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Chapter 6: The Club

Later that night

Raven's Point of View

Beastboy and Raven were sitting on the couch in the main room, Beastboy had his right arm around Raven's shoulders, and to his surprise she didn't make him put his arm down. "Hey, Rea?"

Raven thought. 'Oh great, what immature thing does he have to say now?' "Yes, Beastboy?"

"You want to go get dinner, by ourselves?'

"Uh, sure, where?"

"The Panther Den."

"That doesn't sound like a good idea; it sounds like a strip club."

"Well it's not; it's just a restaurant with a dance floor."

"What kind of restaurant?"

"Italian, you want to go?"


"Okay, Babe, let's go." Beastboy said with his sincere smile again.

When they got to the restaurant they had to wait about 15 minutes for a table but that wasn't too bad because they would only be watching T.V. or playing video games at the tower right now, if they had stayed. Now they were sitting at their table. Beastboy was saying. "Whatcha gonna get, Babe?"

"Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo."

"I would try it, except it has chicken in it."

"Look in the vegetarian section; sometimes they have just 'Fettuccine Alfedo'"

"Okay." Beastboy said as he flipped the pages of the menu to the vegetarian section. "Oh, here it is, I'll try it, Babe."

A waiter, in a suit, walked up to their table and asked in an Italian accent "May I take your orders?" They each told him their orders, and then the waiter said "Thank you, your orders will be out when they are ready." After that they thanked him and he walked away.

"Hey, Babe?"

Raven suddenly got nervous. 'Why does he have to say something immature now, especially now because we are in public?' But she decided to find out what he had to say. "Yes, Beastboy?"

"You . . . uh . . . you want to dance?"

'I hate dancing alone in my room, why would he want me to dance in public? Does he know I don't like to dance? Should I dance with him anyway? I don't want to upset him, but I also don't want to make a fool of myself out there.' Raven had all these things running through her mind. Then when she looked at Beastboy, he was looking at her nervously waiting her answer. "Uh, I . . . " Raven paused, and when she did Elton John's song "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" came on. 'Great, now it's a slow song.' Beastboy was still looking at her waiting nervously. "I, uh . . . " She sighed. "Okay, let's dance."

Beastboy let out the breath he had been holding. "Thanks." Then Beastboy stood up and walked around the table and took Raven's hand, a flash of nervousness came across Raven's face, but as soon as it was there it was gone. 'Thank Azar he didn't notice that.' Raven thought as Beastboy gently pulled her up. Beastboy gently guided Raven over to the dance floor. When they got to the dance floor Beastboy let go of Raven's hand as he turned towards her and put his hands on each side of her waist. Raven froze 'The fuck did I get myself into? I wish I could just run away, and crawl in a hole.' "What's wrong, Rea?"

"Why do you think something is wrong?"

"Because you looked scared, angry, and like you wanted to run away, all in one facial expression."

'Did I really make a facial expression? I'm normally really good at masking my emotions. Well he saw it I have to tell him.' She looked down, sighed, and then looked back up at Beastboy. "The truth is I hate dancing alone in my room, so I don't really want to dance right now, especially because I will probably make fool of myself dancing."

"It's only slow-dancing, just try it please." She looked down and nodded, and noticed that Beastboy still had his hands on her waist. Then she looked up at Beastboy, but wasn't really looking at him, she put her arms on his shoulders, and was hoping that soon she could just go sit back down and hope she wouldn't embarrass herself too much. Then Beastboy started to sway her to the music. 'Azar, help me.' Raven silently pled. As they danced "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" stopped and another slow song came on. They just kept dancing. As if to answer her silent plea, their food came. "Rae, our food is at our table."

She looked at their table and a look of relief came across her face. "Come on, let's go, Beastboy, before our food gets cold." They dropped their hands, but Beastboy slid his right into Raven's hand. They walked over to their table and sat down. Then Beastboy tried his food then he said, rather loudly "This is really good, I understand why you like it." Raven glared at him, which seemed to scream 'SHUT UP!' "What'd I do?"

"You're pretty much yelling about how good the food is, in a restaurant where everyone else is practically mumbling." She said glaring daggers at him. He shut up immediately, and went back to eating his food.

Beastboy and Raven were walking out of the restaurant holding hands. "Rea?"

'Please don't let him say anything stupid to embarrass me right here in the open.' She thought then said. "Yes, Beastboy?"

"Titans East invited us to a party, I was curious if you wanted to go."

"Yeah, I want to go, but why didn't I know about this until now?"

"You were meditating when it happened, so I said I would tell you, but by the time you had come out of your room, I had forgotten. I remembered in the restaurant, but you had just told me to 'shut up', so I didn't want to say anything."

"Oh. When is the party?"


"Okay, we'll go, what time is it?"

"9:00 pm, their time, so it would be 6:00 pm, our time."


They walked back to the tower holding hands. When they got inside they walked into the living room, to find Starfire and Robin in a make-out session on the couch. "UGH! Get a room." Raven said,

Starfire and Robin both jumped. After they had gotten over the shock Robin said. "What's the difference, you two," he said pointing to Raven and Beastboy, "Kissed right in front of everyone, and basically asked us all to watch."

