Chapter 10

"John, why are you doing this?!" exclaimed a frightened Kate Langway, who had been tied to a wooden chair with rope, as were both Marty and Doc, "All Jake and Chance want to do is return to their own city, in their own time period!"

"Hah, that's a laugh!" snarled the ex-agent, who was looking out the window at the line of police cars that had surrounded FBI headquarters, "Those creatures are a danger to society, and I mean to eliminate them, no matter what the cost!"

"You mean we will.." smiled Biff, who pointed his rifle at the Doc, and said, "Once those aliens are toast, you and that punk kid will be next!"

"And then what?" gasped Emmitt, "The FBI will fire back, you and John will never get out of here alive!"

"Huh, simple guns against these assault rifles, I don't think so.." replied John, "as you can see, we're wearing bullet proof vests Mr. Brown, and I have no intentions of being caught either. Agent Langway, thanks to that drug dealer you interrogated last week, I have enough cash to leave this country for good. He paid me off after I let him do his drug-running buisiness in Hill Valley.."

"You monster!" snarled Kate, "That drug runner was selling crack cocaine throughout the city!Luckily, because of my interrogation, I got him to spill where his supplier was! But if I knew he was paying you off, I'd..."

"You'd do what?" snarled John, "Arrest me? Hahahahaa! Sorry, but I have no intentions of going to jail, not now or ever. Once we kill those aliens and the three of you, I'm getting on a one-way flight to Mexico City, and never coming back!"

"Hey, what about me?" Biff replied, "You're not just going to leave me here, are you?"

Turning around, John pointed his rifle at Biff's head, and sighed, "Sorry, but I'm afraid you've outlived your usefulness, my stupid friend.."

Before Biff could even raise his own rifle, John aimed and fired at point blank range. Biff was dead as a doornail before he hit the floor next to Marty. Staring at the killer, the teenager gulped, "Damn, I never liked Biff, but he didn't deserve that, you bastard!"

"Eh, maybe not, but I just didn't like the way he looked at me.." shrugged John, who suddenly faced the window again, when he heard one of the agents shouting at him from the outside.

"John Olson, the SWAT Kats have agreed to exchange themselves for the hostages!" came the announcement, "They will be arriving shortly!"

"Those aliens better hurry up!" the killer yelled back out the window, "Because in five more minutes, I'm going to start killing these people, starting with Agent Langway!"

"Alright, just hang on!" came the reply. Outside, behind the line of police cars, Razor and T-bone were getting ready to make a dangerous rescue attempt.

"Be careful you two.." said Director Grant, "John is obviously psychotic, so he's capable of anything.."

"We've dealt with other deranged individuals before, don't worry.." smiled Razor, who had his paw inside his flight suit. "If everything goes according to plan, that creep won't know what hit him! Ready , T-bone?"

"You betcha.." nodded his partner. The SWAT Kats then walked up to FBI H.Q., and entered through the front door. When John saw them, the evil human laughed outloud, and pointing his rifle directly at the kats, he exclaimed, "Ha, this is too easy, I don't know which one of you I should kill first! "

"Oh, is that so, creep?" smiled Razor, "Just try it, I dare you!"

"If you insist, monster!" shouted John, who aimed his rifle, and fired. But both Razor and T-bone were so much faster than the human, that all he did was make a large hole in the wall. Instantly, Razor spun around, and said, "You missed me, over here!"

"Keep still, creature!" John yelled, as he turned and fired again, this time into another wall.

"Ha, is that the best you've got, try this on for size!" said Razor, who brought his paw out of his flight suit, and pressed a button on the Turbokat's remote control. Seconds later, a mini-octopus missile crashed through the window, and grabbed onto an unsuspecting and shocked John. His assault rifle went flying into a corner of the room, while the missile itself slammed John into the wall. However, the octopus missile protected John from being injured seriously. The killer did have several cuts and bruises, and he ached from head to toe, but as the FBI agents dug him out of the rubble, they were surprised to see that John was still alive.

"That's incredible!" gasped Director Grant, as his men were cuffing John, "How did..."

"The octopus missile captures groups of enemies, and subdues them without causing injury.." said Razor, as T-bone was untieing Agent Langway, Doc and Marty, "However, I used a mini-missile, because a larger one would have hurt John badly, or maybe even killed him."

"Are you three alright?" T-bone asked Kate and the others.

"Yes, a little shaken up, but we'll be fine, thanks to you.." smiled Agent Langway, who gave T-bone a kiss on his muzzle.

"But what's going to happen to him?" asked Marty, pointing at John was was too weak to even move.

"He'll be charged with two counts of murder, and most likely be sent to death row.." sighed Director Grant, "Such a shame that he let his bigoted thoughts get the better of him.."

"Well, I guess this means that you SWAT Kats will be going home soon, once you get that extra plutonium from the facility.." smiled Dr. Brown.

"That shouldn't take very long, right Tom?" T-bone asked, looking at the FBI director.

"No, but we'll have to alert the facility first.." he sighed, "I just hope the President will understand the situation, and not fire me for giving extra plutonium to two kat visitors from the future.."

A few hours later, a group of stunned scientists watched as a refueled Turbokat shot into the sky like a rocket, and dissapeared into the time continuom. Marty and Doc were on hand as well, and patting the teenager on the shoulder he said, "I've finally learned my lesson, I'm going to destroy the Delorian's time circuits as soon as we get back to my house. No more time traveling for me, Marty, I'm keeping my feet planted in 1985.."

"Same here doc!" Marty said, as he looked up into the sky. "Man, I sure hope the SWAT Kats made it home safely!"

"I'm positive they did!" Doc said with a big smile, as they walked to the Delorian. Meanwhile, two million years later, the SWAT Kats came out of time warp to a wonderful sight. There was Megakat City, in it's brilliant glory, just like they had always known it!

"Alright, we're baaaaaaaack!" shouted T-bone.

"Oh yeah, it's great to be home!" Razor added. Just then, their communicator beeped, and a familiar voice said, "SWAT Kats, where have you been? Dark Kat's fear ship was just seen over Pumadyne!"

"We've been on a little vacation Deputy Mayor, but don't worry, we'll get that creep!"T-bone replied, as he switched off the radio. "Crud Razor, you were right, Dark Crud is still alive.."

"Yeah, because he never got the time machine, his city of evil never came into existance, and therefore he was never killed by us in the future.." Razor said. "But we'll get him for sure one day buddy.."

"You can count on that, partner!" exclaimed T-bone, as the Turbokat sped twards Pumadyne. Back in the human year of 1985, two weeks after the incident at Hill Valley, the President of the United States was looking through his daily mail, when he found a letter sent by his FBI Director, Thomas Grant. Opening up the envelope, he read the letter which was quite long and descriptive. Shaking his head in disbelief, Ronald Reagan put the letter back into the envelope, and walking over to the fireplace, he tossed the papers into the fire, burning up any evidence of the existance of the kats from the future.

"Well, well, that is some story.." the President thought to himself, "If I were to reveal it to the public, society would call me a nutcase, and I'd be impeached before my second term was over. But at least everything is back to normal now.."

Sitting back down on his oval office chair, President Reagon sighed, "Now if I could just convince the President of the Soviet Union to tear down that damn Berlin Wall.."