A Sense of Nocturnal Delight

Rated M for Strong Sexual Content, Strong Language and all of that in between!

Disclaimer: Don't own the entire Total Drama series. For those of you who are 18 and over, enjoy. But just a little hint of warning, it's not for the weak at heart. You were warned. I decided to make this into a story, just for kicks!

Chapter 3

Scott was busy in the boys cabin, being all alone and preparing himself for his hottest fantasy ever come true.

He decided to mold two beds that were without bunks and strapped tape on the mattresses so that they wouldn't at least fall apart. He transformed it into a king-sized bed. Very impressive of him. He figured out that a making a king-sized bed would make a lot more cuddling and feel a lot more body heat that Scott would have with both Dawn and Dakota. Even if they were to rule against it, they had no choice but to do it.

After all, Scott promised them to keep their secret to the rest of the world watching. Luckily for Dawn and Dakota, the cameras had stopped rolling several hours ago. But what Scott had planned for them was so unexpected.

"Mmmmmm... love me some strawberry candles..." Scott said, sniffing the candle very lightly and placed it on the bedstand, therefore lighting it brightly.

Scott was wearing nothing but a dark red robe and perhaps his best slippers. The sick sexual smirk on his face could not be contained. He was gonna get laid tonight and no one was gonna ruin his precious moment.

Scott then looked down at his impressive 10-inch johnson and talked right into it like some kind of plant.

"Hmmmm, you're gonna wish me luck tonight. Hehe..." Scott chuckled, feeling proud of his so-called 'Little Scott'. His little friend was minutes away from going into sexual overdrive. He relaxed himself on top of the manmade king-sized bed, waiting for his two guests to arrive shortly.

Right outside the cabin, Dakota and Dawn walked side-by-side with each other, wearing silky pink and purple knee-high robes. They were thinking second thoughts from this little situation they suddenly got into.

"This is definitely a bad idea, Dawn. I don't even know what Scott's package is gonna feel like. Otherwise, I'm sure he must have gone through a few smelly trash cans just to make his johnson look so rancid. There's no way I'm going with this..." Dakota said, turned the other cheek and turned around.

But Dawn stopped the famemonger in her tracks instantly.

"Me too. But it's the only way that'll prevent Scott from revealing our secret to the world watching. I know it's very confusing to us considering that I've never felt like such a bi-sexual lesbian, but what we felt last night was so amazing." Dawn said in such reminiscence, but soon turned serious, "Let's make sure we hang on to each other, okay?"

"Well..." Dakota suggested, "Maybe if I can sprinkle mouthwash on that rod of his, I'll make it out safe..."

As with a nervous nod, both Dawn and Dakota slowly approached the door where they saw Scott still relaxing on the king-sized bed. With that gleam of Scott's candles, Dakota's and Dawn's skins shone so brightly with their hair flowing smoothly with rhythm. With that wonderful sight, Scott smirked at the duo.

"Well well well... you two ladies look very lovely and sexy as far as I'm seeing!" Scott said to them with a wink.

In response, both Dawn and Dakota seemed to blush at Scott's compliment, although it wasn't very sweet to be exact. It was more like unnerving.

"Just enough with the sweet talk, just do what you want us to do..." Dakota sternly said to Scott.

"Feisty one, huh? I like that..." Scott smirked yet again, thinking up an idea on what the moonchild and the famemonger should do for him, "I got an idea... why don't you feel each other up. Maybe kiss a little for me. It would make me more aroused..."

Responding with a gulp, Dakota turned to Dawn.

"It's for the best..." Dawn said to her, flipping her hair a little to the side and soothed Dakota's cheek very softly.

"Yeah, I agree... it is... for the best..." Dakota spoke back to her, almost losing consciousness of her voice. Both felt their faces closer like two forces emitting and merging close to one another to make an aura of one.

Finally, much to Scott's delight, both Dawn and Dakota had shared another passionate kiss. Seeing their lips pressed and their tongues slowly entering one another with such rhythmic delight, the devious schemer slowly took the ropes off his dark red robe, revealing his very hard, very throbbing 10-inch rod for him to gently stroke. That sensation from his hand to his big rod felt so warm and so much good on many levels.

