The blonde mechanic walked downstairs, yawning and stretching out her arms. After tinkering late into the night, she'd finally fallen asleep, hand still clasped around her trusty wrench. Upon entering the dining room, she was surprised to find that she wasn't alone.

Slumped over, his head resting on the table, was the boy – no, the man – that she'd fallen in love with so many years ago. His golden braid glistened in the morning sunlight, slightly messy from having been slept on all night. She slowly walked over to him, a small smile on her face. He'd obviously been up late reading a book again. She quietly glanced over his shoulder to take a look at his current pillow. To her surprise, instead of a book on alchemy, she found him collapsed onto a family photo album. She leaned down, trying to see which pictures had put him to sleep. But as she did, her face brushed up against a strand of his hair, and she made the mistake of glancing to the side. Her cheeks turned a deep shade of pink. She hadn't meant for her face to get that close to his! And… if anyone saw her like this they would get the wrong idea!... or maybe the right one, but that wasn't the point!

Suddenly he mumbled something, causing her to jump back with surprise. Oh my god, she thought, he's going to think I was molesting him in his sleep or something! He so would say something like that! But, to her immense relief, he just readjusted his face within the pages of the book with a quiet groan, clearly still asleep. She let out a sigh and then giggled. He looked so peaceful. It seemed they were always arguing when he was awake, but like this he was actually quiet and tranquil. While that didn't necessarily suit him, and she loved his spirit and wit, she couldn't help but blush a little more as she looked at his unguarded face. He looked quite handsome, especially without his typical attitude and stream of insults.

After he and Al had returned home with their bodies in tact, she'd been able to see him smile more and he'd certainly been more polite… for him. He no longer had to bear the burden that had tortured him for so long, and seemed so much happier. But even after accomplishing his quest, there was still a slight shadow deep within his golden eyes. He wasn't suited for life in the country. Though he might not admit it, he'd truly enjoyed the adventure and excitement of being a state alchemist… when he wasn't being attacked by homunculi or pulled through the gate that is. Whether he recognized it or not, it was difficult for him to accept the fact that he no longer had his alchemy. It had been a part of who he was for so long, and there was a void within him where it had been. She wished there was something she could do, but she was no alchemist. And, besides, he'd paid the price willingly to save Al. She knew he didn't regret it.

The birds outside were chirping loudly now, and she knew that Alphonse and Granny Pinako would soon awaken. It'd be best to get Ed up to bed, or at least off the book before he drooled on it too much. It was nice to have him home though, she thought smiling again.

She bent down and touched him gently on the shoulder, resisting the temptation to brush his silky bangs from his face. "Ed…" she whispered. "Ed, it's time to wake up." His long blond eyelashes fluttered, revealing the deep amber eyes that never failed to fascinate and captivate her. At first he lifted his head slightly, still half asleep.

Then, with no warning, his head shot up, causing the girl to jump back with a gasp. His eyes were wide as he looked around the room, as if he didn't remember where he was despite having grown up in that very house. Then he noticed - he wasn't alone. His gaze came to rest on her and something shifted. It was like his eyes became liquid gold, melting into an expression she hadn't seen before.

The chair he'd been sitting on clattered to the floor as he abruptly stood up and pulled the blonde mechanic into his embrace. She was too stunned to even move, not that she really could as he held her tightly up against him. A blush spread across her cheeks as her blue eyes stared blankly at his chest. What… what was going on?!

Edward had felt someone pushing on his shoulder and telling him to wake up. He groaned internally, groggily opening his eyes. He couldn't believe that it was already morning. He assumed he'd fallen asleep in the kitchen while reading again, and expected to see either Alphonse or Noah shaking him awake to get ready for work. Imagine his surprise when he awoke in a bright room instead of the dim apartment that he, Alphonse, and Noah shared. He quickly sat up, taking in the familiar surroundings of his childhood. He… was in Risembool?!

But then who…? He froze. Next to him, the morning sun illuminating her long silky hair, was Winry. The woman he'd fallen in love with so many years ago. The woman he couldn't ever forget, even though it hurt. The woman he was never supposed to get to see again.

In a fluid motion, without another thought, he stood and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her to his chest. He didn't care if this was just a dream; he wasn't going to let her go.

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