SWAT Kats in time- part three

Introduction- Jake and Chance travel two million years into the past to human times, in order to warn Doc Brown and Marty Mcfly not to come to Megakat City. But the SWAT Kats are eventually captured by the U.S government, who think they're an alien threat to humanity! Can Marty and Doc rescue their kat friends, and get them back to the future?

Chapter 1

"Ok buddy, I've set the time coordinates to two million years in the past, plus one week..." said Jake, "That will give us plenty of time to locate Marty and Doc before they use their Delorian to travel to our time."

"Roger, initiating speed of heat engines!" exclaimed Chance as he lowered the protective canopy over the Turbokat. Like a rocket, the jet launched into space at a speed of moch 3. Instantly, the flux capaciter that Jake had attached to his dimentional radar set on the other components, and the Turbokat dissapeared into time! Only a brief moment later, the jet reappeared in the same location, high above the planet.

"Well Jake, did it work?" asked Chance.

"Oh yes, it sure did buddy, according to the time display panel, we've gone back to human times!" he replied, "So just so we're not spotted by anyone on the surface, I've initiated the Turbokat's cloaking mechanism.."

"WHAT?" Chance said, "We don't have a... oh, crud, did you put another silly gadget on MY plane?"

"It's not silly buddy, we need to stay hidden from the local authorities, they might think we're invaders or something. I've been meaning to install the cloaking device on the Turbokat for awhile now, so we can sneak up on the Omegas."

"That's my partner, the genius.." sighed Chance, "Ok, but next time, let me know when you decide to put another gadget on MY jet before you do it?"

"Alright, I promise.." said Jake, as they descended twards the planet's surface. "Doc told us that his city of Hill Valley is in the same location as Megakat City will be in the future, so we'll set the Turbokat down in the desert, where we practice our flying manuevers.."

"Gotcha..", his partner nodded. Meanwhile, in the city of Hill Valley, Marty Mcfly had just finished his day at school, and was riding on his skateboard to Doc Brown's house. Arriving a few minutes later, he used the key Emmitt gave him to enter the residence, and shouted, "Hey Doc, it's Marty, where are ya?"

"Over here Marty, in the garage!" came the reply. The human teen walked over to his friend, and his eyes immediately bugged out when he saw a familiar car sitting in the center of the garage.

"The Delorian?" gasped Marty, "But it was destroyed by that train!"

"You are absolutely correct.." smiled Emmitt, who was sitting in the driver's seat with the door open, "I purchased this new Delorian a few days ago, and one week from now, after I convert it into a time machine, I'm going to the future again!"

"Oh, now wait just a second doc, you know what happened the last time!" Marty gasped. "Old Biff Tannon from the future stole it and changed our history where my dad was murdered, and Biff married my mother! And don't forget, you were sent to the luney bin, Doc!"

"Relax, I'm going to travel to a time when neither of us will even exist.." said the scientist, "Two million years into the future, to be exact!"

"Two million years?" Marty exclaimed, "Do you think humans will even be around by then?"

"That's what I intend to find out...or should I say, we, hmmm?"

"Oh no, no way, not this time doc!" Marty gasped, backing away, "I've had just about enough of time traveling!"

"Come on, where's your sense of adventure?" asked Doc, "Or are you too afraid?"

"Well of course not!" Marty huffed, "Just give me a week to think it over, ok?"

"I'll take that as a maybe.." smiled Emmitt, "Now if you'll excuse me Marty, I have a lot of work to do on the time vehicle..."

"Say no more Doc, I'll leave you alone, besides I've got a date with Jennifer in a few hours.." replied the teenager, who waved goodbye, and headed out the door on his skateboard. Marty and Doc didn't know it, but very soon, the far future would be coming to them... because at this moment, a sleek jet, unseen by radar, was landing in the desert outside Hill Valley...