"Mmmmmmmm..." Dakota moaned, feeling Dawn's tongue find such an opening on that kiss. Dakota swore she could feel the very warm taste of peach go through her in an instant. Why is it that Dawn's lips always had such a somewhat fruity flavor? Whatever it was, Dakota was feeling every taste that jolted through her. Her crafted hands was caressed every flesh of Dawn there ever was. Whenever she was caressing that lower back or perhaps that nice magical rump of hers, Dakota couldn't contain the enjoyment she was having.

In Scott's point of view, the way he saw Dakota and Dawn french kiss each other in his very eyes, made him stroke up and down with such a slow and gentle motion. He couldn't wait to fit his giant 10-inch rod into one of them so that he could feel the incredible sensation altogether. He was making his hard stick throb and throb for hours and yet it stood very tall above him. He was definitely having a blast.

When he finally made it erect after seeing the passionate makeout between Dawn and Dakota, he spoke out to them.

"Okay, girls... ready to lick my hard lollipop?" Scott smirked at them.

Dakota turned very tense hearing this demand. Okay, did his package really smell godawful then she imagined? She slightly turned to Dawn because of this tense moment.

"It's for the best, Dakota..." Dawn whispered to her.

Dakota, on the other hand, replied with a gulp. They decided to approach the horny Scott, who was still waiting for his hardened red rod to be polished with their mouths.

"Good thing I got my bile going..." Dakota thought to herself.

She managed to grab Scott's bulbous stick very hard. And within a gulp, Dakota dove right in without any hesistation, having Scott's full 10-inch manhood right into her mouth.

Squeezing her eyes shut, Dakota didn't feel any gruesome taste of Scott whatsoever. But instead, his taste had such a blackberry aftertaste to her pink lips. I guess her ideas of Scott's smelly manhood went right out of the door. Feeling enhanced by the taste, Dakota's head slowly bobbed, embracing the shockingly fruity taste.

"Mmmmmmm..." Dakota moaned.

Blushing madly, her mouth pumped back and forth on his throbbing rod. Scott felt it twinge inside him with a smirk, letting out every moan that surged right through him with every chance passing. To add excitement, Dakota's hand got a grip of his funbag, just rubbing and massaging real nicely while she was still sucking him off.

"Come here..." Scott whispered over to Dawn.

Not letting Scott's demands go to waste, Dawn began sitting on Scott's face in a teasing way. With such an evil smile, Scott's tongue invaded Dawn's beautiful pink pussy lips. Dawn's clit felt so much like the beautiful tasty honey that Scott could ever feel. His tongue always felt so snake-like than every tongue in this earth. He kept eating her walls like an all-out buffet at a family restaurant. His hard tender licking on that beautiful vagina of hers made Dawn shudder and moan.

"Ohhhhhh, Scott... Ahhhhhhh..." Dawn moaned.

She caught a sudden sensation as Scott's tongue wiggled inside her walls. Feeling it very much, Dawn's eyes rolled backward in pleasure while every moan that shot inside her brought such magical anticipation. Scott's hips gyrated up and down, pumped himself vertically straight inside Dakota's mouth. Grabbing Dakota's hair, Scott shot his manhood up into her mouth forcefully as the tip of his manhood kept hitting Dakota in the choke region. As the fun he was suddenly having, he made Dakota choke on his hardened stick for a good few minutes, before she finally let go of Scott once and for all. The rest of her saliva had wrapped all around his big white 10-inch sausage. Scott kept on rolling his tongue all around Dawn's tight clit, imitating some sort of extravagant yet disasterous tornado. That shot Dawn's sensation meter way up, even breaking the meter way off its handle.

Feeling this, Dawn moaned very loudly in such an orgasmic fashion, "Ohhhh... OHH, SCOTT!"

"Okay... that's enough for now, you look so wet enough for me..." Scott smiled to the moonchild herself, who now focused his attention to Dakota, "Now it's time for me to chow you down..."

As she suddenly wiped off the blueberry-aftertaste of Scott's cock, Dakota smiled at her master.

