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Rating: T, death -Imaginary, or not-
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Chap. 2
Involving KID

Shinichi trembled and didn't know what to do for a moment, so he got up and brushed his teeth, wanting to get away the taste of acid. Staring at his scratches he decided to find out if he'd killed KID since both memories were equally strong. Even though logic dictated that if he could find KID's home with the help of the street sign the end of his other 'dream' was fake, but that only proved that he followed someone, not that he killed them and the scratches could be self-induced, at least that was what he hoped.

'If I go there and find a body, I'll just call Megure-keibu,' Shinichi mused quietly to himself and sighed depressed; he didn't want to go down in history for taking down the BO, then losing his mind and killing someone.

Shinichi changed clothes and ended up in dark attire, covering his face with a large hood and the voice changing facemask, altering his voice in case one of the reporters spotted him. He made his way out the back and then climbed over the large wall, making sure that he went unnoticed as he dropped down.

Slowly he retraced his steps and in the end stood outside the door to the house that he didn't want to find three hours after his 'killing'. He pressed the handle down and gritted his teeth as he door opened. Shinichi looked around seeing the wallet from which he'd stolen money and he silently walked up the stairs with a heavy feeling. Pushing open the door to the room at the end of the corridor he felt himself go cold; blood, everywhere, spreading out from the bed. Long lines of dried blood covered the wall where the thief had slept and a drag mark went from the bed to the closet, not counting the footprints on the floor and handprints on the white closet.

Shinichi swallowed, needing to see the body and make sure that KID, or whoever lived there, hadn't been killed in any other way than what the detective remembered. He opened the door with a heavy heart and watched how the thief's body tumbled out.

If Kaito got to guess once every second for a million years how he would wake up that one day none of them would have involved waking to the noise of Kudou Shinichi digging out his entire closet on the floor.

Kaito stared bewildered at his Meitantei that, after emptying his closet, rearranged the clothes on the floor to a line and then sat by them staring. Kaito waited in silence, wondering what the detective was doing.
"I'm so sorry, KID," he mumbled and Kaito got ready to defend himself, but before he could answer the detective continued, "I'm so sorry for killing you. I didn't mean to. He made me do it." Kaito's voice was caught in his throat and all he could do was frown.
"No! Shut up!" Meitantei called out and pointed into thin air, making Kaito blink as he tried to follow the detective's gaze, "this is entirely your fault! No! I didn't kill him! You did! That doesn't matter!"

Meitantei kept arguing with thin air until he flew up and seemed to attack it. Kaito only gaped, but when the detective began hitting himself in the stomach he'd seen enough and restrained him to the floor.
"Get off me you bastard! I'm gonna kill you before you do anything else!" Meitantei roared and tried to headbutt him.

Kaito called out to him, but that only made the detective yell louder so in the end Kaito slapped him and seemed to make his detective come back.

Shinichi looked around, seeing that the room was clean from blood and dead bodies.
"KID?" he asked the teenage boy that sighed and released him, but he only threw his arms around him and pulled him close, "you're alive! The other world was fake! I never killed you!" Kaito smirked amused, wondering what kind of drug had made the detective hallucinate badly enough to come and find him.

"Oi! Are you okay?" the thief asked and felt how the detective shook in silent tears.
"No, no, I'm not okay," Shinichi answered honestly, not caring if KID could hear the distress he was experiencing, "I don't know what is real or not, and the freakiest thing is that if the other world is true, then I'm hugging a corpse." Kaito raised an eyebrow and pulled away from the detective, seeing that he was staring at something above them to their left.
"He's laughing at me," Shinichi mumbled and Kaito grew worried; whatever drug he'd ingested was affecting him badly, "he knows you're a corpse, and he thinks that it's funny." Kaito was suddenly pushed away with such force that he hit the bed and got to watch how Meitantei pulled out his phone. The detective fought his imaginary enemy and ended up with throwing the phone in the wall so hard that it shattered. He then crawled into the corner and cried loudly as he curled himself to a ball and dug his fingers into his hair.

