It is something that we all wish to achieve in life.

The perfect rose.

The perfect morning and love,

even the perfect child...

Long ago, I wished for such a thing, but then I noticed that all perfection is distorted but society.

Every time, there is something that is perfect, we grow greedy and end-up killing it with out imperfect hands that kill and murderer.

We are the killers of perfection...

All was silent in the morning, if a pin were to drop you would hear the impact.

The silence was sliced when the only two awake in the house sipped on their coffee's, that filled the air. The week had been normal with the killers, even with Tatsuki's due-date coming close and the stress the soon-to-be father was under, when it came to his wife. It made many in the house laugh at the sight of the Kuchiki, bending over backwards for the women as she struggled to make it to the kitchen. Every, five or ten minutes, he would ask ' Do you feel anything?'. Some would say it was love that caused the question to awaken in the man, but others would argue that it was Byakuya's excitement to see his unborn children.

A sigh left her lips as she looked out the window that framed the beauty of the morning. With it's sun peeking over the ocean, causing the sand to warm and the birds to chirp in the sky. It was a beautiful, Saturday morning. Her eyes went to the waves of water that crashed onto the sand, and the sand that flattened and became moist.

With her coffee in hand she smiled at the sight and leaned against the wall, her eyes never leaving the sight of the ocean and the awakening life. She admired the pom-tree's as they swayed with the wind, and the dew covered grass that shimmered in the day light that was covering it's territory. " Still staring at the sun-rise, I see, my love" was whispered in her ear. A blush swept across her cheeks at the voice, she peeled her eyes off the breath-taking sight and looked at the man beside her. His tanned skin that was like the waking sand, a smile bright enough to be the sun, touch as warm and smooth as the warming water.

She found herself leaning back into his board chest only to hear the strong beat of his heart, that was similar to the waves that crashed down on the sandy beach. Closing her eyes she thought of the wonders that he held, with his touch and voice. The mountains of tanned skin that she explored over and over again, strong arms that held her when she was blue and needed a hug, a smile that gave her happiness and brought memories back from the day she walked towards him in a sea of people, bright eyes like the purest oceans, hair that was perfect for the snow that fell in the winters. This was the way she saw her, husband. Not as a person who asked for her hand, but as a walking whirl of nature wrapped into one person.

Placing his mug on the counter he wrapped his arms around her slim waist, and drew circles on her bare flesh that was hidden from the house and his eyes " Some day" she whispered. His hand flattened on her stomach and a sigh left his lips " Some day..." she repeated, they wanted children but they both thought that it was better off to wait till, they were ready to be parents. There was time, and no need for a rush.

" Karin" he grinned as he held her, when her hands covered his and her eyes went back to the window he was puzzled. Never, did he see her so peaceful and calm. Usually she was filled with energy, which he would question where she would get it. " What are you thinking about?" he asked in her ear, causing her to shiver and chuckle softly.

Returning her eyes to the blackness of her eyes she thought of the day, they got married and all the thoughts her family had, when she was merely 18. " Remember when, everyone thought that we married for nothing but a pregnancy" she spoke, he tensed at the memory and glared at the sky for the words that entered his head. Everyone said, he was un-loyal, and that he was only marrying her because she was pregnant. Bunch of lies, he married because there was no one he would rather be with in the world. " My father was set on me being pregnant that he had me on vitamins and all that crap. Ichi-nii, wanted to murderer you, and Yuzu... made a babies room" she scowled at her families doing.

Their relationship was always joked upon with her family. Everyone thought that they would never last as a couple, and that they would break-up after a week or two, but they were wronged when months went by, then years and before they knew it, they were engaged and planning a wedding that her brother didn't really enjoy but had to live with since it made her happy.

" Maybe, it was my hair" he joked causing her to giggled and smile at the thought. Even though his hair was white as snow, and eyes of the ocean, many thought he was nothing but trouble. He was never accepted since people took one look at him, and thought he was a handsome troublemaker. In the past, he would wonder how he managed to find Karin, because of the swarm of girls who ran from him and hid with the 'good' guys at school. Then there was the famous, Koursaki Karin with her twin who was like the rest, but she waltzed in his life and stole his heart with her weird and random ways.

" If it was your hair, then my brother would have been a baby-daddy by now" Karin teased as she looked up into his bright blue eyes, causing her heart to quicken and her pulse to skip. " Perhaps, it was the fact that I was the only girl you got attached to" she remembered the days, and weeks it was just him and her alone. None of her friends came to her side at lunches, and no one approached them in the days, just because of his appearance and wondrous looks.

