A variety of BZRK 'ficlets'. Most will be based around Njinsky/Vincent, but there will be others.


"I reported back to Lear."

Vincent's eyes flickered to Nijinsky, but he gave no other indication that he'd noticed the other. He never really did, these days.

"You have to talk to me eventually, Vincent," Nijinsky said, not quite a sigh. "I know that stuff's hard, but you have to get through it."

Still no acknowledgement from the older man. Nijinsky sighed audibly and sat down on the bed next to Vincent. The brown-haired man frowned, unsettled, and sat up. "Jin, please," was all he said, a desperate, pleading look in his eyes.

Nijinsky looked at him with surprise. God, he looked exhausted. There were dark bags under Vincent's eyes, deep wrinkles cutting through his face, a delicacy to his movements that he'd never had before. It was like he'd woken up with a terrible, permanent hangover.

"Vincent you're one of the best on our team. We can't do this without you. We need you," Nijinsky said, strained. Why couldn't Vincent /see/ it?

Instead of answering, Vincent lay back down with his knees up to his chest, burying his face definitively in his pillow. /I don't want to talk. Leave me alone./

Nijinsky looked at the other man for a moment; looked at his pale skin and dark eyes and short hair. He tried to look past the depression and helplessness, the complete lack of pleasure. But all he could see was the small man lying in the foetal position next to him, trying to block out the world.

As he got up to leave, an unsettling thought struck him, and he instead knelt down next to Vincent. He prised the pillow away from the man's face and looked him dead in the eye. "Vincent, no matter what happens, don't you dare kill yourself."

At this, Vincent looked at him almost with interest.

"I mean it. The team needs you, those kids need you and - fuck it - even /I/ need you. And I'm sorry, but it's the truth. You don't get the easy way out of here. None of us do." For a moment, the two of them were silent. Until Nijinsky murmured, "Promise," in a low tone, looking into Vincent's eyes. He had a couple of bots in there, but they weren't doing anything special. More a reconnaissance mission than anything else.

"I promise," Vincent said eventually, with a committed nod.

Nijinsky didn't allow himself to smile, but instead nodded back. "Thank you. That means a lot." He stood and ruffled Vincent's hair. "You'll be fine," he said reassuringly. As he closed the door behind him, he added a necessary, "Probably."


Any criticism would be gratefully accepted. Also I apologise if they're OOC but I'm still trying to figure out their characters.

So yeah. Watch this space for more BZRK!