Determined to get the detective some rest from his constant nightmare Kaito went inside the painting and retrieved a can of sleeping gas and then sprayed Meitantei with a dose. The thief clicked his tongue and changed to his KID outfit as he took up his phone. He pulled on clothes over his white suit, making sure that he looked like he normally did.
"Jii-chan," he smiled when the sleepy old man answered, "I need you to bring the car here now, and I mean right now. Meitantei showed up at my house, acting like a crazy person, talking about killing me and seeing things. I'm going to venture a guess that it has something to do with the reverting-back-to-teenager-thing, so could you come and pick us up?"

Kaito sat by the detective as he slept, examining the bruises on his body and cleaned the wound on his knuckles from small chips of brick.
"Meitantei," he mumbled and wrapped the injured hand in bandages, "did you really hit a wall? Poor you, I honestly don't know what I would've done if I believed that I had killed somebody." Kaito caressed the teenager's hair until the front door opened and a voice called out.

"Botchama!" Jii yelled into the house and yawned, hearing steps in the stairs and then getting a sight of Kaito carrying the young detective in his arms.
"We should get him to the Haibara-girl," Kaito stated and passed the man.
"How did he even get in?" Jii asked and the teenager stopped at the question and examined the door, seeing scratches by the lock.
"Apparently he can pick locks," he snorted and continued to the car that still had its engines running.

He made his way into the professors house unseen, despite all of the reporters that were sneaking around the gates to Meitantei's house, but he wasn't Kaitou KID for nothing and as soon as he'd gotten inside he went down to the basement where he knew that there was a lab. The detective in his arms made a small noise and moved his head, telling Kaito that he was waking up. He quickly placed the teenager on a spindly bed and tied him up with the only thing he could find in the lab; cable ties, but it would have to do. Kaito couldn't have the detective running around in complete disorientation, believing that he'd killed someone, especially not Kaitou KID.

The thief changed into his KID outfit as he walked up the stairs and then entered the girl's room, seeing her sleep peacefully.
"Oi, Haibara-chan," he whispered and carefully shook her. The woman in a girl's body groaned and turned her back to him without opening her eyes.
"Hey, Haibara-chan," he said a bit louder and the girl immediately turned her head to glare at him.
"What the hell, KID?" she said with a voice hoarse from sleep and cleared her throat.
"You have a patient in your lab," Kaito informed her and Haibara yawned as she sat up, rubbing her eyes.
"What's wrong with him? And why are you here?"
"He hallucinated and broke into my house," Kaito confessed as the child slid off the bed, "he injured himself, talked to the hallucinations and destroyed his phone. I think that you should take a look at him." Haibara hummed as she walked out of her room, followed by the thief in white.

"Where the hell did you go, you creep?!" they heard Shinichi yell as they went down the stairs to the lab, "you can't take my place! They'll know you're not me! Where the hell are you?!"
Haibara yawned as she opened the door and stared at the tied up detective that was struggling against his restraints.
"You can't just leave me here!" he called out and looked around the room, trying to find some way to get out, but relaxed as he panted and ignored the fact that he'd cut the cable ties into his skin.

"You want me to gas him?" Kaito asked and Haibara shook her head.
"No, I want to know what he's hallucinating about," she stated and casually walked up to him, "but could you do me the favour of going to his house and getting something better to tie him up with, he'll tear apart his wrists like this." Kaito grimaced as he looked at the wrists of the 'for the moment' calm detective and left.

Kaito walked along the corridor in the large mansion and frowned as he heard the sound of a running shower, but once he got to the bathroom the door was wide open and the shower empty, and he realised that the detective had left it on. The thief frowned down at the clothes, lying on the floor, covered in something dark red and examined them after he turned the water off. Touching them he felt that the red stuff had hardened and realised that it was ketchup, but the strangest thing was the name that was written on the tag; Kuroba Kaito, which meant that it was the detective that had been following him last night and that Meitantei had broken into his house after he'd fallen asleep, sneaked up to his room, stolen his clothes, covered them in ketchup and then returned to his house a few hours later to see if he really had killed him.

