as she tossed the sheets away and locked near Dakota's pretty groin right next to hers, setting themselves in the scissor position. They were getting ready for a topsy-turvy ride that both blondes were about to take.

Their swimsuit regions started to flow near one another just like the smoothest ocean there ever was. A sexual horizontal seesaw if you put it that way. Both of their slits were rubbing each other gently like F-16s doing barrel rolls. It was quite a sight to see.

"Ohhhhhhhh, Dakota... rub harder..." Dawn moaned a little as the fame monger's pink slit was rubbing Dawn's sweet little puss harder like two sponges just rubbing each other under water. The moonchild moaned once again. "Ohhhhhhhh... OHHHHHHHHHH!"

The scissor speed now increased out of control, therefore such speed like this would break over the speed limit. But it became the anticipation of something. All of this bumping and rubbing muffins with each other, forced an orgasmic force to flow inside their bodies. All of this sensual rubbing of slits collided again and again until...

"Oh, I'm gonna cum! I'M GONNA CUM! I'M GONNA CUUUUUUUM!" Dakota screamed, and so did Dawn as with one final rub...

"AhhhhHHHHHHHHHHH...!" Both ladies moaned as their sugary pink walls burst wide open with their juices splashing each other's slits in such paradise-like presence. The sensation felt so sticky and yet it felt so... so... good.

Both Dakota and Dawn collapsed due to the scissor-induced pressure, just thinking of this first-time experience. Never had hot sex with another girl with the same gender felt so comfortable. The sweat had beaded from their bodies and their faces made them woozy just like a top losing it's spin. The whole room was spinning around them like there was no tomorrow.

And all throughout the night, Dawn had laid her head right on Dakota's chest as the fame-hungry angel was wrapping her arms around the sexy adorable moonchild. They cuddled in each other's warmth and new-found love like two lovers holding each other through the fire.

"Mmmmmmmmm... I always quite knew you we're into girls all along..." Dawn said right to Dakota as her sky-golden hair was being petted over like a little kitty going right to sleep. Was this the question Dawn was asking Dakota a while ago? Was it finally true that Dakota was into girls?

"What can I tell ya? Men are just plain weak when it comes to sex. They all know the first thing they come to mind, that girls like you and me know how to have fun..." Dakota smirked as she felt Dawn's body heat infest her one by one as they slept. It was like a warm harness of two souls protecting their sweet innocent love. It was clear that Dawn's question to Dakota moments prior to this incredible experience was absolute"yes" enough.

"Fair enough by me, lover..." Dawn smirked as well as she and her new lesbian lover Dakota, shared one last innocent kiss and slept all through the night right in each other's arms. It just goes to show you that discovering each other's true sexuality through experimental ways...

...can get sweeter as it is.

Man, it couldn't get any red hotter than that! So what did everybody think? If you want your opinion, let me know! (;D)