Augustus tried to focus on the little things. Little things like the rough wood as he knocked firmly on Hazel's door. If he didn't he would become unraveled, and who would that help? No one. Hazel's parents were out, an extreme rarity. Ever since Hazel's miracle stopped working her parents have been diligently trying to find a way to prolong her life. Now, they were in Utah, to consult with a youth oncologist, who has cured some very bleak cases. Hazel was much too sick to travel, so Augustus knew he would be spending all of the 2 days her parents were gone with Hazel. After waiting quite some time, Augustus began to get worried and tried to open the door which was unlocked. "Hazel Grace?" he called but to no avail. He called again and heard a muffled "Salutations…" from behind the bathroom door. Gus tried to open the door but it was locked. He knocked and said "Hazel Grace, are you okay?" and was answered by a terrible retching noise. "Hazel, you've got to let me in!" A few seconds later he heard the toilet flush, and the quiet shuffling of feet. A very frail and pale Hazel opened the door, her head freshly bald from the last ditch chemo, and her trusty oxygen tank by her side. "Hey. Aren't you glad you decided to show up? Look at me, I just reflect perfect girlfriend dust." "Why yes I am happy I decided to. Of course it never really was an option not to come." He hugged her and when she tried to pull away, his first thought was that she was grumpy from feeling sick. She ran for the toilet and started dry heaving into the bowl. In an instant Augustus was right next to her, rubbing her back in small circles and she spit what was left of her stomach contents into the water. She slumped against the wall and stared at him like she was five. She just looked so sad and innocent, he was sure he could hear his heart break over the toilet flushing. He asked if she wanted to go to her room and she nodded and started apologizing for throwing up. He nonchalantly shook his head and whispered "No biggie. Do you even know how many times I did that in front of Isaac? And he wasn't even madly in love with me. Or maybe he was, I mean look at me!" He smiled his joking smile and scooped up Hazel even while she protested that she could walk. Augustus laid her on her bed, started a DVR recording of America's Next Top Model, kissed her on the head and walked out of the room. Gus walked as fast as his one good leg could carry him to her kitchen. His thoughts were racing full of goods and bads as he got a glass of ice chips, a banana, and some throat lozenges. He flashed back to the times when his throat was always raw from vomiting, and shuddered. His eyes started tearing up because he thought of losing Hazel. However, he had to look strong for her, even though she probably knew better. As he sauntered into the room, she slowly looked over at him and smiled the smile he fell in love with 8 months ago. Augustus kissed her sweetly and handed her the tray. She took the ice and lozenges, but noticed she turned slightly green at the banana. As he limped over to her arm chair, he heard Hazel laugh and say "Do you really think I'm going to let you sit a whole 5 feet away from me?" Gus smiled and asked "Do you want me to lie with you?" to which Hazel responded with a coy "Oh, those good looks and smarts too? I really did hit the jack pot!" AS Gus carefully snuggled under the covers, he avoided her tubes as he hugged her. They watched a good 20 minutes of ANTM before Hazel was snoring loudly, thanks to all the fluid in her lungs. Augustus tried to stay awake so he could look at her more, but with the combined warmth of the blankets and her slight fever, he found himself drifting to a dreamy place where the fault in their stars was finally mended.