A/N; I wrote this some time ago, but didn't upload it since I hadn't decided if I should make it to an one-shot or not.

Strange english, OOCness

Genre; Suspense/Drama/Mindfuckery/Horror
Rating: T, death -Imaginary, or not-
Uploaded; 2012-09-28
Words: 2,100

Fear Itself

An Ancient Curse

Shinichi waved to the reporters, seeing them go mad with their cameras and trying to make their way to him, but he was inside the heist-blockade so they couldn't get to him. It was the first public appearance Kudou Shinichi had made since the takedown of the Black Organization, and no one had gotten an interview with him as of yet so the reporters were absolutely crazy.

After making his way inside Nakamori tried to yell at him, but Shinichi interrupted with questions about Kaitou KID and in the end made the inspector quiet down. The detective took control over the heist within five minutes and stationed the taskforce just like he wanted them, all the while being followed by a suspicious Hakuba, believing that he might be Kaitou KID in disguise.

Shinichi smiled and glanced to the mirror; it was only ten minutes left. His eyes travelled over the information written on a small sign beside the antique.

"'The Cursed Mirror' is said to have been sent to the earth by the devil himself, crafted in the white flames in the first circle of hell and only works on the pure-hearted people that, by just being who they are, would go to heaven. It is said that if a person with a pure heart, the reincarnation of an angel, looks into the mirror he or she will see the evil of the world and be dragged into its depths, ultimately turning their kindness into merciless evil, creating a fallen angel, just like the devil himself."

The detective smirked for a bit, wondering who would believe such nonsense, and then looked himself in the mirror. Shinichi raised an eyebrow and flattened out his hair a bit; the strong winds had ruffled it up and he'd been looking like that the entire time he'd been inside.
"Aren't you afraid to get cursed?" a voice asked and Shinichi could hear the joke in Hakuba's words.
"Not at all," Shinichi threw the reflection of the blonde a glance, "how about you? Are you the reincarnation of an angel?" Hakuba snorted amused at his question.
"I don't believe in heaven or hell," he confessed, "this life is all there is and you better live it well so that you're remembered as a good person. I for one would love to go down in history as the greatest detective ever lived."
"Don't all detectives want that?" Shinichi smirked and watched Hakuba leave to retake his own position. He smiled at the thought. The greatest detective ever lived; that certainly was a title he wouldn't mind carrying after his death. Shinichi returned his gaze to his own reflection and frowned as he saw a shadow quickly pass by the wall behind him and in front of the policemen. Thinking it was Kaitou KID he looked at himself one last time, seeing the image grin at him and he blinked confused; he was smiling not grinning. His reflection winked at him and then dissipated. Shinichi scowled in annoyance thinking that Kaitou KID had played a prank on him in hope that he'd get shocked.

"KID," he said as he turned around, smirking towards the floor and making the bangs cover his eyes, "you're early." The thief tensed, but then saw how the detective turned his gaze towards a dark corner so he relaxed slightly.
"Come out and stop playing hide and seek," Shinichi demanded seeing the shadow in the corner move. Dizziness swept over him and he grabbed into his forehead, sending the taskforce a glance, and locked his gaze with indigo eyes. The thief smirked and Shinichi immediately recognized the confidence, wondering who it was that was sneaking around the heist room as his eyesight grew foggy. He glanced back to the corner, just as the taskforce member was replaced by Kaitou KID and to his horror saw himself walk out from the shadows. Everyone were focused on the thief and never noticed Shinichi's doppelganger, even most of his cold laugh was drenched in the sound of smoke and glitter bombs.

The detective threw an eye at the crowd of struggling officers, seemingly glued together and then returned his attention to the copy, but twitched back; the doppelganger was standing right in front of him, grinning at him.
"Surprise, Shinichi," he growled and Shinichi found himself standing in an alley, like he'd woken up right then and there.

He spun around and patted himself down, making sure that all limbs were in the right place and that he hadn't broken anything. After he made sure that he was physically fine he checked the watch and sighed as he slouched against the wall; he'd lost two hours and he couldn't remember a thing.
"Ooh, I had fun," a cold voice stated in the darkness and Shinichi immediately turned on the light on his watch, lighting up the doppelganger that was standing in front of him, "didn't you?" Shinichi scowled at him.
"Who the hell are you? What did you do to me?" he hissed, but the copy only smiled that blood-thirsty grin that sent shivers down Shinichi's spine.
"I'm you," he stated and walked up to the detective.
"You're not me!" Shinichi got closer to him, "you're not even real!" To illustrate his claim the teenager swung his fist and felt how it painfully collided with the doppelganger's jaw, who crashed into a garbage can, making it spill out the litter as it fell over. Shinichi grabbed into his wrist hissing from the pain that radiated from his knuckles while the doppelganger laughed and wiped his mouth.
"Ooh, I have a good fist," he grinned and Shinichi glared at him as he got up from the ground, massaging his abused chin, "real enough for you?"

Shinichi found himself walking down a street, carrying his hood so that his face was shadowed. He seemed to be following a young woman and a young man, having an argument. The man suddenly tensed.
"Shit they saw us!" Shinichi's doppelganger gasped and pushed him into a bush, making them both fall into it.

The young man in the company of the woman looked around in suspicion, certain that he'd heard a sound, but ignored it as the woman smacked him over the head with her bag for not listening to what she was saying.

