I'm sorry I haven't updated in like a week, but this week was really busy. I was gone all day today at a marching band competition. Freezing my butt of just for the record. Marching in 20 degrees without gloves or hats is TORTURE! Then I had to catch up on my online geometry course, which I'm still not done with, but oh well. This was a HUGE rant, so I'm sorry, and I hope you enjoy this chapter!


It felt like we were there for hours, but it was probably only a matter of minutes, maybe even seconds.

We are staring into each other's eyes when my stomach decides right then and there that it is time to become a breeching whale.

"Wow," Zander says laughing. "You weren't kidding when you said you wanted lunch."

I was laughing too. "Would I ever lie to you?"

"Well..." he drags off racking his brain.

"...no I wouldn't," I finish for him.

"Then let's go," he says putting me down and grabbing my hand.

When we pull up to our little diner, (we call it that because we have never gone there with anyone else except each other,) we sit in OUR booth and laugh our heads off. It is hardly ever awkward between us and this just happens to be one of those rare times.

We talk and talk, and everything is fine until he asks the one question I am the most scared to answer.

"So, what is the real reason you only wanted me to come with you today?" Zander questions.

"Who said I only wanted you to come with me?"

"Um, I distinctly remember you saying Kevin and Nelson would just sit there in the sand and play Furious Pigeons and that Kacey would try to get guys," he states staring at me.

When our eyes meet, I look down.

Why is EVERYTHING ALWAYS so complicated?

"Well," I say getting up the nerve to talk. "All of those are true, but you forgot one part."

He gives me a look of confusion.

"Okay," I say getting irritated with explaining myself.


"Yeah, I got that part, but I still don't get-"

I look at him expectantly.

"Oh my God, you don't like the others!" He cries like it's the most genius thing anyone has ever come up with.

I mentally face-palm myself.

Why couldn't he JUST understand that I like him?


I only say she doesn't like the others hoping to get a response like that she loves the others, but she loves me more.

These thoughts should NOT be going through my head right now or ever for that matter.

Instead of getting my version of a response, I get this.

"No, I love them; like you pointed out, they would just ignore me, but I was hoping that even though your ego is bigger than your muscles and the fact that you're a player, that you wouldn't," she admits looking into my eyes.

I look back, and if I could have read her mind at any time, this would be that time.

"I would never ignore you, Steves," I tell her reaching across the table and grabbing her hand.

"I know," she says starting to eat her food that has just arrived.

We sit there in a content yet awkward silence eating.

When we are done, we get up and get ready to leave.

"Stevie?" I say without even realizing it.

"Yeah?" She replies.

Great, now I have to finish this somehow.

I might as well just say it.

"I know you still aren't telling the truth of why you only wanted me with you today," I say looking down.

"Zander," she says grabbing my hand. "I do love you the most out of all the others. Is that such a crime?"

"No. No it's not," I reply smiling.

I squeeze her hand and walk out of the restaurant.