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A/N To clear up any confusion
a) Yes, It is Ziva stuck in the elevator. The elevator was stuck between floors so only the top part was exposed to a floor.
b) When I refer to outside elevator doors, It means like the doors that stay on that floor. There is a separate set of doors on the actual elevator.
c) The elevator will be stuck between floors again. Just imagine what it looked like when Abby was talking to them while they were in the elevator in Extreme Prejudice.

"Tony, you should really lay off th-" Ziva started, but was interrupted by a loud crash, and felt the elevator start to fall beneath her. Tony heard a groan as the small space that saw into the elevator disappeared.

"ZIVA!" he yelled, panic rushing through him, watching as the elevator disappeared, leaving him safely on the floor while she was stuck in the plummeting metal cage.

"Ziva!" Tony yelled again, albeit any success. He felt his adrenaline coursing through him as he scrambled down the flight of stairs. He looked to the outside elevator doors. She could be behind those doors and he wouldn't know it. Or, she could be at the very bottom of the elevator shaft. He tried to push the thought away but the second he thought it, he couldn't stop and was now even more paranoid. What if she was severely hurt? What if she was stuck? Or- what if she was dead?

He pounded on the door in rage, then practically threw himself down the next flight of stairs to see if she was behind those doors. He would try every floor until he found her.

Ziva felt herself falling as she faintly heard someone scream her name, realizing that it could only be Tony. She instinctively fell to the floor, covering her head to prepare for impact. Instead, she felt the elevator jerk, almost as if it had been caught by something. She was harshly thrown around by the force abrupt stop, and moaned as she felt the impact of the elevator wall reverberating through her skull.

The ceiling creaked and then two metal rods came loose, falling right in front of her. She stared at the spot she had just been seconds ago, the shock present, despite her many near-death experiences. This felt different somehow. There was only one other time she felt so trapped like this, and she didn't like to ponder on her days spent in the prison camp. They haunted her enough in her dreams. More than anything, Ziva hated not being able to fight back. She hated feeling so helpless.

She shook her head, almost as if it would shake the thoughts away, and looked around to asses her situation. There was another metal rod half dangling that could fall directly in front of her, but her way out of the corner was mostly blocked anyways. She feared if she moved she would upset the unknown force that somehow kept the elevator from crashing at the bottom of the elevator shaft.

Ziva leaned back against the wall, unsure of what to do. The elevator was quickly heating up, making it extremely uncomfortable. She felt her hand to her forehead, and instead of heat felt stickiness. She brought her hand down and saw the bright red of her blood contrasted against her olive skin. She felt the gash on the side of her forehead and quickly ripped off her sleeve, using the fabric to apply pressure. In the middle of all this, she heard a pounding building up a crescendo. She realized it wasn't just her head, but some outside force. Maybe it was even someone to help her.

"Ziva!" she heard, ever so faintly, but still there. Despite the lack of power in his voice, it still sent her head reeling.

She used all her effort to yell back, "Tony, I think I'm stuck!" The effort made her gasp for air, and only then did she realize what a state she was in. Her head hurt like hell and she had that nasty cut on her forehead; she also felt it increasingly harder to talk louder than a whisper and she felt an increasing pain in her ribcage. The impact may have landed her with a broken rib or two. She just hoped Tony could get her out of there soon.

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