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Chapter 2

The weekend was finally over, and so was Thalia's sleepover. As Annabeth brushed her teeth, she couldn't help but think of when she and Percy were younger and still on friendly terms with each other.

"Hey, Annabeth!" She heard Percy shout.

She slowly crawled out from under her covers and made her way to her window, not making a sound. She peered out and and frowned.

"What are you doing, Perce? You're not supposed to be here! I swear, if she finds out, we're dead!"

"Yeah but she's not your real mother. She can't boss you around. Come on, let's go to the beach." Percy persuaded her.

Annabeth gave in and grabbed her beach bag. "Alright, alright; I'm coming."

Then she lifted one leg over the window ledge and pulled herself over. She slid onto a tree and climbed down cautiously.

"To the beach!" Percy cried, running to the bus stop.


Annabeth dug her feet into the warm sand and wiggled her toes; She loved the feeling of it. She watched Percy make way towards her, pulling her up from the ground.

"Come with me into the water! What's the point of coming to the beach if you're not going t' swim?"

She laughed. "I can come here to suntan."

"Just race me!"

"You know you'll win anyways, so what's the point?"

Percy whined, "PLEASE? I'll do anything."

"Then buy me ice-cream later. Deal?"


That was when they were thirteen, about three years ago. Annabeth was still living with her step-mother and father and their kids. But she had moved in with her real mother and Malcom when she and Percy broke up because she didn't want to see him everytime she walked to school.

Back in the current time, Annabeth looked at her grey owl watch; It was time to leave the house. She quickly tied up her hair with an elastic band and headed out the door.

So this chapter just gives you a little memory of Annabeth's and it's not really important. I'll continue the school day next chapter. Thanks for the support people, and once again, happy new year!