Title: School Days - Calming Rain

Author: AwedbyAwesomeness

Beta: MrsMalfoy288

Parings: none

Genre: Humor/Family

Word Count: 2,512

Rating: K+

Summary: 12yearslater!Lambo. When Fuuta is unavailable to pick up Lambo from school, someone has to bring Lambo home. From the POV of civilians, this tells the terrifying tale of the various times a Vongola guardian went to visit Lambo's school. Students beware, the mafia is in town! SERIES OF ONESHOTS

Disclaimer: (Unfortunately) I do not own Katekyo Hitman Reborn and any recognizable aspects do not belong to me.

Post Date: 9/28/2012

Yohei was angry.

All day, that idiot Lambo was getting on his nerves. It wasn't that Lambo had done anything in particular to irritate him, but it was more that Lambo's mere presence put him in a bad mood. He couldn't stand the sight of the idiot cow, always strutting around with his arrogant tone and cow-print clothes. Yohei glared at his black-haired classmate.

It didn't help that Lambo seemed to constantly be talking to Ana, his girlfriend. Well, not girlfriend, but soon to be girlfriend, if Yohei had anything to say about it. The only thing standing in the way of Yohei and the dream girl of the school was an idiotic boy who didn't know his proper place.

"What are you looking at?" asked Keigo as they sat in the cafeteria eating lunch.

"Lambo," answered Yohei, "I can't stand him." Yohei angrily stabbed his food while muttering about how stupid Lambo was.

"Why? Lambo isn't so bad. He is really funny if you get to know him. He has these crazy stories about whenever his family gets together…" Keigo continued to talk about a story Lambo had told, something to do with an older brother and a violent baby but Yohei wasn't paying attention.

Yohei was completely focused on the sight in front of him. Lambo had crossed the cafeteria where they were eating lunch, and had sat down right next to Ana. The stupid cow was now talking to her, and she was laughing at something he had said. Yohei almost saw red as he stood up. That was the final straw. Lambo was going down, and Yohei was going to make sure that it happened.

"Where are you going?" asked a confused Keigo, stopping halfway through his story.

"To neuter a cow," stated Yohei matter-of-factly.

"What!? That is a really bad idea," exclaimed Keigo immediately realizing Yohei's intentions as he too jumped to his feet and followed Yohei across the room.

Yohei approached Lambo and Ana and the two slowly stop talking. They looked up at him curiously as he stormed over, anger emanating from his pores. Keigo, walking behind Yohei, could almost see steam pouring out of Yohei's ears.

"Is everything okay, Yohei?" asked Ana, uncertainly. Lambo sat silently, looking Yohei with calm eyes, completely unfazed.

Ignoring what Ana said Yohei turned to Lambo, "I am sick and tired of you and your attitude, trouncing around the school as if you own the place, pretending that you are better than the rest of us! And then you have the nerve to come and talk to my girl."

Lambo, again remained silent, simply raising an eyebrow at what Yohei said.

"Your girl?!" spluttered Ana, indignantly. "I am not your anything."

"I want you to stay away from her. She is my property, not yours" Yohei commanded his voice carrying across the cafeteria, once again ignoring what Ana had said.

Ana looked as if she would punch him, but Lambo grabbed her hand, holding her back in her seat. Lambo slowly stood, never once breaking eye contact with Yohei. Once he was at an even height with Yohei, he turned to Ana and said, "You want to find a quieter place to sit and eat? It is very noisy in here."

Ana looked uncertainly from Lambo to Yohei and then back to Lambo. She was still angry at Yohei but understood Lambo's silent message not to get violent. Standing, she stiffly nodded, and turned to pack her lunch.

"Do you not hear what I am saying to you?! Face me and fight like a real man!" shouted Yohei.

A crowd had formed, upon hearing Yohei's irate words, around the four of them, murmuring at Lambo's apparent indifference.

Lambo remained unperturbed, simply waiting for Ana to pack up her lunch, which she had previously spread across the table.

Yohei, if possible, became even more infuriated. His face flushed red and then suddenly he seemed to cool down. Speaking in icy tones, he said, "Don't ignore me you idiot cow. Bad things happen to those who don't listen to me."

If anything, Lambo seemed to become almost amused at these words. A smirk flitted across his face before his expression returned back to the careful blank it had been before. "Are you ready Ana?" he asked.

"You really are a coward if can't stay and fight," taunted Yohei, trying to get a response out of Lambo.

Lambo, in turn, looked Yohei in the eye, finally speaking to him. "I know what it is to be a man, and what it means to fight. You will have to be a lot more intimidating if you wish to scare me, Yohei." His voice was light, but Lambo's face was dead serious.

