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A New Void

On the moon Widow is holding on to Toa, and Gio walks over to complete the exchange with Kazuki. Said person holds a menacing grin on his face.

"I can't be with you Jin." Toa spoke with sorrow,

"What do you mean, how come?" Jin asks still trying to keep a happy smile on his face.

That is when she threw him a metal ring, or half of one that is. Jin caught it and his eyes widened with shock. He went into his pocket and brought out a similar half but where as the other one said To A, this one read From Jin. All the feelings of that day rushed back to him as he tried to piece this together. Kazuki's own eyes had softened and his mouth gaped open a bit with shock, realizing what his former best friend was holding.

A moment went by before anyone dared to make a noise, but then Toa spoke, "I am the one who collided into the shuttle that day Jin." She spoke before crying out her next few words. "I am the one you should be blaming! I killed your family!"

Everyone's eyes were on her and they were all shocked by the news, needless to say it had the biggest impact on Jin.

Not wanting to accept it jin walked a few steps closer to her and spoke, "No it can't be. Please tell me that isn't true." Her eyes were looking down in either shame or sorrow, and then a bang caught the attenttion of them.

And then...

~Fast forward to the cell so I can actually get to MY plot.

Gio busted out of his cell after sensing Toa's pain and came rushing directly to Jin's room.

"It's time to rescue Toa" He spoke after making his dramatic entrance. In response he only received a look of acknowledgment.

Gio walked over to where Jin was sitting and grabbed him by the collar of the shirt, he lifted him to his feet, still not letting go.

"We have to go the album's life is in danger." Gio spoke in urgency.

Jin acknowledged him and spoke, "Gio. It was her. Toa. She killed my family." All the while having an empty look in his eyes.

"Snap out of it!" Gio ordered, throwing him to the ground, causing the metal band to break again. "It's like you told me, no matter what you'll do anything to protect Toa, can't you see that now is the time." He said it as more of a statement than a question, but said it none the less.

Jin looked to his right from where he was lying down and stared at the metal band, causing memories of that day to rush through him again.

"Oh sis." He said sadly, but with a slight edge in his voice.

Jin got back to his and looked at Gio in the eyes with an empty expression. Gio hoped he had broken, through but when Jin spoke his next words, he all hope was shattered and anger swelled within his gut. He brought his fist into the air and made contact with Jin's face.

"How can you say that!? After everything thats happened, why do you give up on her now!?" Gio yelled, but his only response was a continuous look of despair, showing that he wasn't going to change his mind. "Whatever, I thought you were a better person than this Jin Kamishina." Gio turned around with a grunt and left the room to rescue Toa, leaving Jin by himself to his thoughts.

Jin lied there on the floor, to anyone who didn't know better, would have thought he was dead. Fortunately the person that came in was a guard, that came in due to the noise being made.

"Wha-what the hell happened. Oh-no!" The guard yelled thinking that Jin escaped, but much to his surprise said boy was simply lying on the floor.

"Uhh...err... Jin Kamishina, Commander Sakaki wishes to speak to you over the communication system. Follow me, and do not try to escape." The guard ordered.

Much to his surprise Jin complied, and slowly sat up,such as that of a zombie. Jin walked out the door and was quickly accompanied by two guards, one standing in front of him, and the other standing behind him. They walked down the halls for about four minutes before reaching a rather large door. The guard in front entered the security code, and the door slid open, allowing them access. Jin still having his head hanging down had walked into the back of the front guard, causing him to mess the code up at first though. Which was rewarded with an unresponded glare. The guards led Jin to the front of the room where a monitor was hanging. Within the next minute a picture showing the face of Commander Sakaki had shown up.

"Ahh Jin Kamishina, good to see that you see you still here." Sakaki spoke in an approving voice.

Jin kept his head down, which had to be remedied from a guard, who lifted his head up to meet the commander's face.

"Err, yes very good. Well Jin we have plenty that we can discuss, but I will cut to the main point. I have asked the soldiers that escorted you to bring you here becuase of the very same reason, I had you see me the first time we met. I still want you to join us. I want you to become a dragonaut!" He said, adding more volume and emphasis on dragonaut. He saw Jin's eyes widen a bit in what he assumed was surprised, and was satisfied to have gotten and emotion of life, from him.

"I...I don't know..." Jin spoke, just loud enough for Sakaki to hear.

"Think about it Jin, think of the void that has been left since the album left you." Jin eyes cast downards, waiting for the commander to continue. "We here at the ISDA and the members of the dragonauts, we can help fill that void, that emptiness in your heart." their eye's locked once again, and jin looked as though he was about to answer he just need one final push.

"You can even reunite with your old friend Kazuki, the two of you can be the best of friends once again. So tell me, will you join us?" A different push could have worked better, but this still gave him the push he needed to come up with an answer.


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