This is my second story on the web and I hope you like it! This is pretty much The Hunger Games Titans Style. I'll be setting up a poll so you can choose who gets to play, who dies, and who wins!


Today was the day. They day of the reaping. You could see kids happily playing ball on the shore of the Titans Tower;scuh excitement in throwing that small ball back and forth. But for us Titans, there was nothing to be excited about. On this day, 24 unfortunate Titans will be chosen out of a black wicker basket to fight to the death in an arena. All of Jump City watches this event, after all, it's mandatory. Usually we just grit our teeth and wait for it to end. The only people that actually like watching it is the villains. Not anymore. This year there would be 12 heros and 12 villains. In exactly 12 hours the 24 would be whisked away to a far off arena, never to bee seen again. This was our last day of freedom-we'd better enjoy it while it lasts.

Sorry for the shortness! I'm making the poll right now so VOTE!