He sighed and made the clothes disappear before he went up to the shower curtain, too tired to search for anything else, and tore it down to shred it into long stripes before he went back, but as he got to the main floor he saw red stains leading into the kitchen and followed them. An empty bottle of ketchup was laid beside a large spot beside the table in the kitchen, which obviously was where the clothes had been drenched in its contents.

"Oh, Meitantei..." Kaito sighed and left the house with the new restraints.

When he got back to the lab he found the detective sleeping with a mask over his mouth and nose while Haibara was examining something underneath a microscope. A machine stopped spinning and the girl pushed the office chair to it before she opened the machine and pulled out a vial of glass that she then placed in the next machine.
"Found anything interesting in his house?" Haibara asked as she turned the machine on and got back to looking into the microscope.
"I found my own clothes, covered in ketchup, and he forgot to turn off the shower," Kaito stated, amazed by the fact that the little girl knew that he was there even though he hadn't made a single sound, "do you know what's wrong with him?"
"Not yet," Haibara leaned back into the chair and turned it so that she could see him, "I'm still working on it. Tell me about last night's target; the mirror." Kaito raised an eyebrow at the question but still obeyed.

"The mirror has many stories surrounding it, but most of them are misinterpretations of the original."
"Tell me the original," Haibara demanded and the thief nodded.
"It's said that after the angel Lucifer got thrown out of heaven for rising up to God he despised all of the others. He and the angels that followed him created the mirror in order to destroy Paradise by slowly making the angels go mad and make them turn on each other. According to the legend Lucifer was God's perfectly created angel and was the embodiment of beauty. He seduced one of the angels true to God and gave her the mirror as a gift to give to God, as an apology for his pride, but the angel took it to her home in paradise; a great temple where a lot of angels gazed into the mirror and after a few days drove them paranoid. A great war broke out among the angels that ended in a bloodbath. Friends turned on friends and families killed each other. Innocent and non-infected ones fled to Eden and then to earth. They hid inside humans, intending to go back to God's side, but some fell asleep and therefore never did. God ended the war and threw the mirror to the earth since humans weren't affected by it. He then abolished Lucifer to hell, together with all his disciples. He made them into beasts and called them demons while Lucifer took the name Satan, determined to get revenge for stripping him of his beauty," Kaito cleared his throat and shrugged, "that's why the mirror is on earth and why good-natured people shouldn't look into it, but I think that the myth began because the mirror brought misfortune and disaster wherever it went."

"Interesting," Haibara muttered, clearly not interested, "did he act strangely last night?"
"No, not that I saw-," Kaito stopped himself and frowned, "but now that you mention it. He stared into the mirror and then stared into the corner with a frightened look. First he talked like it was me in the corner, but since it was empty I don't know what he saw there. You don't think that he was cursed by the mirror?" Kaito asked worriedly and Haibara deadpanned.
"Cursed?" she snorted amused, "magic isn't real, my dear Kaitou KID."
"Tell that to a witch I know," the thief muttered and made the girl laugh.
"Oh, my... Do you miss your friends at the mental asylum?"
"Oi!" Kaito called out at her statement.
"Don't forget to take your pills, Mr. Thief," Haibara smirked at the thief with ruffled feathers and heard how the small alarm from the machine went off and the printer came to life.

"I'm not insane," Kaito sighed and shook his head; it wouldn't be any good if Meitantei had been cursed and he'd have to get Akako to lift it.
"And the only thing that can awaken the sleeping beauty is a kiss from the prince," Haibara stated seriously as she read the results on the paper and then eyed the thief, making him tense.
"No way," Kaito took a step back, "you're the one who's keeping him asleep."
"KID-san, the curse must be broken," Haibara growled and glared at him, "or do you indent to keep him like that."

"If a kiss is what it takes then you should do it!" Kaito called out and sent the detective a glance, "I'm just a thief, not a prince."
"KID-san, you're the one who can become everyone from a child to a man and a woman; why can't you be a prince?" Haibara's voice was strained, making her sound angry, but she was trying very hard not to laugh as the thief seemed to consider it.
"I-, I-," Kaito sighed in defeat, "okay..." The girl raised an eyebrow and allowed herself to break down laughing.

