Annabeth wondered. How was his life after they split? Was he thinking of her like she was thinking of him? And who was the grey eyed girl thinking of? Perceus Jackson, the boy with sea green eyes and wild black hair, of course. She shook her head and looked up to the front of the class, where Mr. Brunner was talking to his Greek class about their new assignment.

"It will be mainly focused on the Greek gods. All you have to do is choose a Greek god or goddess you would like to learn about. Gain as much information as you can on that particular god and turn that knowledge into writing or art; all it has to be is presentable. You will have a partner from Ms. Greyson's Greek class, which we have already chosen. We have changed your schedules a tad bit so you can work with your partner at school. If you wish, you may choose a different god than your partner, but you must still work together. This project must be done in two weeks. Alright then, to the partnerships." Mr. Brunner took a sheet of paper from his desk and starting reading out names.

Annabeth paid no attention, as the names he were calling didn't belong to her.

"Annabeth Chase and Perseus Jackson."

Great. Out of all the people she could be paired up with, it had to be him, someone she didn't exactly have a good history with. The bell rang and Annabeth grabbed her books, making her way to her locker. She checked and double checked to make sure she had her binders before heading out the door and climbing into her mother's car.

"Guess what, I got Jackson as my Greek project partner. And you know what? Mom helped choose partners." Annabeth grumbled.

Her brother raised an eyebrow and took a sip of his Coca Cola before speaking. "Greek partner, eh? I got Drew. She's probably going to paint her nails and sip lemon tea while I do all the work."

"At least she's not as bad as Percy, Malcom."

"C'mon, Annie. He's just an ex-boyfriend."

Annabeth tensed up. She was just about to punch Malcom when their mother opened the car door.

"Sorry, I'm late, I had to finish marking one last worksheet for my Greek class."

Percy wanted to scream. Today he would have to start on his project with Ananbeth. But how was he supposed to work with her when he didn't have the guts to talk to her? Now that was what you called a problem. He sighed and walked to Goode, which was a good distance from his apartment.

That day, he did what he normally did; he did his work, he looked at Annabeth, he ate lunch, and oh, of course, he looked at Annabeth. When Greek came, he couldn't even walk in the door. His feet were frozen. He only moved when people started complaining and when he noticed a line behind him. He took a seat at one of the many desks.

"Alright everyone, please settle down and start working on you're projects." Mr. Brunner called out.

Percy felt a tap on his shoulder, so he turned around, and there was Annabeth Chase, holding out her hand to shake.

"Hello. You're Perceus Jackson, right? Well I'm Annabeth Chase." She simply said.

"Yeah, I'm Perceus Jackson, alright. But please, call me Percy." He shook her hand.

Now he had a second chance, and he was determined to make her see Percy Jackson, not Prissy Jerkson.

Hey there, this is my first story on this website. I'm still getting used to writing stories, as I've never written one like this that will be multi-chaptered, so... Thank you for reading the first chapter of "Percabethically Percabeth."