Chapter 1: The books appear AN: I am not the author of these books: Angels & Demons, The DaVinci Code, and The Lost Symbol. I am also not the creator of Robert Langdon or any other characters created by Dan Brown. I also do not own Big Time Rush. All I own are the following characters: Courtney Davis, Rachel McKuin, Mary-Grace Smith, Kalyn Weeks, and Mike Holt.
AN 2: Enjoy!

The head of Harvard University was sitting at his desk when his secretary handed him his mail. Most of it were acceptance letters from the students who were coming next fall. He put those in a separate stack from the rest. Then he found the bills and put those next to the acceptances. All that was left was one ominous letter with no return address.
Mike Holt Harvard University Boston, Massachusetts Mike took his letter opener and slit the envelope open. He unfolded the letter and read:
Dear Mr. Holt,
I know that you might find this letter strange, but Professor Langdon hasn't told you everything. To tell you the whole truth instead of the half-truths he's been telling you, I have sent three books that tell of his adventures when he's not in your school teaching your students. No I have not sent them to you, I have sent them to a group of friends who will be here by tomorrow, if they follow the directions I have sent them. You will read them together. Here is a list of people who will be there, yes you will have to meet the ones who are not at Harvard at the JFK Airport:
Robert Langdon Vittoria Vetra Sophie Neveu Peter Solomon Gustavo Rocque Kelly Wainright Jennifer Knight Kendall Knight Katie Knight Logan Mitchell James Diamond Carlos Garcia Courtney Davis Rachel McKuin Mary-Grace Smith and Kalyn Weeks.
You will start reading when the mentioned people are in your office. P.S.: Beware of the teenagers and the red-heads.
As he puzzled over the post-script, Mike Holt grabbed the phone to place a call with his current Religious Symbology professor.