A yawn entered the room from the stairs, the two looked over to see Seanna with her long locks pulled back and her arms reaching as her muscles 'popped'. " Well, Good Morning to you, Seanna" Karin chuckled. Seanna groaned and shuffled towards the kitchen, letting her silky red night-gown flutter in her steps.

" Shut-up, Karin. It's too early, for that shit" she told the women as she poured herself a cup of coffee. Seanna was never a morning person, even as a child she hated the mornings and wanted the night to come so, she could sleep and never have to go to work or school, but she was never that lucky. When she looked at the couple with her tired eyes she smirked, as the caffeine touched her tongue and woke her senses " Trying to get the little silence of day, for your romantic moment?" she teased.

" It keeps the relationship fresh" a new voice interrupted. Looking to the stair that three were wide-eyed to see Tatsuki with her hand on her large stomach, and her bath-rob on her body. She groaned as she made it to the last step and began to wobble towards the kitchen for food or a drink, but not coffee since it was bad for her children " I swear, if Byakuya did that stuff more often, I wouldn't complain that much" she hissed as she rubbed her stomach.

" That's a lie, you would complain still, Tat-chan" the voice of Rukia was in her ears as she wobbled to the kitchen and got the orange juice for her morning drink. " Where is nii-sama?" Rukia asked as she looked around for her brother, he never left Tatsuki's side. Where was he?

Tatsuki smirked as she looked at the women on the steps, the sight of Ichigo not being present meant she got her fun teasing/ joking in this morning " In bed, the same reason why, Ichigo isn't up yet, either" if the room wasn't filled with dirty minds, no one would be blushing and looked at Rukia like she had six-heads.

" Ichigo's in the shower, Tatsuki" Rukia growled as she looked at the pregnant women.

Tatsuki shrugged as she thought of Byakuya as he slept in their room snoring loudly " I still tired your brother out last night" she smiled as Rukia's eyes widen. " He was up, all night" she added. It was an evil plan but it was going to make her happy, and not think of her large stomach or her swollen feet and aching back.

The room went silent once again, until a gasp entered the room " Why is the floor wet?" Orhime asked, she had woken up just a minute ago and now, she was stepping in a wet substance. What was it? " W-Who was the jerk who spilled water and never cleaned it up!" she exclaimed.

Everyone looked at each other trying to find the person, but no one spoke up. " Someone wake up, Byakuya" was heard from Tatsuki as she looked down at her bath-rob, her eyes wide and her skin pale.

" Why? What's wrong, Tatsuki-chan?" Orhime asked as she glared at the water on the floor.

" I-I think my water broke" a gasp was heard in the room from Rukia who was next to Ichigo in the kitchen. Tatsuki didn't look at her but she knew there was a smile on her lips. Tatsuki stared at the dampness of her rob and then to the puddle, she didn't notice that her water broke until Orhime yelled.

" NII-SAMA!" Rukia squealed as she bolted up the stair towards the room were her brother was. Without a second thought she slammed the door open to see her brothers snoring body spread across the bed. " Wake up!" she yelled as she leaped onto the bed.

Byakuya groaned at her actions and grabbed a pillow from behind his head, only to hit her in the head " Go away" he growled. He was exhausted. Tatsuki had him working all night, getting her food, drinks and driving to get her fast-foods, she was lucky he loved her and didn't drive off when she demanded KFC.

" BYAKUYA FUCKING KUCHIKI! GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED NOW!" was heard from downstairs causing him to roll out of bed and onto the floor with a 'thud'. A groan left his lips as he slipped on his jeans and a shirt. " God damn, women. Always needing somethin-" he murmured as he stormed out of the room with his sister hot on his trail.

When he entered the kitchen he noticed the group of killers hustled around his wife, when he noticed Amelia and Felicity were helping her towards the front door and telling her to take deep breathes, he got the idea of what was happening. " H-Her water broke" he whispered as he tried to get through the herd of killers. When he got to her side, he grabbed her hand and squeezed it softly " Let's get those three out" he whispered in her ear before tugging her towards the door.

As they made it to the van, Tatsuki got into the back while Amelia, Felicity, Ichigo, Rukia, climbed into the van with her. Byakuya was in the back holding her hand and whispering sweet things to her as the van drove down the road. " It'll be okay" she heard from the man beside her as she held her breath and held a small pain in her stomach. She was ready to see her kids, but she was afraid of what was going to happen during and after their birth.

