(Hi guys I've decided to launch another fic because I had a lot of free time. This one is about the first of this type of crossover with Naruto and Chronicle the Sci-Fi movie. And it's shocking Chronicle barely has any crossovers. Guess it's not popular at Fanfiction and all. Well I loved the movie because it dives into what would happen if a teenage boy was given power and itdoesn't work out as one thinks it would. Well enjoy the opening to this new fic.)

It was a long an treacherous mission for the retrieval squad of Shikamaru Nara, Chouji Akimichi, Neji Hyuga, Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru, but it was more treacherous for Naruto Uzumaki. It came down to fighting his comrade rival to keep him from going to Nuke-nin Orochimaru who wanted the ocular power known as the Sharingan.

In a last ditch effort Naruto called upon the chakra of the Kyubi no Kitsune to defeat Sasuke who harnessed the power of a cursed mark put on him by Orochimaru. When they collided both were knocked unconsciously as Kakashi Hatake arrived and brought them back to Konoha while the others were rounded up and brought back to the hospital.

The group was recuperating in Konoha's hospital for several days but Naruto was discharged earlier having healed quickly than the others. He was about to grab a bite at his favorite ramen stand until an Anbu landed before him.

"Naruto Uzumaki, you're presence is demanded by the council immediately."

"What, and just when I was about to eat!" he sighed, "Alright let's get this over with." He headed off to the Administration building where a big issue was about to be addressed that would lead to outrage.

Soon he stood before Tsunade, Jiraiya, the elder council, the village, and the clan heads, "Uzumaki, Naruto. For the attempt of murdering a Konoha shinobi, and the threat of releasing the Kyubi, you are hereby stripped from you're rank and banished from Konoha. You have exactly two days to get your stuff and leave. If you are seen here after the days are up, you will be killed on sight." Danzo announced.

"WHAT?!" Tsunade Senju the Godaime Hokage bellowed, "What did you say?!" she demanded as her teammate Jiraiya held her down.

"You've heard us correctly Princess, Naruto Uzumaki is to be banned from Konoha for attempting murder on Sasuke Uchiha." Danzo continued.

"You can't do that!" Naruto shouted in outrage.

"But we can Uzumaki and we will." Homura warned him.

"Last I recall the mission was to bring Sasuke back to the village at all costs!" Naruto reminded them.

"Regardless of the details, you did and in fact nearly murdered a Konoha shinobi." Danzo retorted.

"So what was I suppose to do let Sasuke kill me and go to Orochimaru?" Naruto demanded, "Even you old fossils should know there's no such thing as a clean fight on the battlefield! Besides you think he was busted up, look what he did to me!" he lifted his shirt up showing two scars that Sasuke jabbed into his chest from his Chidori technique and both were incredibly close to the heart.

The clan heads looked in sorrow for the boy seeing he took so many hits from his supposed comrade and is getting repaid by being banned.

"Nevertheless of your injuries Uzumaki, our word is clear." Koharu answered.

"This is stupid!" Naruto called, "You're favoring a bloody traitor over someone who risked his life for this village?!"

"Silence demon!" a villager shouted as more villagers started trash talking him.

"SILENCE!" Tsunade bellowed silencing them.

"You all cannot hold Naruto responsible for the trouble Sasuke Uchiha was put the retrieval squad through! He may have used the Kyubi's chakra but he clearly has it under control, as he demonstrated in Chunin exams, where he defeated Hyuga Neji without causing him any undue harm." Jiraiya voiced in having witnessed it.

"With all due respect Jiraiya," Danzo continued, "Your training with the container has not given us the desired results. Clearly the boy's emotions are linked to his ability to call upon the demon's power, and since he is unable to control his emotions, he cannot control a powerful enough amount of demonic chakra without losing control of his actions. The Uchiha's injuries are proof enough to attest to this."

"Danzo you are seriously crossing the line!" Tsunade ordered until Naruto called.

"It's ok grandma." Naruto answered without lifting his face up to look at anybody.

"Naruto." Tsunade gasped.

