~ Secrets and Ties ~
By: Monkan

Warnings: Slash, more will come
Rating: M
Pairing: Thor/Loki

Disclaimer: I own nothing in this story. The characters belong to Marvel and the Norse Mythology. Or any other products that may be mentioned.

A/N: So another story has started. I don't know how long or short it will be but please support me like always. Let me know what you think.

Summary: Welcome to Valhalla High, a notorious school that hold the same reputation as MIT. The school is divided into two parts; the athletic and the intellectual. In the center of the athletes is Thor. The golden boy, and all around sports man. On the other side is Loki who attends on a scholarship. But with his background, he's all alone. Until Thor enters his life. Sparks fly and they soon begin a relationship, but there are someone that won't allow them to be together. No matter what.

~ Prologue ~

Valhalla High School is a place for the rich and gifted. The school has the same reputation as MIT and has seen many successful and renown people. Valhalla is a safe place for the rich children of powerful people to grow in, and a sanctuary for the talented and gifted youngsters. It's sponsored by the parents and owned by the parents, meaning the government can't touch their children. With an exclusive security system and staff that look after the buildings 24/7 it's a paradise.

The students are divided into two categories. The first is the sport category. Here lies the focus on sports of all kinds, and gives the students a balanced schedule where they can complete their studies and still have time over for their activities.

The other half is the intellectual category. For students who seek to complete their studies with extra classes or focus on a specific area are given special tutors to guide them. The school has seen many Nobel Price takers through the years graduate with honors.

The two categories are divided by the color of their ties; red for sport and green for studies. This doesn't set any rivalry between the students and friendships are formed that will last them through their lives.

However, there is one thing they all compete over.

While their goals are different depending on their choice of category, they all strive to achieve the ultimate nomination the school has to offer. "The Accomplishment of the Year" which is given to one graduating student each year.

Anyone can win the prize. However, the requirements are as hard as they are simple. Each year the winner wins for different but amazing reasons. No one knows who will win until graduation day. But students can speculate.

This year is different however. This year all students and teachers are convinced that the one to win is the only son of the current governor, and all around athlete. Thor Odinson. He's rich and famous on campus. He's good at any sports he takes on, and with a happy-go attitude he has earned the respect and approval of all. He's fair, both in looks and judgment, and he treats everyone as family.

Everyone knows he will win this year and leave a legacy in the schools long history.

At the same time this year, there is another student at Valhalla who will also leave a print in history.