"Well for one, I would have never done that, it was just a stupid, immature decision made on Beastboy's part. That's why I practically dragged him to my room and yelled at him."

"By the ear I should add." Beastboy chimed in from behind Raven sounding sad.

Raven glared at him and he shut up. "So I'm sure we would all appreciate it if you would do that where no one who doesn't want to see it will, any when I say that I think I speak for Beastboy, Cyborg, and I."

"Well for your information, you two were out, and Cyborg is working on the T-car, so we didn't think anyone would see."

"Well next time be, a little more cautious."

Robin nodded. "Friend Raven, I am very sorry, if we have upset you by our actions, we promise to be more cautious next." Replied Starfire.

Raven nodded, and then walked out of the living room saying. "Beastboy, come with me." Beastboy jogged after her. When they got to Raven's room, Raven thought Beastboy looked sad, and then she reached out with her empathic powers. 'He is upset I should ask him why.' Then she looked at Beastboy, who was sitting in her desk chair staring at the ground. "Beastboy, what's wrong?" He just sat there like he didn't hear her. Then she walked over to him and put her hand on his shoulder, he shook it off. "Beastboy, if you don't answer me, I will have to use my powers to read your mind." He just stayed still and kept staring at the ground. 'Well I have to read his mind, and he won't like it because he will feel like his brain is exploding, and he knows that and I told him that I would have to do this, and he didn't say anything so . . ." She closed her eyes and said. "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos." She heard a scream, and then it was silent.

Inside Beastboy's Mind

'I must be in his mind.' So she opened her eyes, then she noticed she was in a forest filled with green animals. 'I must be in the right place.'

A green turtle with grey eyes walked up to Raven and said in a sad voice. "Raven, why are you here?"

Raven jumped then said. "Y-you can talk?"

"Yes." The turtle said still sounding sad.

"I am here to find out what's wrong with Beastboy."

"You upset him and I came out."

"So you are Sadness?"


"What did I do?"

"Ask Love, he told me to come out."

"And where is he?"

"Wait here, I will go get him." Raven nodded, and Sadness turned around and walked off in to the forest.

A few minutes later, sadness came back with a green monkey. When they got closer she noticed the monkey had lavender eyes. The monkey spoke up. "You wanted to talk to me?"

"Love?" Raven asked while thinking. 'The eyes of the emotions are the same color as the cloaks on my emotions."


"Why did you tell Sadness to come out?"

"Because, you basically called us a child."


"When you were talking to Robin, and Starfire."

"I said that you had been stupid and immature."

"Exactly! And a child is stupid and immature. I told sadness to come out because we are all part of Beastboy, so we all love you, and Beastboy is already afraid that you think he is too immature to be your boyfriend."

Raven thought for a moment. "So that is what this is about?" Love nodded. "Thanks, Love."

Back in Titan Tower

"You're welcome." She heard Love said as she pulled out of Beastboy's mind.

She opened her eyes and Beastboy was clutching his head in pain. "Sorry about that, but I told you if you didn't tell me I would have to do that." He acted like he didn't hear her, so she pulled his hands down and gently put her hands on either side of his head and a blue glow formed around her hands, after a few seconds she pulled her hands down and the glow disappeared. Beastboy looked up at her. "I know why you're upset." She stated.


She kneeled down in front of Beastboy saying. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you, and I merely meant to say you had made a poor decision. And I know that you are afraid you are too immature to be my boyfriend. And I assure you, that yes you may be immature at times, but I will always love you. And don't you forget that." He was staring at the floor again, with an expressionless face that could challenge Raven's. "Beastboy?" She asked.

'It's like he's zoned out, and can't perceive anything. I wonder if . . . I think I will try.' She said with a devious smile. She tipped her head to the side, and put her head under Beastboy's head, and then raised her lips to meet his. Beastboy's head snapped up and he made a noise into Raven's mouth that sounded like. "Mmmpha." Raven didn't pull back, when Beastboy finally got over his shock and realized what was happening he let himself succumb to the kiss. When Raven pulled away Beastboy was looking at her confused. "What was that for?"

"I wanted to show you that I was sorry, and you weren't listening to me telling you I am sorry."

"Well I was listening. But I was being so cold to you."

"Yes, doesn't mean that I would just turn cold to you. Remember, I'm Raven that master of controlling my emotions." She said with a teasing smile.

"You are right on that one, Babe. What time is it?"

Raven glanced over at her new clock; she got it because she blew up the last one kissing Beastboy. "It's 11:30. Sleep in here again?"

"Defiantly." Beastboy said as he took Raven's hand in his, stood up and gently pulled her up with him. They walked over to Raven's bed, they kicked off their shoes, and Raven took off her cloak. They laid in bed and Raven cuddled up into Beastboy's chest, as Beastboy wrapped his arms around her. "Love you, Babe."

"Love you too, Beastboy." She said as she thought. 'Damn, I love lying on his chest.' Then they went to sleep.