Yohei sneered at him, "You should be scared. I know people who have contacts in places even murders would be terrified to venture."

At this Lambo seemed to suppress a laugh. "Really?" he said, playing along, "Where would that be?"

"The mafia," was Yohei's cold reply.

A shocked gasp rushed through the crowd at Yohei's words. But Lambo didn't seem to care in the slightest. He looked as if they were talking about daisies and butterflies.

Keigo, who was standing off to the side couldn't help but feel a little shocked at Lambo's indifference. Everyone knew that the mafia was something to be feared.

Yohei, too, couldn't help but a little unnerved. Usually when he revealed that he had mafia contacts, they would back away, terrified. Finally he growled, "That's right. But not just the Yakuza, I am talking about the Italian Mafia." Yohei smiled at these words, playing his trump card. He knew that Lambo would now learn his place now. Nobody messed with the Italian mafia.

However, at his words Lambo seemed to become even more amused. "Really? You have contacts with the Italian mafia?" The curly-haired boy seemed to be on the verge of all out laughter. As he curiously cocked his head to the side, Lambo asked, "What family do you know?"

Yohei, lowering his voice in a seemingly threatening way, said, "They are called the Giegue Family."

Lambo feigned ignorance as he asked, "And this Giegue Family is powerful?"

Yohei smiled, thinking that he had gotten an advantage over Lambo. Trying to impress the crowd with his knowledge of the mafia he said, "I should have known. You have no knowledge of the mafia. The Giegue family is formidable. They may not be as powerful as the Vongola or close Vongola allies, such as the Chiavarone. However they have allied themselves with the great Vongola, which makes them strong. They are more than enough to take someone like you, Lambo, out."

"So the Vongola are the most powerful mafia?" asked Lambo, talking as if they were discussing the weather. Keigo noticed that as Lambo spoke he was playing with a ring on his finger.

Yohei scoffed, "Of course. They are almost untouchable. The Vongola boss and his guardians are said to be god-like as far as strength goes."

At this Keigo thought Lambo's face bore an almost self-satisfied smile. But Keigo knew this was impossible, nobody would be happy about such mafia talk.

Lambo spoke, his voice turning serious again, "And the Giegue Family would be interested in trying to kill high school boys?"

"If I asked one of them to, I could have you dead before the end of the week."

Lambo grinned, "I'd like to see them try." Turning his attention to Ana, he asked in a kind voice, "Are you ready to go now, I am very hungry."

Ana looked at him and gave Lambo a stiff nod, still upset at the way Yohei had treated her. The crowd parted to allow the pair to pass. As they departed Ana asked in a low voice, "Aren't you worried? Yohei seemed serious about the mafia."

Lambo smiled down at her, "Nah." Bluffing, he said, "The mafia wouldn't waste its time or effort on little old me."

Keigo looked at Yohei, knowing the angry boy well enough to understand that Yohei wasn't going to let Lambo walk away without a fight.

As for Yohei himself, he was literally seeing red. He wanted to rip Lambo's throat out. In a rage he shouted at Lambo's retreating back, "You are just as No-Good as that idiot Tsuna, whom you call brother. You're too stupid to realize how much danger you're in."

Suddenly, Lambo stiffened at the words. "What did you just say about my nii-san?" His voice was no longer light and carefree but suddenly was low and frightening. Lambo slowly turned to face Yohei. Keigo couldn't help but feel a small shiver run up and down his spine. Lambo looked scary.

Yohei grinned, ignoring the fierce looks he was receiving, simply glad to have gotten a rise out of Lambo. "You think I am ignorant. We all know the tales of No-Good Tsuna, the all-around fool."

Lambo leveled a glare, "You can insult me all you want, but don't insult Tsuna."

Yohei grinned, "Why? What's stopping me from saying Tsuna was a fool. He failed in all his classes and was the laughing stock of the grade."

Lambo took a deep breath. "Tolerate," he whispered to himself. Speaking to Yohei, he then said, "I will give you one chance. Never insult my nii-san in front of my face again"

Yohei laughed, "What is it? You don't like to hear the truth? He was ten different types of fool. My older brother still uses stories of No-Good Tsuna when looking for a joke at family reunions."

Lambo let out a low grow at these words and lunged at Yohei.

Yohei was startled, Lambo was moving fast and with an unexpected level of athleticism. Yohei prepared himself for the attack.

However, Lambo never go close enough to Yohei to land a punch. Suddenly there was a wooden staff swinging down upon Lambo's head. Lambo, with surprising agility tried to dodge, but the wooden weapon was faster and it thwacked Lambo upon the head.

Yohei blinked, suddenly startled out of his anger by the absurdness of the situation. How could Lambo be that fast? Where had the wood come from?