"You council folk, you've been at my throat ever since I was born because of something I had no control of nor did I ever ask to be a part of," he continued, "But I guess that doesn't matter to you does it? Nothing ever does. I'd hoped I'd be able to make an impact in this village and show you all I'm not what you think of me as. But I guess I was wrong… You're just selfish assholes biased towards anybody different from you!"

The civilians started lashing out at him until Tsunade shouted, "QUIET! As Hokage I demand a compromise if I am to actually more or which against my own will banish Naruto that I ask for something in return."

"What do you wish of Tsunade?" Homura asked.

"That if Naruto is banned from the village. Sasuke Uchiha is to be put under permanent lockup and have his chakra sealed off for attempting to go nuke-nin and attacking a Konoha shinobi!"

The civilians started objecting until Shikaku Nara voiced his opinion, "I side with Tsunade on these terms."

"As do I." Chouza Akimichi agreed.

"Me too." Inoichi Yamanaka said.

"And me." Tsume Inuzuka added.

"I side with Tsunade as well." Shibi Aburame said.

"And so do I." Hiashi Hyuga finished.

Danzo frowned seeing Tsunade's supportive members of the clan heads were overpowering against his plot to get rid of Naruto but sighed, "The council approves of this request, only if Uzumaki Naruto leaves Konoha."

"And I will." Naruto frowned.

"Then you have exactly two days to leave. Your time starts now." Danzo said as the meeting ended.

Naruto without saying a word turned around and walked off while Tsunade wanted to go after Naruto, but Jiraiya held her back shaking his head signaling it probably wasn't best to go to him now.

That very night at Naruto musty old run down apartment room was packing just about the essentials he needed and wouldn't even bother leaving his apartment the next day otherwise it'd only give the village satisfaction of showing himself in public.

"All I've ever done, all the times I risked my ass for others, for this village comes down to me getting banned for something that wasn't my fault." He grumbled.

"Sucks doesn't it?" a demonic voice rang in his mind.

"Kyubi? I thought you would be sleeping."

"I was but all that ranting at the meeting woke me up."

"You do realize this is partially your fault."

"Oh sure blame me for everything that's happened." The fox replied sarcastically.

"Well hey if it weren't for you I wouldn't be treated like this."

"Think again Naruto, it's like you said to them they're biased towards anything different. Believe me I went from multiple vessels before you throughout the centuries and everyone treated the vessel I was sealed inside of like shit. It's because they're afraid."


"Yes, they know of your potential, and that's why they've suppressed all training and such from you because they feared if you ever knew how to completely harness my powers you may end up destroying them and what not."

"It never was in my plan to destroy anyone in the village, but after this I'd feel very tempted to. However that'll only prove them right."

"So what'll you do once you leave?"

"I don't know, but somewhere out there I'll find the answer."

The very next day Tsunade and Shizune had informed Naruto's friends and the Jonin of the situation and needless to say they were not happy at all. Shikamaru who many would've assumed was just too troublesome declared it as an outrage. Chouji was so mad he didn't even think of his stomach. Neji was appalled that the council would just do something like this to a Konoha shinobi who did nothing wrong through their eyes. Kiba was growling up a storm threatening to ring the council's necks but was held back by Shino. Lee was crying waterfalls seeing a fellow dead last who always pushed himself to his peak was getting banished and vowed to train stronger so that one day he'd be stronger for both their sakes.

Ino was outraged at what was happening to Naruto, because deep down she always did have a soft spot for him and he also loved to garden in his spare time and anyone who liked flowers were alright in her book. Tenten was enraged that the village she served would treat one of their own ninja like filth. After she saw Naruto defeat Neji in the Chunin Exams she'd grown to respect Naruto who fought hard against Neji even when the odds were against him. Hinata however was just crushed her one true love whom she'd watch from the sides for years had been banished from the village and she'd probably never see him again. But she knew she'd have to tell him before it was too late. But the most suffering out of them was Sakura who couldn't help but feel she was part at fault.

'If I hadn't made Naruto promise to bring Sasuke back they both wouldn't have gotten hurt and Naruto wouldn't be banished. What kind of comrade am I if I let my team fall apart?' she thought in sadness.

