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New Member, Familiar face

Jin lied in his bed, in his prison cell, waiting for the arrangements to be made, so he could be let out, and meet up with his fellow dragonauts. He looked at the hole that Gio had made, and started to wonder if the decision he made was right, but now it didn't really matter. He waited for about five more minutes, before one of the guards came up to the hole and told him that the others were now on the ship and the general had something to speak to him about. Jin nodded and made his way through the busted wall. The guard waved towards himself, signaling for Jin to follow. About a minute went by in silence, before the person escorting the new dragonaut decided to speak.

"You know, it's a good thing that you decided to join us as one of the dragonauts." He never bothered to turn his head, but Jin could imagine what his facial features would be.

"Why is that?" Jin unconsciously asked, becoming aware that he was in a conversation.

"Well, because you seem sane, the people here are nice and all, but they can be really difficult at times, especially the dragonauts. I hope that you may rub off on them." He chuckled slightly, still not turning his head to look at Jin.

He looked at the back of the guards' head while speaking, "What's wrong with them? They...seemed like...decent people." His tone was dull and didn't carry any emotion, almost sending a chill down the guards' back.

"W-well first there's Raina and his partner Howling Star, Where Raina can be cool and collected at most times, he can also be perversed in a silent fashion, leading to the rest of the agency getting complaints. As for Howling star...he is just loud and obnoxious, and I think you can imagine the troubles that he can cause." The guard explained awkwardly, continuing to escort Jin to the control central.

"What about the others?" Jin inquired, curious as to what might be said about the last five members.

"Well I assume you know who Machina and Akira," Jin nodded, "Well the trouble those two cause always has something to with their... relationship. They are always causing each other to become unfocused, it's a real hassle to get them focused again, but most of the time, at some point, one of them at least will remember the actual objective, so I suppose it all works out." The guard shook his, most likely in annoyance, but Jin decided to leave that for another time.

"Now the next one, would be your friend, Kazuki," Jin made sure he was listening to what would be said about his former enemy and/or friend.

"That kid, is far to arrogant, and just like Howling Star he is very loud, I don't think there has been a day that he hasn't either made some sort of ruckus or tried to get the general to allow him to retrieve Gio from you." Gin looked at the man, and thought back to when he first found out about the dragons and the Album, if he hadn't experienced the things that happened on that day, many things would have been different.

"...I didn't take Gio from him." At this the guard turned his, signaling Jin to continue, "I only rode him to get to... the Album...after that he only stayed with me because we both had the same goal...but at no time, did I decide to own him." He said, putting his head down, as he thought back to the times that he ha spent with Gio and Toa.

The guards reaction was a bit strange, after Jin had explained things, his 'tour guide' started to laugh, "So basically...Kazuki screwed up and proved to everyone that his actions had no merit?" Jin simply stared at the man, who had now toned down.

"...I wouldn't go that far with it...but it would have been nice if he actually considered other possibilities..."

The guard smiled at him and spoke, "Well I'm sure it will all work out eventually, now let's go." He turned around and continued to walk, Jin following close behind.

"What of the other two?" Jin decided that he wanted to get his opinion on all of them.

"Hmm? Oh right, the last two, Amadeus and Sielglinde." As soon as he said her name, for some reason Jin remembered that time at the pool on the moon, "Well there aren't too many problems with Amadeus, he is obedient, and doesn't ever give any back talk, although when Sielglinde is involved, he tends to take things to the extreme, and that can usually end in disaster."

That's when Jin remembered how Amadeus reacted when he saw him and Sielglnde reunite after the incident where everyone got separated. I guess you really aren't alone, are you Baumgarde. His thoughts were met by the guard's words as he continued,

"Sielglinde on the other hand, she is rather arrogant, like Kazuki, and she can become loud when she has a disagreement with someone. She also has a tendency to call others stupid or moron, due to her being much smarter than most people here." Jin felt strange inside as the guard continued, but decided to ignore it, "But...I think she is actually just lonely. I hear that she was that way as a child too, she seemed to only care about studying, and a dog that she used to have, apparently nothing else really mattered to her."

The guard was about to continue but was cut off by Jin, "I think your wrong...about her feeling alone that is..." The guard tossed him a confused look, curious about what Jin had to say on the matter, "It's nothing complexed, but I don't think she feels alone...because she has Amadeus with her, as long as he is here, she should never have the need to feel that way...they are friends after all."