"Maa, maa," a man's voice laughed. "You shouldn't be fighting in school Lambo."

Yohei couldn't help but stare at the strange man who had suddenly come upon the group. He had short cropped hair and a scar on his chin. He was tall and wore a fine, expensive suit. In his hands, he seemed to wield a wooden stick, the same size and length of a katana.

Lambo appeared to know the man as rubbed his head, where the weapon had hit, irritated. "He insulted nii-san, Yamamoto. I was being good up until then."

A student from the crowd piped up, "Yeah. Lambo might have attacked first, but he didn't start the fight."

Another voice added, "Lambo was really calm. He didn't even flinch when Yohei used the mafia to threaten him."

The man's expression darkened a little at these words. Looking at Lambo he said, "I understand your need to protect Tsuna's honor. But what would Tsuna say if he saw you like this, about to brawl in a mere school fight? As for the mafia, how did that come up?"

Lambo shrugged appearing calm and careless, but when his eyes met those of Yamamoto's , they were very serious, "Yohei was just talking about using the Giegue Family against me if I wasn't more respectful. It is not a big deal."

Yamamoto raised an eyebrow, "Really? And why would he do that?" Although Yamamoto seemed light about the question, Yohei felt there was something at stake.

"Yohei has contacts, and felt that I was out of line."

Yohei was sure that he was in trouble. No adult would take the threat of the mafia lightly, but Yamamoto laughed, "Oh that's all? You had me worried Lambo."

Yohei was stunned. What was up with Yamamoto and Lambo? How could they take these threats as if they were a joke? Yohei's face darkened, he would show them.

Yamamoto then turned to the crowd. "If that is all, I would have to wonder what you are all waiting around for. Maybe some hard work would be good for idle hands," checking his watch, Yamamoto then said, "You still have half an hour before lunch ends, and I am sure Kyoya wouldn't mind. Everyone who isn't eating can run three laps around the baseball field."

Yamamoto's command was met with wide spread groans but the tall man just smiled. "Exercise is always good. Get going."

The crowd moved away, murmuring to themselves. After they had departed only Lambo, Yamamoto, Yohei, Keigo and Ana were left.

Lambo then turned to the adult, "Sorry about the fighting, Yamamoto." Suddenly Lambo's eyes became concerned. "What are you doing here? Is everything okay with the family?"

Yamamoto smiled, "Everything is fine. Just came to pick you up for your annual doctor's appointment."

Lambo frowned at this, "What happened to Fuuta?"

"Fuuta is a little busy at the moment. So I volunteered to take you Shamal."

"Shamal! No way am I going!" exclaimed Lambo, suddenly freaked out.

Yohei frowned at this. Never had he seen Lambo this scared.

Yamamoto just laughed at Lambo's concern, "It will be fine. Relax."

"Like hell, it will be fine!" shouted Lambo, "Shamal is creepy."

Quick as lightening, Yamamoto's wooden weapon flashed out and lightly smacked the back of Lambo's head. "Language. Now, I see a few apologies before we go."

Lambo rubbed the sore spot and nodded, turning serious. "My apologies Yohei, for losing my temper. I should not have tried to attack you." Then he added in a low tone, "If you don't insult my nii-san again, we won't have a repeat performance."

Yamamoto sighed at these words but let the comment slide.

Lambo then turned to Ana, "Sorry for losing my temper in front of you. Additionally, I must appologize for I have to depart and leave you to finish lunch alone." Lambo finished this comment with a charming smile in Ana's direction.

Yohei gave no recognition that he heard an apology, but Ana smiled and waved away Lambo's comment with her hand. "See you soon Lambo-kun. I hope the appointment isn't so bad."

The joking Lambo of before the fight was back as he grinned and said, "You have no idea how bad it can be. But I suppose I'll survive."

Yamamoto smiled and ruffled Lambo's hair. "Come on kid. Shamal won't be pleased if we are late."

Don't touch the hair, baseball freak," growled Lambo, although a playful tone colored his voice.

The pair turned and began to walk away. As they departed Yohei could hear Yamamoto say, his wooden sword resting on his shoulder, "You know Lambo, your speed has improved but you still need to work on your agility."

The three remaining students stared at the departing pair. Next to him, Yohei heard Keigo ask the question plaguing his mind, "What the heck just happened?"

AN: So what did you think? This is my first fic so feedback is appreciated!

I have decided to base the Vongola Rings and weapons based on the end of the future arc. As much as I love the Vongola Gear (or Vongola Bling – as I fondly refer to them), it would be slightly obvious if Lambo walked around school with huge headgear in his backpack – too many questions.

I am thinking about doing more oneshots similar to this with the other guardians. Would you be interested? Please let me know!

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