The Jonin weren't taking this too well either especially Kakashi, 'Sensei, I've failed to protect a comrade yet again. I'm so sorry.'

The group wanted to go to Naruto's to visit him but Tsunade warned them to not to go near him or the council may arrest them for trying to associate with a ninja about to be banished. Kiba ignored her pleas and tried anyway only to be blocked by several Anbu guards ordered by Danzo to keep anyone away from Naruto until he left tomorrow.

Soon the day had come and Naruto walked through the village ignoring the stares and insults that were thrown at him by the villagers. When he reached the gates he found his fellow genin, Konohamaru and his friends, the Jonin, Tsunade, Shizune, Jiraiya, Iruka, Teuchi, and Ayame waiting for him.

"Guys?" Naruto asked.

"We've come to see you off Naruto, we're sorry this came to it." Kakashi apologized.

"Whatevs." Naruto replied as he stood by the gate looking at everyone.

Shikamaru spoke, "I want you to know, we all know you did nothing wrong. If anything I should've taken the blame for letting us split up letting you to deal with Sasuke alone."

"I appreciate it Shikamaru, but you can't change what's happened." Naruto answered.

"I know, it'll troublesome around here without you despite what everyone else says." The Nara added.

"Thanks man." The two locked fists.

Chouji approached, "It won't feel the same not having my favorite eating partner with me."

"I'm sure you'll manage Chouji."

"Yeah, I'll have twice as much as I eat so it'll be like you never left." Chouji promised.

"You do that." Naruto smiled.

Ino approached, "I'm sorry this happened to you Naruto, you didn't deserve this."

"I know Ino, but what can ya do?"

Ino hugged him, "You be careful out there ok?"

"Yeah," Naruto nodded as he approached Kiba, "Afraid we'll never have that rematch Kiba."

"Well you'd probably beat me anyway." Kiba replied.

"Maybe, ya never know."

Shino approached, "I for one believe even if you are banished you will make something new of yourself."

"Thanks Shino, this has got to be the first real compliment you've given me." Naruto chuckled.

"I try."

Lee approached, "Naruto, I will miss you dear friend. For you and I are dead last's in arms."

"Thanks I think, but promise me you'll fulfill your dream and become a great ninja for all dead lasts sake."

"And I will." Lee gave him a thumb's up.

Naruto looked to Neji, "I'm sorry Neji, I'll never be able to change the Hyuga clan's ways now that I'm banished."

Neji shook his head, "No Naruto, for you've already helped mend the ways between the Hyuga clan when you've opened my eyes to the truth. I'll be the one to change my clan for the sake of both main and branch."

Naruto smiled, "I know you'll pull it off." He then went to Tenten.

"Sorry I didn't have as much time to get to know you Tenten."

"It's ok, I wished I'd gotten to know you a lot more too. Beating Neji and Gaara, whom I thought were unbeatable, proved to me that no matter what you should expect the unexpected. I honestly will miss you." She hugged him.

"Thanks." Naruto hugged her back and broke it before Hinata approached.

"Naruto…" she began.

"Sorry Hinata, I know how much of an inspiration I've been to you. And leaving has to be hard…"

"I just want you to know Naruto… I love you!" she exclaimed surprising everyone, "I love you so much, and you leaving means I'll never see if we were ever meant to be together! But I just had to let you know! I just had to!" she launched herself at Naruto planting her lips upon his own kissing him.

Naruto was shocked but didn't break contact while everyone else watching were shocked and surprised at her sudden boldness. When the two broke Naruto was lost for words, "Hinata, you… Now I get it, that's why you've been so into me." He chuckled.

"I know I should've come out and told you a long time ago, but I couldn't bring myself to do it before." Hinata drummed her fingers.

"Well better late than never huh?" he asked and she smiled with a nod.

Naruto noticed Sakura approach, "Naruto I'm sorry, if I hadn't made you promise to bring Sasuke back none of this wouldn't have happened."