"Whatever you say, Master Scott..." Dakota spoke back to him in a seductive and erotic tone.

Dakota then decided to lay on top of his chest for a strange reason. Scott knew where she was going with this. In his eyes, Dakota sat backwards in his chest. And then with surprise, she decided to lean over to where she was facing Dawn with sexual hunger in her eyes.

"I'm gonna have fun doing this..." Dawn replied, who also felt the sexual hunger in her face.

With a deep breath, she positioned herself on the top of Scott's rod. Without any caution, Dawn sent her ass all the way down on Scott's 10-incher, making the devious schemer moan in such placement. And then altogether, Dawn began to gently bounce herself on the top of Scott's huge bulge.

In Scott's point of view, he kept his eyes on Dakota's sweet pink pussy. Licking his lips all over, he approached her little kitty and gave it a very nice tongue bath. His tongue slowly stroked every pink ounce of glorified greatness. Dawn's sugar walls was sweet, but Dakota's tasty sugar walls tasted so much sweeter like if his tongue suddenly suffered sugar rush.

"Mmmmmmmmm... Ohhhhhhh..." Dakota moaned nicely, with her ass gyrating smoothly with the combination of Scott's tongue licking her swimsuit region.

As Dakota's ass started gyrating, so did Dawn's as well. The moonchild could feel the slight tingling of her asssliding through Scott's hardened 10-inch dick. She begged to have his cock right inside her, and it was now happening to her at the moment. He slowly pumped in and out of her in such slow, smooth rhythm. Their heat together between his rod and Dawn's wall seared just like steam. Everytime it connected in a very sexual passion, each moan would surge right out of Dawn and Scott's mouths.

"Mmmmm...MMMMMMMM!" Scott muffled.

Scott's tongue was still penetrating the hell out of Dakota in a rhythmic tongue-fuck. Dakota's slit got wetter and wetter with every spit-take and every sugary lick. He even grasped her ass just for the sweet sexual fun of it. The orgy he was feeling was building to Titanic-like proportions. The thrusting and licking he was putting on made Dakota and Dawn vulnerable, but they hardly seemed to care. This was so much fun to the bi-blonde duo.

As Scott went on with the fucking and sucking, Dawn and Dakota eyed each other like a piece of eye candy. Complimenting their heavenly blonde hair and desire for each other, they decided to kiss once again much to Scott's sexual craziness. Their tongues inside them began to wiggle once more, as Dakota's tongue shoved way deep inside Dawn. Once again, Dawn felt the taste of Scott's juice inside her entire mouth. It was personal that both of the girls were damn good tongue kissers. Both were kissing very hardly out of control, and yet nothing would contain them.

As Scott finally stopped and Dawn suddenly got off of him, both her and Dakota now waited for Scott's next command.

"Mmmmmmm... you're really showing me a lot, girls..." Scott smirked right at both of them, "Why don't you 69 each other? Just for me..."

As Dawn and Dakota looked at each other in another sexual gaze, they turned to him.

"Whatever you say, master..." The girls spoke to him seductively.

Dakota laid her perfect golden hair right on the bed which forced Dawn to turn right around and sit herself right on top of Dakota's B-cups. With appetite surging right through their faces, Dawn sent herself down and displayed her tongue very well, giving Dakota a very teasing lick. Dakota giggled right at the sensation and sent her tongue out to do some wrangling of her own, touching the very wet spot of Dawn's.

The taste was pretty much unbelievable. It was perhaps Chinese food to them. Dawn and Dakota kept chowing each other down with such a vaginal appetite, hoping that they would make each other wet once again. They grasped each other's buttocks and massaging each other like there was no other tomorrow. Scott was already getting off to this arousing sight, stroking his already orgasmic manhood. He stared right at Dawn's creamy ass, hoping to plunge his hard-on inside her like the plug to an appliance. He was so enthused with the sexual sight.