Shinichi struggled against the person straddling him and holding both hands over his mouth, making him unable to call out for help or to warn anyone; if the 'curse' of the mirror was true, then Shinichi wasn't dealing with a nice person. The detective scratched his attacker's face, trying to injure his eyes and pulled his hair to hold him still all the while trying to kick him off.
"Oh my, oh my," the doppelganger grinned, "I've got a lively one."

Shinichi looked around in worry and immediately checked his watch, seeing that over six hours had gone by, so approximately eight hours from the heist started. He was standing in a small garden by someone's house, but he didn't recognize where he was. Carefully he peaked out from the gates seeing a street sign and then looked around for the creep. Shinichi quickly decided that he rather have his eyes on the copy, knowing exactly where he was, than not knowing. He made his way around the house once and then realised that the front door stood ajar. Fearing the worst he made his way inside as quietly as he could. He searched the bottom floor and the basement but found no one, so he made his way upstairs, silently checking room after room until he found the doppelganger leaning over a sleeping teenager.

A knife in his hand made Shinichi sneak up upon him and then snatch it from him. The doppelganger scowled at him, but confusingly let him have the weapon.
"Aah!" the copy said loudly and Shinichi almost jumped out of his skin, "I can't believe that we look so much like KID!" The detective immediately placed a hand over his double's mouth and hushed him, hoping that the teenager didn't awaken, but then the doppelganger's words sunk in Shinichi stared around himself, seeing the thief's target on the bedside table.

"No way," he gasped and saw how KID stirred in his sleep, turning his face towards the detective and he found himself memorizing the face.
"Little thieves shall be killed," the doppelganger chuckled in a muffled voice and Shinichi scowled at him, but the double only grinned as he quickly grabbed into Shinichi's hand and placed the other over his mouth. The doppelganger was stronger than him and Shinichi watched in horror how the knife entered the magician's throat and then felt how a warm spray of blood splashed onto his face. Indigo eyes opened in terror and Shinichi screamed.

"No!" the scream echoed through the house and Shinichi stared around himself, seeing his own room and felt how he grew confused. He desperately looked for any blood on him, but found none. He closed his eyes and remembered the heist; he'd caught KID and pinned him to the floor while all of the taskforce watched. They'd wrestled and then rolled down the stairs before he chased KID around, eventually forcing him to crush a window with his sharpened cards and jump out through it. KID had laughed loudly so Shinichi had inflated a soccer ball and kicked it at him, making him crash into the roof next to the heist building.
"Meitantei! Too dangerous!" KID had called out from the other roof.
"I'm only dangerous as long as you're stealing!" Shinichi had answered and with a chuckle kicked a stapler at him.
"No office supplies!" KID yelled and Shinichi went to help the taskforce get out of the traps, knowing that he had no way to get through the crowds to the other building.

Dressed in riot gear he mixed in with the rest of the taskforce and made his way home without having to answer to any questions.

"Worst nightmare ever," Shinichi sighed lightened and got up. He yawned as he walked into his bathroom and looked down at the pile of clothes. He frowned, feeling how panic started to pulse through him; that wasn't his clothes, it was the clothes from his dream. Shinichi pinched himself and then examined the clothes, wondering where the hell they'd come from, since they didn't have any blood on them.

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall," a trailing voice said slowly in cold amusement and Shinichi stared bewildered at the shower curtain when a hand grabbed into the edges of it.
"Who's the vilest of them all?" the person continued while he leisurely pulled the curtain away in order to expose himself, and Shinichi swallowed thickly as he recognized his own voice, but it was uncharacteristically detached and hostile. The detective was prepared for a fight, but went numb from terror then the intruder yanked the curtain away and revealed himself.
"You, my love, are vilest of all." Shinichi found himself looking into the inhumanly sadistic eyes of his own doppelganger and his duplicate grinned in pure blood-thirst as he saw Shinichi's fear.

Looking down to the floor he saw that the clothes were no longer clean; they were covered in dried blood while his hands were stained with darker spots, and he immediately dropped the clothing. He felt himself go numb from the terror, wondering what was real or not. The doppelganger laughed heartlessly and a memory of himself standing over a peacefully sleeping teenager came to him. The young man looked like him, and Shinichi recognised him as the one that had been KID in his dream, if it was a dream.

A kitchen knife in his hand reflected the moonlight through the window when he raised it and aimed at the teenager's throat. The detective remembered the blood that splattered over his face, the scratching sensation as the teenager woke and instinctively dug nails into his face and Shinichi felt nauseous; what was real? What had happened? What was dream?

Staring into the mirror he could see four long scratch marks that went from his ear to his lip, and he tried to swallow the anxiousness that created a lump in his throat, but the only thing Shinichi could do was remember how he opened the closet at the thief's home, took out a dark hoodie and pants, pulled them over his bloodstained ones, and then for some reason forced the bleeding corpse into the closet; at the time it looked like a good idea, but now all he could think about was how sick it was. He clearly remembered getting on a bus, paying with the thief's own money and then how he got home and went into the shower. Shinichi bent down over the toilet and threw up, recalling how the water had been coloured red from the blood that had been in his hair. He listened to the guffawing from his evil doppelganger as he sunk to his knees after emptying his already empty stomach.

A/N; Idea taken from show/movie (Fear Itself) that I saw in the middle of the night during the summer and I changed it a lot, but still took the basic idea of that confusing question; "What actually happened? What is real?"
Now I actually fell asleep in the middle of the movie, so that might be why I thought that it was so confusing.