"Could the owner of the giant bird pokémon currently tearing up the airport please report to reception? Thank you."

Artemis paused. THE BRAVIARY WAS HERE. She had chased it over five mountains, two valleys and several toddlers to this most sacred of locations- Hoenn airport.


"Could the owner of the screaming teenage girl currently tearing up the airport please report to reception? Thank yo- ARRRRRRRGH! SHE'S HERE! HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzz….

"Er-hem-hem. This is the new reception lady thingy who is currently offering the reward OF A LIFETIME, that's right idiots. OF A LIFETIME. This reward goes to anyone who can get me that Braviary! Second place goes to the maker of the best fried melon."

Artemis grinned, pushing her lemony hair out of her face. Do you want to know why it was lemony? BECAUSE I SAID SO, THAT'S WHY.

Well, that and she may or may not have blown up a lemonade stand on her way to the airport.

"WHAT ARE YOU ALL STANDING AROUND FOR? GET THE BIRD!" She yelled after five minutes.

Ah, fun with intercoms.

A lone Teddiursa stood upon a stage set up on a beach. It (well, it was a guy) wore a military outfit with all sorts of medals and stuff, and a hat, too! He was giving a speech to the local pokémon . Well, the ones who bothered to show up. You know, like wailmers, luvdiscs, various aquatic pokémon, and some of the domesticated ones.

We now delve into said speech, which was lovingly translated into English for your convenience.

"My fellow pokémon, for countless years we have been subject to the whims of whatever ten year old with a ball pleases. We have been ripped from our homes, stuffed into balls, forced to battle whenever the humans please. Some of us don't even get the pleasure of stretching out legs. No, instead we are put into PC's, forgotten until our captors die. I for one, have had enough of these- these Burgess humans thinking they can do whatever they please with us! We, the proletariat must rise up against these humans who hurt us with reckless abandon! We must take the world back from them and rule like the before times! We must- Hey, where are you going?!"

The various pokémon began to leave in the middle of his speech. The teddiursa grabbed onto the tail feathers of a pelipper before she could take off. "Why are you leaving in the middle of my speech?!"

The pelipper shook the bear-mon off before replying, "We've heard this all before, dude."

"What do you mean you've 'heard it all before'?"

"I mean, there were these guys called Team Plasma who were preachin' the same shloch you were spouting out three years ago. Turns out they were full of crap."


"Dude, don't you like, read the papers?"

"Of course not! Those things are just lies created by the human government meant to repress the proletariat!"

"...You have issues, dude." And with that, the pelipper took off into the air like an early dream of mankind.

And Teddiursa was left standing there, contemplating his next course of action. If there really was an organization that shared his ideology, then that could jump-start his campaign. However, if they were discredited, then that would pose a problem. However, if he were to, say, re-credit them, then he truly could find a way to start the revolution! A pokémon who hates humans would certainly give them credit! But, how would he find these humans? Where were their region of operations? "Hmm, I suppose I might need to use that human construct known as an "internet"," The mere thought of having to use human technology disgusted the Teddiursa, but sacrifices had to be made for the greater good.

Just then, he had heard a cry coming from his left, it's volume increased as it drew near. "MMMAAAAAAAJJJJJJJJJOOOOOOOOR !"

"Blast!" The tiny-widdle bear removed his outfit and threw it as hard as he could into the ocean, only to be met by a tackle just after doing so. He then found himself in an extremely tight bear-hug by his trainer, Luna. The blue-haired girl, now sitting on her knees, was crying her eyes out and snuggling her Teddiursa -lovingly nicknamed Major- and buried her face in his back, as if using him as a tissue.

"Oh, Major! *sniff* Dad's being such a total *sniff* douche today! He says he's going to some region for work! I wanted to stay home, but he said no! I was trying to tell him that I was a big girl, that I could stay at home alone, but he yelled at me-e-e-e!" She trailed off into more sobbing. "Now I'll never have awesome adventures where I lay booby traps to catch criminal scum!"

"Let go of me, you mediocre dunce!" Major shouted in his crazy bear language. Luna (obviously) didn't understand; she continued her wangsting. This continued for a few minutes until a shout was heard.


Luna ceased her tears at the sound of her name. Why did it have to be him?

Major nearly cried tears of joy at the shout. He recognized it as Doctor Walsh's voice. The man was only slightly more tolerable than most humans, but he had leagues of common sense over the manic moron that was his daughter.

"Luna, we need to talk. Space," Walsh said as he approached his daughter.

"I don't wanna," the bluenette muttered.

"Look, I realize that what I said was hurtful, and I'm sorry for that, but you need to realize that you can be a bit... clumsy. Space."

"...I guess..."

"And you know I love you, and I'm just scared for your safety. That's why I want to bring you with me! Space."

"...I dunno..."

"Come on, Luna. It'll be fun! The Unova region has all sorts of pokémon there that can't be found anywhere else! You can battle 'em, catch 'em, whatever! Space!"

"...Did you say battle!?"

"Yes! Space!"

"OHMYARCEUSILOVEYOUDADDYI'LLGOPACKRIGHTNOW!" Luna dropped Major and leaped up, rushing to her house to pack.

Doctor Walsh chuckled. "That's my girl. Space," He said to a now unconscious Major.

A/N: Well, here's chapter two... I guess. Took me months, but I got it out. Introductions always take me awhile.