Licking his lips once again, he grasped Dawn's ass and in a split second, Scott's bulbous penis slid right in her, feeling her warm harness inside once again. But this time, he was gonna do the pushing, scraping, and the thrusting. And she was gonna be asking for it. One by one, Scott started to thrust inside the moonchild in a steady pace. Just in... and out. What was more interesting was his softened ballsack was also being licked thanks in behalf to Dakota. His sack was getting very wet and his thrusts hardened with every second passing.

"Ohhh, Ohhhhhhh, Scott! HARDER!" Dawn screamed out loud.

With her command, Scott began pushing his rod hard inside of her in such a medium pace. But his speed only increased as much as Dakota fitted her whole tongue inside Dawn's slit and licking the pink insides. With every thrusting that he did, Scott's entire body grew very exhausted and turning very much like a red light in Amsterdam. He growled like the almighty wolf and grunted like a blood-thirsty shark looking for some blood.

"Ooooooh, Dawn! You're making me wet! OHHHHHHH!" Dakota moaned as her love juices surged out of her clit and squirted Dawn right in the mouth. Dawn squeezed her mouth all over her walls, gulping down whatever was left of Dakota's juices like a bottle of delicious Sprite. Dawn muffled loudly, finally beginning to to cum all over Dakota's pretty little face. Those love juices of Dawn's blasted everywhere from her eyes to perhaps her own chin. Sure, she wanted to taste Dawn's juices, but that hardly mattered right now. Wherever she was tasting it or having it all over her face, Dakota hardly seemed to mind.

However, the thrusting of Scott's rod inside Dawn's creamy rump soon began to take his toll on his manhood. It started quaking, perhaps setting up what was going to be labeled as a cum-infested explosion. It was certain that Mount Scott was gonna explode anytime soon and it was gonna leave a messy trail all inside the cabin.

"Ohh, god... I'm gonna cum! I'M GONNA CUUUUUUUM!" Scott shouted out orgasmically.

In the process, he quickly got out of Dawn's rump and started shafting his hard cock. Dakota and Dawn soon turned over and laid on their stomachs, looking at Scott's shaking rod. Within several seconds of thrusting, the head of Scott's rod finally shot out.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH...!" Scott heavily moaned.

Scott had finally shot his creamy load all over Dakota and Dawn's face, which caught them right in the face, their eyes, their noses and their lips. Scott kept on moaning and kept on cumming all over the place with his filthy, sloppy amounts of cum. Maybe he used some kind of formula that would make his cum stronger, and it was paying off. Besides Dawn and Dakota, Scott's cum ended up on the dresser, the windows, hell, even the ceiling fans and including the cabin walls! This dude was a cum monster, no doubt about it.

After that hot and heavy threesome session finally came to a close, both Dawn and Dakota was relaxing next to Scott, who was relaxing with his hands over his neck, thinking of the incredible experience that they had. He really made a good master to both the satisfied moonchild and the famemonger. He was definitely the man.

"Mmmmmm... so... were you pleased, master?" Dawn said to Scott with a very sensitive smile.

"Hehe... you girls did very good of satisfying me..." Scott said with a chuckle, "I think we might have to see this more often... on tape."

Scott then looked over to see his little surprise for both Dawn and Dakota. It was nothing more than a high-tech camera that successfully taped their biggest sexcapade that ever lived. Sure, Scott wouldn't try to blare out Dakota and Dawn's secret to everybody that they were bi, but one way or another, Scott was gonna remember this for as long as he lived.

"I guess we may have to... Master Scott." Dakota chuckled, snuggling herself right through Scott's hardened chest, and so did Dawn.

Scott looked over the camera and right to his 10-inch little friend who was already drowned out of cum and full of exhaustion. He began speaking to it just like a plant.

"Looks like you really do me good. I'm proud of you..." Scott winked right at his little manhood, who in such humorous fashion, wopped up and down as if he was nodding to him.

His strengthened manhood really did do good for Scott. Much like a companion, a sidekick, a little friend. Scott couldn't be more full of himself and he was proud of it as well.

As for Dawn and Dakota, it couldn't hurt to be bi one bit. After all, it's what secrets are made of.

Hot Damn! That was perhaps hot as it ever was! Ending with the surprise that Scott was taping this into his own personal sex tape was dead-on!

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