Where they healthy?

Did they have all their toes and fingers?

Are they all alive and properly developed?

Did they have illnesses?

There were so many things she questioned and feared to hear, for her sake and Byakuya's sake. She knew how badly he wanted to have children with Hisana, but couldn't because of her passing and enable to have a child. Now, that he was getting three all at once , he must be on cloud nine. Just thinking about how happy his ex-wife, would have been if she were here to see this.

Tatsuki found herself bowing her head at the thoughts that were in her mind. She always thought as herself as a replacement, to Hisana for her husband but she never really cared. Why did she now? Maybe, it was because she was going to be a mother and make him a father, or perhaps, she was just trying to cloud her thoughts of her children being unhealthy out of her mind. Either way, she never saw it like that, she thought that she was different than the women and that she was someone who mended his heart after the lose. " Honey, are you okay?" she heard from the side.

She looked over into his grey orbs and noticed the fear and worry that was in them. It was the first time, she actually saw him like this in front of others. Usually, it was just her he would show his emotion, but she wasn't going to complain because it made her feel important. It was what she needed the most from him, right now. " Are you ready?" she whispered.

He leaned down and kissed her softly before smiling and kissing her stomach " Most definitely. I can't wait to see, what we created together" he whispered. Rukia watched from the front, Ichigo looked at the way she was looking and covered her eyes quickly trying to give the two privacy.

" Ichigo" she whimpered as she looked at the dark. She had never seen the two like that, she always saw them either teasing each other or silent but never like that... so in love. She wanted to see more than, what she had seen.

" Give them some privacy, after today they won't get a lot of it" he told her, when she stopped whining and complaining he released her. " For now, little ant, just leave them be and enjoy their moments together" he whispered in her ear.

" Argh, you're such a tool sometimes" Rukia smiled as she pushed him away from her.

Ichigo kissed her soft cheek and smiled at her comment. He loved her playful and rude side, it was different than others and the way some girls acted with him " You know, you love it" he chuckled.

" Yes, I do" she chirped in his ear.

Once getting to the hospital Tatsuki was taken into the delivery room, and Byakuya was left out in the hallway to worry. Eyes went back and forth as they watched the man pace, and mutter things that could go wrong. The killers that watched him were getting annoyed with the soon-to-be father, since he was doing nothing but worrying.

Rukia growled as she looked at her brother, she wished he would calm down and sit down, like everyone that was there with them. Her violet orbs burned as she followed his pacing feet, and looked at his clammy hands. It was the first time, she had seen her brother in such a state. " Nii-sama, you need to chill" she growled.

" What if one doesn't make it? Perhaps, something goes wrong and I lose all four. I can-" Rukia leaped at her brother causing him to fall to the floor with a thud. She grabbed the collar of his shirt and glared into his eyes.

" Would you shut the hell up! It's going to be fine, now be quiet before I cut your tongue out" she exclaimed causing people to look at her with frightened looks and worry for what she had just said.

Ichigo looked at the two with a smirk on his lips, he knew that his petite girlfriend couldn't hold her anger well and was going to blow at the man sooner or later. He stood and gripped her waist, trying to ply her from her brother before there was more blood in the hospital. " Rukia, now, you need to chill" he whispered in her ear as he sat down with her in his arms.

All was silent in the hospital until the sound of crying entered the halls. When a women with a scrub on her body and blood on her hand appeared everyone stood " Is there a Kuchiki, here?" she asked as she looked at the people.

Byakuya stood with a worried look in his eyes " Ah, that would be me" he told her, with a hand she waved him into the hallway for privacy.

" That's not good" Felicity said as she watched the two disappear. Rukia looked at the women with her bright eyes, only to get a sigh since she was confused " Usually, when the man or husband are dragged out in private. Either someone didn't make it, or something it wrong with the person. It's common sense" just by her words, the brightness in the violet eyes went dull and went to the doorway to see her brother and the doctor.

" Nii-sama?" she whispered as the doctor dragged the worried man away towards the room, where Tatsuki was.

She was worried that there was something wrong, something that was terribly wrong with his children. Wasn't there enough horror in his life? He lost his first wife, then having to start all over again. Now, he was happy and ready for his children and there may be something wrong. Why him?

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