"Stop it Sakura," Naruto replied, "This had nothing to do with the promise, I wanted to bring him back as well. Just promise me you'll get stronger so that you can protect the village and everyone where I couldn't."

"I will Naruto, I promise." Sakura said drying her eyes.

Naruto then approached his sensei, "Well Kakashi-sensei, I guess this is it."

"I'm sorry too Naruto. I should've known better than to trust Sasuke with my Chidori. Even though I've spent more time in training Sasuke I never did consider him my favorite."

"I know sensei, I know." Naruto answered.

He looked down seeing Konohamaru, Udon, and Moegi run up to him crying, "Aniki you can't go, what about our promise?!" Konohamaru cried.

"Sorry Konohamaru looks like it'll be up to you to become Hokage in my place." Naruto patted his head.

"I swear Naruto I will become the best Hokage there ever was for both of us!" the Sarutobi heir promised.

"And we'll be there to help him!" Moegi pumped a fist up.

"That's right." Udon nodded.

"Oh come here guys." He pulled the three into a group hug as they cried on him.

Naruto then stood up and approached Teuchi and Ayame, "Sorry guys, guess you won't be seeing me around the stand anymore."

"We will miss you Naruto, we've never had a customer as happy and excited about our food like you are," Teuchi said and thought, 'Damn village council, if I have to close up the shop with my number one customer leaving there will be hell to pay.'

Ayame hugged Naruto, "I'm sorry Naruto, you've always been like a little brother to me. I will miss you."

"Thanks Ayame-neesan." Naruto smiled as he approached Iruka.

"Naruto, no matter what happens I'm proud to have been your sensei." Iruka said choking back some tears.

"Thanks Iruka-sensei and here I want you to have this to remember me by." Naruto untied his headband and gave it to him.

"Naruto." Iruka gasped.

"Since I can't wear it anymore, and it was yours to begin with you should be the one to have it." Naruto answered.

"Naruto, I'll never forget you. Never." Iruka let some tears out.

Naruto then approached Jiraiya, "Ero-sennin I'm sorry this happened."

"I blame myself Naruto, I promised someone close to me that nothing would happen to you. But I failed him." Jiraiya sighed in guilt.

"For what it's worth I'm glad you got to train me, but I guess I should end my link with the toads huh?"

"Not necessarily, we can use them to keep in contact," he pulled out a scroll, "And here I want you to have this, it's something I was meant to give you when you were ready. Now's the time." he handed t to him.

"Thanks," Naruto said approaching Tsunade, "I'm sorry Baa-san, I know you came here to become Hokage thanks to me, and now that I'm leaving it'll seem all for not."

"No Naruto, I'm glad you did what you did bringing me back here," Tsunade began, "And one day I'm going to make the council pay and abolish the banishment of you so you can come home."

"I appreciate it, but I don't think it'll matter after all the villagers will never accept me even if the banishment was made null and void. But thanks anyway." He found himself pulled into an embrace by Tsunade who cried on his shoulder.

"Just promise me you'll be safe out there, because you're like family to me Naruto."

"Same here baa-san." Naruto smiled and suddenly found himself getting pecked on the forehead by her like before. When Tsunade finished she unzipped his jacket and looked at her grandfather's necklace.

"Continue to wear it with honor Naruto, and always remember there are those who love you." Tsunade shed some tears.

Naruto looked around seeing everyone smiling and assuring him that they'll always remember and care about him no matter what. Naruto smiled as he removed his orange jacket and tossed it aside.

"Thanks everyone, I'll never forget any of you. Goodbye." He turned and started walking. Soon his walking led to jogging and before you knew it he was running from the village without looking back as tears flowed down his face having finally unleashed all his bottled up emotions.

(And that's the chapter. It's not much now but there will be more to come. This is my first time doing a Naruto fic where the guy himself is banished, and I never thought I'd have the heart to write it. Now don't start jumping to conclusions or make accusations just yet because it just started. Even though this is the first time Naruto and Chronicle have been given a Fanfiction crossover I'm not a hundred percent sure how it'll go, but I'll do what I feel comes to me. See you all next time.)