"You are so gullible!" she guffawed and made Kaito's cheeks start to burn in embarrassment, "who would've thought that the great Kaitou KID believes in magic and fairy tales!"
"That's not funny! It's too early in the morning for my brain to function properly and your poker face is horrible! I even believed you!"

"It's not a curse," Haibara stated as she stopped laughing, "it's the cure." The woman in a girl's body sighed and sent the text a glare, as if it would change itself simply because of that.
"There was a forty percent chance that the cure would kill him, but this is one of the side effects that I didn't think would happen because of the statistics, and that was why I let him go to the heist, but the history of the mirror made his already fragile mind begin to imagine things. So here he is, believing that he's an angel, but I would love to wake him up and show him a picture of you kissing him; that would make my day."
"You're so mean," Kaito pouted, "but will he be okay?"
"Yes, yes, he'll be fine in a few days when the cure is washed out of his system, until then he'll be sleeping in here and you can leave those stripes so that I can tie him up better," Haibara smirked evilly, "now if you excuse me KID-san, I have a catheter to take care of." Kaito winced at the thought and then left in a puff of smoke, really not wanting to see it happen. Haibara snorted amused at the thief; he really was a funny guy to mess with, especially when it was so early in the morning.

To say that Shinichi was a little confused when he woke up in the lab was an understatement; he was certain that he had been held by his doppelganger in an abandoned warehouse, and he became ashamed when he heard parts of the story of what he'd done, which was why he found himself outside the home of Kuroba Kaito once more. Nervously he rang the bell and smiled apologetically when the thief opened.
"Kudou-chan, why are you here?" KID asked with a grin and made Shinichi blink at the strange use of honorific.
"Please don't call me that," the detective asked while the thief stepped away to let him enter, "I came to apologise." Shinichi twitched as the door closed behind him; it felt wrong for him to be there, knowing that the infamous Kaitou KID was standing right next to him.
"No worries!" he laughed, "but you did give me a real scare! Oh, I haven't introduced myself, have I? Kuroba Kaito! Magician Extraordinaire!" the thief bowed and then winked at him, "KID's number one fan, and you can call me Kaito." Shinichi nodded and realised that the thief was protecting his identity even though there were no questions about it being him.
"I'm Kudou Shinichi, and thank you for helping me. I can't even begin to describe how thankful I am," Shinichi bowed, not caring that it felt like he had to beat his pride with a stick in order to do it, "and I hope that you could tell me what happened here, since I remember blood, but I'm assuming that that never happened."

"Kudou!" a voice called out and Shinichi turned to see a familiar face in the stairs.
"Hakuba?" he asked shocked and then sent a disbelieving glance to the thief.
"I had no idea that you associated with the likes of Kuroba," the blonde commented amused and stared at them.
"Aren't you a pot calling the kettle black?" Shinichi asked with a smirk.
"I'm only here to accompany Nakamori-chan, work on a school assignment and of course find any evidence lying around."
"Oh, Sagu-chan, go choke on a teabag!" the thief called out in a happy voice and Shinichi was forced to hide a laugh by coughing, "I've been telling you; I'm not KID!"
"Yea yea, whatever," the half-Brit muttered and walked down the stairs, "I go to school with the menace, but what are you doing here, Kudou?"
"I-, eh," Shinichi gave him a hard glare, "that's none of your business."
"Aiding and abetting a criminal is technically in my business,"
"Oh, talk for yourself," Shinichi muttered and turned to the thief, "I'm sorry about what happened, and I really want to know the details, but you seem to be busy so I should probably leave."
"Nope," Kaito grinned, "I'm going to introduce you to Aoko and then tell you my part of the story."

Shinichi was introduced to Nakamori Aoko, a woman looking a lot like Ran, and was impressed by the thief's connections to the police. He was then handed a cup of coffee in the kitchen and told what had happened, while Kaito never even tried to hide that he was KID. For some reason the thief knew that Shinichi wouldn't bring him in and the detective had no plans of doing so.

Before Shinichi had even realised it he had become friends with a thief and ended up spending time together outside of the heists. Hakuba was still hot in Kaito's trail, but Shinichi didn't care if the half-Brit saw him lesser as a detective because of their friendship; the thief was a great guy once you got to know him.