The guard gave an understanding look, but shook his head regardless, "You have the mind that most would understand, however the people here...are different, the dragons are not people, they are simply a means to meet our goals." Jin's expressionless face, turned to one, of slight shock, "Though strangely enough, even though everyone else here feels that way, those two, Machina and Akira, they tend to have a different outlook on things." The guard chuckled a bit, "So you se-" He tried to say, but was cut off by Jin.

"you're wrong...I don't know about the rest of you...but the dragonauts...even if no one else thinks so, I know that they care about their dragons! I know that they don't think of them as just a tool! I know that they would be sad if their dragon were to be killed, and I know that they are happy when they are beside them!" It was the guards turn to be shocked now, after the way he had been acting beforehand, this kind of reaction, was not expected from Jin.

"A-alright, calm down kid, we don't need your head to explode before we even get to the control room." Jin complied, and calmed down, still thinking of what he had said before

Be it so that they don't feel lonely...or if they want to spend the rest of their life with them...I know that they aren't thought of as tools by the ones that are closest to them.

In the control room, General Sakaki, watched this all play out on a monitor, with a shocked expression on his face. He decided to save the video into a file, for later purposes, in case it is required.

What an interesting boy, I can't wait to learn more about him. Sakai thought, with a smile on his face.

The guard that was escorting Jin, couldn't get what had just happened out of his head, and nearly forgot where they were headed. Once he had got in touch with reality again, he stopped, Jin doing the same. Jin looked at the back of the guards head, his face now back to the lonely one that he had worn before. The guard turned around, confusing Jin.

"...Jin Kamishina." He said, catching his attention. He was wondering if they had finally made it, but his next words, nearly made him fall over, "I apologize, but we missed our stop, please turn around." Jin sighed and did as he was told, as he waited to be redirected to the proper place.

The next few minutes went by in silence, since they no longer had anything to talk about. After a few more moments of walking, they made it to their destination. The guard opened the door, and let Jin inside, but didn't go in himself. Once Jin made it inside, the guard took his leave, allowing Jin to show himself around. He walked a little more inside, before being greeted by the General. Strangely enough that was the only other person in here at the moment.

"Where is everyone?" Jin questioned, before letting Sakaki speak.

"...Welcome Jin Kamishina, I apologize that I am the only one here at the moment, the others should be here, at any moment. Please be patient while you wait." Jin nodded, and stood near a wall on the right side of the room.

As he was about to lean on it, the supposed wall, started to rise, and he fell over on to his back. When he landed he winced from the pain, after hitting his head on the floor. When he recovered and opened his eyes, he saw something he definitely did not expect to. Looking up, he saw Sielglinde...well what was under her at least. After seeing this, half of the people in the room started to let out small laughs due to the situation. Those people included Howling Star, Raina, who was more or less silently chuckling, Akira, and Sakaki himself. The remaining for had the following looks, Machina, simply watched the scene, no real care showing up, Amadeus looked as though he were about to blow a fuse, Jin however didn't really care, his emotions as they are now wouldn't let him enjoy it, so his face remained empty, and bland. Sielglinde was confused as to why everyone was acting weird, they had just entered the room after all, but when she looked down and saw Jin laying under her, her face was brimmed with the color red. She was about to step on his face for 'his' perversed actions, but not caring about being stepped on, he moved out-of-the-way, hearing her foot hit the floor instead. After he stood up, everyone looked at him and stopped their varied expressions after they noticed the empty and lost look on his face.

Even after noticing this, Sielglinde wasn't going to just let it go.

(Of course not, since when has ANY heroine from ANY anime or manga just let it go?)

"J-just what in the hell do you think you're doing stupid!?" She yelled at him, starting to regain her composure. But what's with that look, doesn't he care that he just saw what he did? ...He doesn't swing that was does he!? Her thoughts going wild, she started to feel irritated for different purposes.

"...I didn't do anything...I just fell and you were standing there..." He explained, not really caring how this plays out, "...plus why do you care, aren't you above such things such as this?"

She gave him a confused look over an angry one, "What are you talking about, what would make you think something like that?" She asked, trying to think of any of their encounters, that could have made him think that.

Then she remembered something, but he spoke before she could stop him, "It's like when we first met, you didn't even phase when you saw me naked, even though, I'm going to assume, that was your first experience dealing with a male's body." He said, not letting his emotions leave his mouth.

