Minato Namikaze was a man of pride, honor, and discipline, as was expected by the respected mayor of the city. That being said, it was important that no one taint his name. Unfortunately, being the father of two teenage boys made that nearly impossible, what with Nagato getting in trouble with the law, and Naruto's constant insubordination during school. But of all the times he'd been disappointed in them, this was probably the greatest.

In fact if it weren't for them, he wouldn't be in the police station at four in the morning.

What was it with these boys and forgetting about the consequences? What ever happened to all the times he'd been compassionate and caring while raising them? It was like as soon as they hit fourteen they were completely different people.

Minato eyed the oldest once more. Even though Nagato wasn't his biological son and rather his wife's cousin's orphaned child, he still raised him like one of his own. He had warned him about the dangers of drugs and gangs, but of course that didn't stop him from creating his own and becoming a habitual stoner. He had no respect for his own body to be polluting it with all those toxins, not to mention the external damage he'd done. Nagato's body was littered in tattoos and piercings, all with out either of his parents' consent.

He forced himself to look away, that boy was frequently in trouble, he'd deal with him later. But now, he was evaluating his flesh and blood's choices. Naruto was raised better.

"What do you have to say for yourself, young man?"

He looked down from his father's stern gaze, unable to meet his eyes. Instead, Naruto looked over at his friend, being in the same boat and all.

Sasuke could feel the idiot's eyes on him, but he couldn't really do anything about it. They got caught, all of them. Well, the ones that didn't run away fast enough or were too drunk to realize what was going on. He blamed his brother and his dumb party. If it weren't for Itachi, Hinata wouldn't be forbidden from seeing him. Her dad wouldn't have bitched at his dad, and basically he wouldn't be in the deepest shit right now.

Hiashi literally flipped his shit at both Hinata and Neji, something about disgracing him and lying about a science project in order to go to that party. It didn't help that he found out about Tenten and Neji's partner-fling.

Fugaku scowled down at his sons, he didn't have the heart to arrest them and it was jeopardizing his job. It was downright embarrassing to be the chief of police and having kids like this.

He was greatly upset with Itachi, his firstborn was supposed to be just like his father and become interested in law enforcement. He was supposed to graduate highschool and then attend college, later returning to serve for this town's crime, not encourage it. Sasuke was another story, he was never really pleased with anything he did, but it didn't stop him from being disappointed in his aswell.

Fugaku looked away, and started walking towards a backdoor, muttering,

"Follow me."

Naruto watched as the two dark-haired boys left the room, later turning his attention to his almost girlfriend and partner, Ino.

She was getting lectured by her father, but didn't look at all interested in what he was saying. And she looked so cute still wearing his sweatshirt. He'd given it to her to cover herself when they heard the police sirens.

Naruto remembered having to watch Kiba and Sakura's mom fight over who's child was wrong for being reckless.

"This is completely inappropriate behavior young lady.." Her dad had said more, but she wasn't really paying much attention. This wasn't something new. Plus, Ino was already in a bad mood.

"Yeah," she nodded, looking up at him idly.

Inoichi fisted his hands in his pockets, she just didn't understand. His daughter needed to learn that every action she did right now will affect her future.

"Honestly Ino, you're too smart for this."


He pinched the bridge of his nose, just about as annoyed as she was. He was too lenient, had to enforce stricter rules.

"You're grounded."

Ino's dull expression bloomed into something a little more heated, "What?"

"Grounded. For the rest of the school year." He repeated, staring down at her disbelieving face. "I'm not kidding Ino, now get in the car."

"You can't tell me what to do, you're not the boss of me." She fought, raising her voice and getting everyone's attention.

Her father gave her a moment to realize just how dumb that was. She wasn't eighteen yet, he technically was, in every respect, the boss of her. And could, in fact, tell her what to do. It's not like she even cared how dumb that sounded, she wasn't going to let him take over her life. "I'm not going anywhere with you."

He frowned, why did she have to be so difficult. "Good job, now your grounding has been extended to the summer."

And if people weren't looking at them already, they would be when she screamed.

"I hate you!"

Inoichi tensed at the sudden outburst and gazes all directed to him and his daughter acting like a spoiled five-year-old little girl. "Calm down, Ino." He whispered sternly.

"No, shut up, I hate you."

He should've been used to it by now, but every time he heard her say that she hated him, it hurt. "Ino, please, just get in the car."

Naruto felt it was his turn to step in, "Take it easy Ino-"

"No, fuck you." She turned to him, before pulling his oversized sweatshirt off of her body and throwing it at him. Ino stood there dressed solely in shorts and a bandeau.

"Ino! Get in the car right now!" Her dad commanded, following close behind her as a way to cover her indecent body from strangers and their leering eyes.

Naruto leaned down to pick up the uncaught garment, and when he looked back at his dad he froze. He was livid.

"Who was that?" Minato nodded towards the door that Ino just exited from.

His son shrugged, "I don't know."

"Oh?" He said, "So why did she have your sweater?"

Naruto looked down at the orange fabric sheepishly, "It's uh, a sweatshirt actually."

When he looked back up at his dad he wasn't amused with his little joke, he had his eyes closed for along time before replying. "I'm going to ask you this one more time, do you know that girl?"

"I mean," he avoided eye contact with him, "I've might've seen her around, or something."

This was hopeless, why couldn't his son just give him a straight answer? He resorted to asking his other son, "Nagato, do you know her?"

Said boy frowned, his name was Pein. Naruto looked at him pleadingly, begging him with his eyes not to tell. He knew he looked up to him like an older brother and he couldn't just break bro-code like that. Pein played dumb. As if still high, he chuckled,


Pein felt it was the least he could do, I mean, the entire akatsuki probably hated him now. As their leader he was supposed to make sure nobody got caught or whatever. Konan probably wouldn't want to talk to him after this.

Minato was then faced with an ultimatum; he could either submit to his anger and kill them both or wait until he cooled down a bit to properly punish them.

"Go outside, the two of you are walking home."

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