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Girl talk

Natalie held Angie's gaze for a moment. The junior officer had been divorced for a couple of years but had never mentioned her ex husband. The rest of the team remained silent as Angie closed her eyes for a moment. She knew the rest of the team would have questions about her and Mark but she really didn't want to answer them. Natalie sighed before folding her arms and turning to the rest of the team.

"Matt, you and Ron get down the hospital, see how our shooting victim is doing. Looking at the footage it seems that the woman was the only one to be singled out by the gunman."

"Yes Guv." Ronnie got to his feet at the same time Matt did.

"Sam? I want you to go down to the bank. The manager; David Swift is the only member of staff not to be at work today. He's there now but I want to know where he was and why he wasn't in work. Angie, a word please." San shot Angie a sympathetic look before heading out of the office.


"I don't get it." Ronnie stated as he walked along the pavement next to Matt. Matt shrugged his shoulders. "I mean, it just isn't like 'er to lose her temper. I know Sam is an annoying little plank but."

"He isn't that bad. You just don't like him because of how he was sent to the team."

"It isn't that." Ronnie stated firmly. "I grant you, I didn't like the way he was investigating us."

"I was shot. Attempted murder warrants an investigation." Matt smiled. "But yeah, Angie isn't one for loosing her rag. This thing with her ex."

"Mark." Matt added as they reached the front door of the bank. An uniformed officer nodded to them as they walked past them.

"Mark." Ronnie replied. "You think she was right? 'e was 'ere?"

"Yes." Matt stated sadly. "I think she was."


"Angie?" Natalie leant against her desk as she watched the younger woman. She had known Angie since her days in uniform and knew the young detective would never deliberately risk a case.

"Sorry, Guv." Angie sighed.

"You're sure your ex husband was one of the armed robbers?"

"Yes." Angie looked away for a moment. She knew that Natalie had always been aware that her ex husband was a useless father to Justine and had very little contact with the child when Angie was married but none after the divorce. It seemed such a shame the man didn't realise what a bright, beautiful little girl he had. Natalie shook her head sadly she could see both Angie and Justine were better off without him.

"Has he been in contact?" Natalie asked gently.

"No." Angie smiled slightly. "The last time I spoke to him was when I filed for divorce. God, what did I see in him?"

"We can all ask ourselves that when it comes to men." Natalie smiled. "He was never a criminal though? I mean not like this."

"No." Angie sighed. "He knew I was a copper when we met. Knew I wanted to work for MIU and he knew that I was not going to give up that dream. He was, well." Angie shrugged her shoulders. "If it wasn't for Justine I think I'd have left him long before I did but I thought she needed her dad."


"She doesn't need a gambling addict with a drink and drugs problem. I wouldn't be surprised if he was so up to his eyes in debt that this was one of his hair brained schemes to save himself."

"Maybe." Natalie nodded. "Ang, you think he planned to have a gun there? To shoot that girl?"

"I don't know." Angie blinked back a tear. "But I do know he's been around a while. Tried to see Justine at school."

"Bloody Hell!" Natalie couldn't help her voice raising as she heard Angie explain what she knew. "Ang, I can't let you work this case. If it is him and he is arrested and charged there is no way the defence wont leap on the fact his ex wife was on the team that investigated him."

"Yeah." Angie sighed. "I thought you might say that."

"Sorry Angie. I am so sorry."

"No." Angie sighed. "It's not your fault. It's his." Angie slipped out of the office as Natalie closed her eyes.


"Good morning Alesha." George stated as he barged into the outer office. Alesha nodded and smiled. Her thoughts were a million miles away from the room she was sat in. "Where's James?"

"Good morning." James opened the door and walked towards Alesha's desk. "Alesha?"

"I have to go out." The young Crown Prosecutor got to her feet and picked up her handbag. George raised an eyebrow. James nodded.

"No problem, I'll deal with Jake and Henry on my own shall I?"

"Yeah." Alesha smiled. "I wont be long."

"May I ask what on earth is going on?" George's soft Scottish accent filled the room. Alesha sighed, knowing she would have to explain herself to the others anyway. Dumping her bag back on the desk she turned to them.

"There was a robbery this morning. The bank on Westmere Road? Near the bakery?"

"I know." George nodded. "That's why I'm here. Natalie contacted me. Her team are investigating."

"I thought they might." Alesha smiled. "I think I know who one of the gunmen was. I'm not sure but I think I may have an ID for one of them."

"How?" James was suddenly very interested.

"Angie called. Told me she was off the case. Her ex husband was the one that fired the gun. She has had no contact with him since Justine was eight weeks old. Now he turned up and wanted to play the dutiful daddy. Not going to happen."


"I've known Angie a long time." Alesha sighed. "Mark isn't the sort of man you'd want around your pet budgie never mind a little girl."

"Ok." James nodded.

"The thing is." Alesha took a deep breath. "Natalie told her that there was no way she could be involved in the investigation. Not until they knew if the man in the video really is Mark."

"Ok." George leant againt the desk while James took up residence against the filing cabinet. "That seems plausable to me."

"Yeah." Alesha agreed. "But when she decided to take some annual leave and go home Natalie called her."


"No answer. She just spoke to me. Wondered if Angie had been here but with the others all out on inquiries she can't get them to check her place. The childminder hasn't seen her since she dropped Justine off before school."

"You think something might have happened to Angie?"

"Yeah. Yes." Alesha stared at them. "I need to go around to her house. Just to check. I might be over reacting." She looked at both the men in front of her. George sighed heavily, he knew exactly what Natalie Chandler's team were like for attracting trouble.

"Ok." James nodded once. "But I'm coming with you."


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