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He was the best. He was always more elite, more advanced, surpassing even his upperclassmen. He was always in the lead. Nobody beat him. Nobody. So why did Sasuke feel like such a loser when he was called down to the principals office? Apparently, for a favor. He assumed it to be another request from a college, a scholarship perhaps. But as it turns out, he was sadly mistaken.

"Sasuke Uchiha, glad to see you finally decided to arrive." Their principal, Tsunade, announced. Hoping everyone would understand the sarcasm and anger in her voice, the Uchiha was always late for everything, class, orientation, even going home for dismissal.

Sasuke rolled his eyes, before scanning the room to see that he was not alone. In that office stood what he liked to call, The Losers. But that wasn't really saying much, because to Sasuke, everyone who wasn't him was a loser.

He eyed them carefully, Stoner, Dyke, Dumbass, Loser, Kissass, Dick, Goth, Fag, and Bitch.
He didn't know their any of their names, but their presumable status made it unnecessary to. Everyone knew the Athletes, Outcasts, Preps, Artists, and finally, his own group, Pops.
The most popular kids in the school, who were somewhat near Sasuke's league, were the popular jerks, who got exceptional grades and didn't bat an eye at anyone. Too infatuated with their own lives to acknowledge others.

The rest looked mildly offended while he personally scrutinized them all from his place near the door. Hinata looked down to her feet, the large office suddenly becoming very crowded and the air getting stuffy. She needed her asthma inhaler. Or maybe to be locked alone in her room, yeah that would do it. She couldn't be around people, she could barely stand being in the same room for an hour with them so close to her in class, but she had been here for ten minutes, waiting for the damn bastard to arrive so the principal could finally tell them what she has called them in for.

With her pale eyes she watched her classmates and their reactions to Sasuke. She knew most of them since primary school. Hinata had a great perceptual abilities, after all. She was unbiased, timid, and a loner. Nobody knew her, and she was perfectly content with it. She didn't want her name out there, what with her cousin's popularity already putting her as either "Neji's cousin" or "That one chick who's related to Hyuuga". There was her cousin Neji, perhaps the person she knew best out of everyone here. He was a Prep, and excelled in everything he did. Neji wore only the nicest clothes, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and Calvin Klein. He scored one of the highest grades in every mid-term they have. And always paints that fake, obliged smile on his pale face. Because her cousin may seem like a sweet guy who cares greatly for the entire school, but its all a fucking act. Because he was the biggest jerk ever, probably worse than Sasuke. And she knew it all too well.

The only other person in his social status was Sakura, the preppy, attention seeking, superficial sweetheart of the entire school. She was every teacher's pet. President of the Student Body, Key Club, Student Council, Head Cheerleader, Chorus, Drama and just about any other academic activity. Sakura won every lead role in every musical, she was an actress and a damn good one at that. She may seem sincerely sweet with all her kind words and school spirit. But anyone who wasn't completely blind could tell it was just to get her picture in the yearbook -which she was also an editor for- as many times as possible.

Sakura must've noticed her staring, because she scoffed. Who did this girl think she was? Just because she was related to her social partner, doesn't mean she'd let her get away with it. Hinata was probably so jealous of Sakura, but who wasn't? She was the cutest, smartest, nicest girl in this school. Sakura shook her head as she looked Hinata up and down, ew.

Why would she wear a bulky sweater that was too big for even Choji? It only looked worse on her small, short body. Giving off the impression she had no figure under all that cloth. But much to Sakura's dismay, she did. As much as she hated to admit it Sakura was actually a little envious of the loner's body. Hinata had full breasts and a curvy frame. It made Sakura extremely insecure-what was she saying? Hinata was a loser, an outcast. She was the kind of person to skip class to hide in the library and eat lunch in the bathroom. Freak.

Her eyes then drifted off to the other person near Hinata's level. Shikamaru Nara. Sakura knew something about nearly everyone. But she barely got any information on the Outcasts. Who were either loners, or stoners. Shikamaru being the latter. As far as she knew, he skipped school for the majority of the year, and the few times he actually did come he just skipped class to smoke on the rooftop. She had no idea why though, his life seemed nice enough. He was never really distressed in middle school, so why the drugs? Maybe it was just the peer pressure, or desire to fit in. He didn't want to be a loner like the Hyuuga.