Plus you called me small without hesitation... He thought bitterly.

The others in the room, save Amadeus gasped, at this unexpected news. She once again grew a blush on her face, "T-t-that has nothing do with this! And what do you mean your going to assume!? Of course it was my first!" She yelled, still blushing slightly.

Plus I didn't know you then, it's only to be expected when you don't know the person! Her thoughts continued, to a different route, ...Did you think I was some kind of slut!? Now she was just making herself mad, instead of Jin doing it for her.

"What do you mean nothing? If anything else, this and that are nearly the same only, I got it worse. I think that this at the very least makes us even." He said, growing confused about why they were having this conversation in the first place.

"Ye- But yo- Are you two going to continue or can we start what we were going to discuss?" She got cut off by Sakaki. She pouted slightly, not like the fact that she was interrupted, but kept quiet regardless.

She sighed, signaling for Sakaki to speak, "Okay now that I have your attention, and their little scene is over, I would like to bring up some important matters." They all looked up to him in curiosity, "Although before that, I must apologize that your friend couldn't make it Jin, he was a bit busy with something, probably thinking about how to get Gio back again." Jin nodded to him in understanding.

"Back to business, I wanted to inform you all of two things, the more important of those two things would be that...the Album still lives." This caught the attention of all of the dragons and dragonauts, Jin included.

"But how? Wasn't she hurling towards the Earth, she shouldn't have been able to survive that!" Howling Star exclaimed, unable to accept what he has been told.

"That may be true, but in this case that did not happen. Gio was the one that saved her. Even without a pilot, he was able to make it to the Album's pod in time and change the trajectory, making it land in the ocean, instead of intercoursing with the land that she would have, had Gio not done what he did." Everyone sighed, finding the news hard to believe, however for some reason, Jin felt relieved that both Gio and Toa had made it to safety.

"Well that's fine then, we need the Album alive anyway if I am not mistaken." Raina spoke, with his usual refined tone. Sakaki nodded and then looked over at Jin.

"So what's the other news?" Akira asked, feeling a bit curious as to what would be in comparison to the first set of information.

Though before Sakaki could say anything, Sielglinde interrupted him, "Actually, now that I think about it, why is this guy here anyway?" She asked, pointing at jin, nearly poking his eye out.

Sakaki coughed before speaking, "Yes, if you would let me explain, I could tell you. Jin Kamishina actually has to do with the second set of news." Everyone, save Jin, gave the general a confused look.

"What do you mean by that?" Michna questioned, everyone else wondering the same thing.

"Actually, Jin here has officially agreed to becoming a dragonaut. He will now be working with you, on you missions. I expect you all to treat him with hospitality, as you do with each other. He finished, keeping certain thoughts to himself, Actually...try not to treat him like that... we don't need him resigning on the first week... He inwardly sighed, as he gave a stern look to the original party.

"Wait what was that?" Howling Star, asked, trying to make sure he heard right, whilst everyone else had gaping jaws and shocked looks.

"You needn't worry, your hearing is as good as ever Howling Star, but just in case, I shall say it again. Jin Kamishina will now be working with you as a dragonaut." After realizing that he heard right, Howling Star joined his friends in their shocked looks.

After they recovered, from their little episode, Raina walked up to Jin and lifted his hand gesturing a handshake. Jin accepted the gesture and met hands with him, "Welcome to the dragonauts, Jin Kamishina, we look forward to working with you." He said with a smile, with everyone else doing the same.

(Insert different poses, to match each dragon/dragonauts personality)

Jin, for the first time since coming here, made an effort to make a small, subtle smile, "It's a pleasure, please take care of me for now on."

"Of course!" Howling Star said, answering for Raina.

Sakaki, looked over at each of the dragonauts, and then a though came to his head, and he coughed to catch everyone's attention again. Once he knew that he had it, he spoke loud enough so everyone could hear him, "Okay now that all of that is settled, I would like to figure something out, that thing being...we still need to think of where Jin Kamishina will be staying from now on." This confused Jin, since he was thinking that had already be planned out. Everyone else was caught off guard as well, since this was unusual for the general.

"For now I will give you time to decide who he will be staying with, or if none of you want him, he could stay by himself, though at the moment that isn't preferable. If none of you can decide I will decide for myself."

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