Just a headcanon of what could've happened with the elevator. Two or three shot.

"What if one of those men is dead?"she asked, her question echoing a silence in the even-more-cramped-than-usual elevator. Tony seemed deep in thought, and Ziva was too tired but to do anything but lean against the elevator walls, when Tony jumped up.

"I've got it!"

"This can't be good" she replied, an obvious strain in her voice.

"No, Zee-vah, it's actually a very smart idea from a certain very special agent," he paused for dramatic effect, "Yours truly," his face brightening like a kid in a candy shop.

"Let's hear it" she said, giving in to entertaining his idea. She wouldn't want to put him in a bad mood if they were stuck together, and anyways, He probably knew that she still wasn't taking him seriously, but he continued nevertheless.

"We can get out. See, up on the top where you were pushing before, thighmaster?" he played, trying to lighten the mood. She gave him an attempt of a smile in return. "Well, if we can get one of those rods down, we can probably pry open the door."

"That actually might work" she said, pushing herself up.

"Never underestimate a DiNozzo" he said, winking and then helping her get onto his shoulders. It didn't take much effort, surprisingly to get one of the metal rods free. That should have been a obvious red flag, but the pair were far too tired and worn out to dwell on anything but escape from their cramped, warm quarters.

He moved to the doors and used the rod to pry them open. Again, it was too easy and should have been another red flag. However, to their dismay, they found the elevator was caught between floors and the only open part was at the very top.

"Ladies first," Ziva said, and Tony smiled at her joke, more probably that she was happy enough to make a joke.

"If you insist," he said, trying to pull himself up. However, they found that the wall was up far too high and Tony couldn't quite get himself up.

"I should've done more pull-ups in gym class" he remarked.

"Maybe I should try first?" Ziva offered.

He was silent for a couple seconds before replying, "but then you probably wouldn't be able to pull me out. If you can boost me up, I can pull you up from the other side."

"Trying to get rid of me, Tony?" she played with a coy smile.

He played along, faking his offense to her statement, "Of course not! It would be a disgrace to leave the great Ziva David behind." He paused, "I've got you, Ziva," he said, and the last part sounded far more meaningful than either chose to both knew it wasn't just playful, that he really did always have her back.

She laughed, brushing it off, and started to help him reach the ledge. He threw his forearms onto the ledge, and after much complaining from Ziva's end, reached the top.

"Tony, you should really lay off th-" Ziva started, but was interrupted by a loud crash, and felt the elevator start to fall beneath her. Tony heard a groan as the small space that saw into the elevator disappeared.

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