Shikamaru met eyes with her and sucked his teeth, looking away to something a bit more..fuller. Ino. Ino Yamanaka was probably the only girl here who he could just barely tolerate. She was pretty, intelligent, and sharp. The only thing bothering him would be that she was a total bitch. She was mean to everyone, even the teachers, always correcting their mistakes. Nothing like Sakura who only kissed ass. Ino didn't care about anyone or thing, except herself. She was self-centered, but at least she was straight about it, unlike Sakura. Regardless, she was rude, condescending, and snobby. Sure she didn't dress as nicely as Sakura, but she wore some provocative ass clothing for someone who was supposedly a virgin. My ass. That girl probably gave more head than Karin. Oh damn, he was assuming shit again, time to smoke another blunt. He had to calm down. When the fucking hell is the bitch principal planning to start talking?

Temari noticed his irritations and smirked whispering to him, "Calm down stud, this'll be over soon. Then you can roll all the joints you want."

Shikamaru frowned, was every blonde here a bitch? Troublesome.

Kiba watched and snickered, damn that woman. She was seriously was in his classification. She was an Artist. But not in the literal artistic sense, she was more in the performing arts, music. She played a wide variety of instruments, as he always saw her tuning her guitar, or adjusting the reed on her saxophone. She even beatboxed. While he wasn't exactly close with her, he could make a pretty accurate guess that she thought she was more talented than the entire band. But, he had to admit. She fucking was. That girl could harmonize any two instruments in her sleep. And her voice wasn't half bad either. She could probably beat Sakura in a solo if she wanted to. But Temari liked being heard through her equipment better. Not that she didn't like talking, Temari loved talking. She also wasn't afraid to speak her mind, ever. And he admired that, but sometimes, she just needed to shut up.

Tenten tapped her foot impatiently, she got pulled out of gym for this? How she'd much rather be outside, running, jumping, doing pushups even. Anything to get out of here. Maybe she'd throw a football to Naruto once she got out. Naruto. She looked at him. He was probably the nicest guy here. And also the dumbest..seriously, Naruto made Kiba look smart. However what he lacked in grades, he made up for in athletics. Naruto was the best athlete of the school, everyone loved him. Well, almost everyone. But majority of people liked him, Tenten loved him. He was the only guy to keep up with her at track, basketball, and soccer. Naruto didn't really do skateboarding like her. But he was still really good at every sport. Water polo, baseball, and football. Especially football. It's what made him, him. Its what makes him the superstar jock of the school. Naruto Uzumaki, Konoha High's best receiver. He was unstoppable when he was in the game.

Tenten made sure to watch all his practices and games. She adored the game, the sweat on either side of her cheek, that pain you get when you can't even walk anymore because every inch of your body hurts. But the coach would never let her play, fucking Gai. Just because she was a girl, Naruto even advised her to stay away.You'll get hurt. Just because she was of the XX chromosome, people thought they could decide what was safe and what wasn't for her to do. When she gets into the olympics, she's going to rub it all in their fucking faces that gender doesn't have shit to do with anything. She remembered she once pretended to be a new guy, tucking her buns behind her beanie, under the helmet. And they let her play for a while, until some douche decided to tackle her when she wasn't paying attention and knocked the helmet right off of her, resulting in a near concussion, and automatic prohibition of the football fields. After getting laughed at by Sakura and her pansy cheer squad, she ran home. But not before giving Sakura a little beating, broken up by her fellow cheerleaders. Bitches.

Neji huffed, they had just spent the last two minutes just looking at eachother. What the hell was taking her so long? Why could she just tell us what was going on? He could tell everyone else was getting antsy too. Even Kiba started growling. What a dog. That was all he did, pant, growl, bark, and paint. All his paintings and drawings were probably just about dogs, or bones, or sticks. He cleared his throat, this had gone alone far too long.

"Begging your pardon Principal Tsunade, but what exactly have you summoned us for?"

Tsunade unfolded her hands, good everyone was getting reacquainted with one another. Now she'd lay it on them flat.

"This entire school's social system has gone corrupt,"

Everyone knew what she was referring to, The Akatsuki. The gang of seniors who practically owned the school.

"Contrary to what you're all thinking, its not about the gangs. But rather the social groups which this school is characterized in."

