September 30th, 10 at night, the soft, pitter patter of rain tapping across the shingles of the roof. A sign that Summer, was now finally over, and winter was rolling it's way on over.

Though it was cold, neither of the two cared—They were unaffected, safe inside the confines of their home, or even more important, each other's arms. It was quiet, the only sounds being heard were faint breathing and heartbeats, and every so often, the crackle of the fire once the flames began to lift.

Which at the moment, was all they needed.

Eyes began to droop close as their visions fogged—Both drawing down to the exhaustion of the day, yet, neither wanted to leave for rest. Not yet.

It was too early.

The 30th being the day of the younger one's birth they had celebrated—It was only them, though. They went out for dinner, danced in the rain, sung even—Just, let themselves loose…and now, it was late, and they were ending the day off with quiet, heart warming comfort.

Stretching his arms out just slightly the blonde's head tilted back up against the brunette's chest, eyes slipping shut as a small, relaxed sigh passed his lips.

Tonight, they would rest easy…

Neither could have asked for a better day, dinner out—It wasn't fancy, but it wasn't inadequate either, and the food was good. Which really, that was all that mattered.

They'd walked home, hand in hand, just as the rain began to fall—Though, neither were effected by it, and went along their way. Steps were light, smiles were bright—And eventually hands dropped, though, only for the smaller of the two to run off a little ahead, a bounce in his step as he spun around to face the elder, features bright as his head tilted up and arms stretched out, the boy moving in small circles and letting the rain pour down over them.

And soon, the other boy had joined him in this fun.

Neither could explain it—What suddenly came over them for such childish acts, though, did it really matter?

Of course not.

Now, there they were, both close to their limit as their relaxation was to the couch, the dim lit room warm and creating a sort of comfort zone for the two.

"You know…You have something of mine."

The silence was broken—But it wasn't bad, and the blonde kept his voice low, eyes still shut as his head was propped against the elder's chest, arms atop the other's own.

"Have I now?"

Letting loose a small, sleepy chuckle the brunette's head ducked down, nose burying itself to the other's mess of hair, chocolate hues soft, though clouded with sleep.

"Mm…It's kind of important, but I think you handle it better."

"That so? And what is this, that I have taking?"

"My heart."