They all furrowed their brows, not Akatsuki? Why? Nearly every problem was on them.

"You all self characterize yourselves into five distinguishable groups."

"Athletes," her eyes swung to Naruto and Tenten.

"Outcasts," she glared at Hinata, who looked down, and Shikamaru who rolled his eyes.

"Preps," she smiled slightly at Neji and Sakura, who phonily returned it.

"Populars," she glanced slightly annoyed at Ino and Sasuke.

"And Artists." she finished, resting her eyes on Temari and Kiba. She looked up at all of them. "Now, while you all may not realize it, you're all just hurting yourselves with this. I can assure none of you are genuinely happy. You're all a bunch of hormonal teenaged brats with no appreciation to one another. That's why to fix this, we're combining two of the best examples of your status. So each of you can get along, and hopefully the entire school will follow a suit and everyone will be happy."

Her eyes got hard as her voice firmly continued, "Now listen up, because I'm only saying this once. There will be absolutely no switching partners, or dropping the program. This is a grade, you need this to graduate."

Grunts and gasps were heard all around the room, as she began.

Sakura tried calming herself down, no biggie. She'd just be friends with whoever was assigned with her, she'd done it to almost everyone. But she had to make sure they didn't exceed her in anything, because everything was a competition to Sakura. Everything. Ino the beauty, Shikamaru the intelligence, Sasuke the GPA, Hinata the body, Tenten the athleticism, Temari the voice, Naruto the popularity, Neji the peppiness and Kiba the-

"Sakura Haruno of the Preps, and Kiba Inuzuka of the Artists. You two have exactly until the end of the semester to get to know one another and fully understand each other. Make friends with her friends, and vice versa. Try to see what they see. Goodluck. Same goes for all of you."

Sakura stood frozen, not dogboy. She could swear she saw Neji smirk from the corner of her eye, bastard.

She eyed Kiba, he wasn't ugly or anything. He just wasn't popular..or was he? She never really thought anyone was popular other than the Pops and the Preps. Oh well, she could pretend.

"Hi Kiba! Glad to see we're partners." she smiled, sticking her hand out.

Kiba shook it, smiling back, "Likewise Sakura."

Sasuke was stoic on the outside, but on the inside he was thanking every god he'd ever heard of for not putting Sakura with him. He knew Ino couldn't be put with him, so it was either the dyke, loser, or goth. Either way, the options still sucked.

"Shikamaru Nara of the Outcasts and Temari Sabaku of the Artists. Work together to discover things you've never imagined."

The response was immediate, "Why me?! This losers nowhere near my level, I'd rather have the prep!" Temari screamed. She was a Senior, no reason to be spending time with these loser Sophomores.

"Don't flatter yourself cupcake, I'm not all that excited either." he scoffed.

Tsunade scowled, "Pipe down you two, the decision is final."

They both turned the other cheek.

"Ino Yamanaka of the Populars, and Naruto Uzumaki of the Athletes. Hopefully, Ino can knock some intelligence into your idiot skull before you fail your sophomore year, and subsequently Naruto will help you loosen up." She glared at them both.

Naruto wasn't complaining, Ino was hot. Putting on a warm smile, he stuck his hand out. "Hi, glad to hear we're partners."

Ino looked at his hand, his face, and examined his whole body. Disgusting.

She never did shake his hand.


"Neji Hyuuga of the Preps, and Tenten Kato of the Athletes. Do what you will."

Fuck. Of course he would end up with her, whatever it was better than his cousin. They were the only Juniors here anyway.

"Hello, nice to meet you." he stuck his hand out like a gentleman and smiled.

But Tenten wasn't stupid, it was always the same fucking shit with the preps. Having enough experience with Sakura. She flicked him off, mimicking the same smile.

Sasuke and Hinata both had epiphanies, they were the only two left, it was inevitable that they were going to end up together, they kept on praying otherwise though.

"And finally, Sasuke Uchiha of the Populars, and Hinata Hyuuga of the Outcasts. You guys might thank me for this later."

Thank her? The Hyuuga's were the family that his father hated, despised with a passion. Their families were always at each others throats. Trying to be better than the other.

Sasuke smirked, "Are our parents aware of this?"

Hinata kept holding her breath, nice one Sasuke. You may be a dick, but you sure are smart. Once our parents know, they'll pull us out of this partnership, and maybe even the program altogether.

The Principal shook her head in unadulterated rage, these kids were trying her.
"No, infact, I want you all to keep this experiment a secret, think of it as a mission. And if you fail to accomplish it, you're all being expelled and failed."

Everyones eyes widened even Shikamaru's. Failing? For what? Not being friends with someone they never wanted to be with? Thats some bullshit. Sasuke glared at his partner.

Hinata finally came out of her panicked daze, and decided it be rude if she didn't introduce herself. But her voice still failed her, "My names Hi-hi-hi-"

His eyes narrowed further each time she stuttered.

"Hi-hi-hi!" Sasuke mocked obnoxiously before snapping, "Are you having a fucking orgasm?"

Everyone either laughed or glared, dick. Even those that laughed felt a little bad.

Hinata tried "S-sorr-"

"Shut up."

Neji grit his teeth, he may not like his cousin all that much. But only he got to verbally abuse her. Not some loser family rival.

"Enough!" Tsunade roared, "The decision is final, and if you even think about asking me to reconsider, you're all getting detentions."

"What if our partner hates us?"

"What if we're not allowed to even talk to our partners?"

"W-what if our partner scares us?"

"What if our partners a bitch?"

"What if our partners disgusting?"

"WHAT IF YOU ALL GET FUCKING DETENTION?" The principal's voice boomed again. "Detention. All of you. Today, 2:10 till 4.00. Now get the hell out of my office."

She didn't have to ask twice, those kids ran out of there faster than a fire drill, when everyone was dying to go outside. Tsunade prayed silently, hoping this would work.

Next chapter will be detention :D

Well um, I just finished watching High School Musical, and I got this idea. My favorite couple is Chad and Taylor, (Corbin Bleu and Monique Coleman.) The Jock and Smartie.
Too cute, I kinda made an imitation out of Naruto and Ino's relationship.


I got the idea when they were singing about sticking to the status quo. The groups were a parody of the groups at my school, Popular bastards who think they're hot shit and get the fucking best grades ever. Artists who spend all their time in the band room and art studio. Outcasts that either smoke and don't give a shit or loners who are too scared of people. Preps who are nice to everyone, just for college and their reputations. And Athletes who literally breath sports, they're so hard to beat at anything D:

What are you guys? I'm somewhat a mix, I'm a weirdo. Like, I'm nice to everyone who deserves it, which is basically everyone in my book, because no one deserves to be treated like shit. And I do very well in school, and I read and write more fanfiction than I do work in History. And I like art, and all my teachers. And they like me :D But i'm so so bad at band. I took it last year and if it weren't for the teacher not giving a shit, I would've failed it. Because I couldn't play the flute if my life depended on it. Needless to say, the end of the year concert was a disaster. I guess some people just don't have rhythm, BUT I CAN DANCE ;D
And umm what else..I'm good at track and volleyball. So yea, a mix of everything. But regardless to them, there ARE some really cool people in those groups. This guy sits next to me in math and he's fucking hilarious and really kind. He's a Popular kid. I know a few preps who are honestly kind to the bottom of their hearts. And the loners and stoners are one of if not the chillest people I know at the school. They don't give 2 fucks about anything. The athletes are also extremely friendly, though very competitive. But thats ok, I don't like it when people go easy on me out of sympathy. And the band geeks are the fucking horniest fucks out there, kinky ;)
No but I pretty much like everyone.

I basically picked Ino and Sasuke as the role of the Populars, because A. Sexy ass mother fuckers. and B. They're smart as hell. They just seem like the mean type, ya know?
Sakura and Neji were the Preps, because they're also really smart, but I feel they're more kiss ups and bright.
Hinata and Shikamaru were the Outcasts, offuckingcourse. Hinata's too shy and afraid to go to class, and Shikamaru doesn't give a fuck and skips school to smoke.
Naruto and Tenten are the Athletes, Naruto just looks like the Jock type to be good at sports, football. And is sweet and stupid. Tenten is a tomboy who likes sports and being outside.
And finally Temari and Kiba as the Artists. I always kinda imagined Temari being that tough rocker type of badass chick, you know, leather jacket, boots, idk, i think it fits her well. And Kiba is that sweet cool guy who's just always happy, and has amazing artistic abilities.

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