So yeah ... people are demanding more Goten/Gohan interaction. Am I really doing that good of a job? :'D Sorry about this update. Man, I really need to work on it, lol. Kudos to anyone who can spot the line I got from the anime (FUNimation Dub, of course). I'm a firm believer that the older Goten got, the more "out-of-order" he became, so if he's snotty in this story, just know that it's not, in any way, canon. It's only my wacky depiction of him. Remember, he's 9 in this story.


Chi-Chi had been right.

It was taking them nearly a day to get where they were going.

Goku had lost count of how many times they got lost. Whether it was from his poor sense of direction or Chi-Chi's severe misunderstanding of a map, it didn't matter. His body was all but stiff from sitting with his foot on the gas pedal for the last 10 hours, and his butt ached really, really bad. Chi-Chi had condemned snack breaks, especially when they had stopped for gas, choosing to make him stay in the car while she filled the tank. Any thought of a turkey sandwich, chips, or anything "unhealthy" was ignored and traded for a less-than-tasty energy drink that she had conjured up beforehand, consisting of eggs, spinach, asparagus, and - shudder - yogurt.

Kami, the taste of that abomination still lingered in his mouth.

The car drive wasn't anything like Chi-Chi imagined it'd be, for majority of the ride she either found herself staring out the window, reading over her brochure, or seething at something Goku did or said.

She pictured romance!

She pictured herself and Goku riding off, hand-in-hand in a swirl of romance that'd make her tingle. She pictured an exchange of butterfly kisses whenever they'd come to a red light or a stop sign. She pictured him asking her about herself and how she'd changed over those last seven years; and she pictured herself asking him about his time in Otherworld and how he'd changed over the years. She simply pictured them getting to know each other all over again.

Alas, it didn't turn out that way; not at all.

In fact, they argued a lot more than anything else, something she didn't picture at all.

She didn't picture herself arguing with him about wearing his seat belt. She didn't picture herself arguing with him about his incredibly awful habit of speeding and, more recently, his need to race any one or two cars that'd stop alongside their above-average vehicle. And she definitely didn't picture herself arguing with him about his tendency to flip through station after station on the radio until he'd land on some country rock station or broadcasting of a boxing match. If they weren't doing any of those things, then she was forced to listen to the humdrum rhythm of the engine while she stared out the window.

So much for a nice, romantic car drive.

The transition from day to night was almost as noticeable as the shift from blazing heat to bristling cold. Goku had wasted no time in trading the cool breeze of the air conditioner for warm air. He'd made it known since his days as a child that he held nothing but disdain for frigid climate. Eating ice cream, popsicles, or anything of the like was as close as he'd loved to get to winter, so he couldn't help but groan when it began to snow.

Immediately, he shifted in his seat and flipped on the windshield wipers before sparing Chi-Chi a glance. Her head was turned away from him as she was sound asleep with her face pressed against the makeshift pillow of her coat; however, he could still make out the luscious black of her lashes, the tip of her ski-jump nose, and the pout of her cherry-coated lips, not at all missing the thin line of slobber that slid down the corner of her mouth. He'd always found it oddly attractive that she drooled in her sleep. It was certainly a nice contrast to her usual mannerisms, and Goku reveled in it. After all, he liked to think that drooling equated to a damn good sleep.

Chi-Chi snorted, mumbling some incoherent sentence in her sleep as she turned over, facing her husband, who tightened his hands on the wheel in a sad attempt to suppress his laughter. Unfortunately, being the sad attempt that it was, Goku couldn't hold it in and he howled out, thus scaring Chi-Chi out of her slumber.

Eyes wide with what could only be described as surprise and horror, Chi-Chi sat bolt upright, arms stretched out in offense. "What?! What happened?!"

Goku immediately turned his attention back to the road as they came to a stop light, the bright lights of a town shining hard in the distance capturing his attention, if only for a moment. Knowing full well that he was treading in dangerous territory, Goku ignored the laughter threatening to bubble from his throat when he saw the drool on the corner of his wife's mouth ... and was that crust?

Goku nearly snorted at the sight, but when he noticed Chi-Chi's narrowing gaze, he croaked out a lie. "Just wanted to let ya know that we're almost there."

"By barking like a madman and scaring me half to death? I guess tapping my shoulder and calling my name was a little too much to ask," Chi-Chi fumed, frowning when she felt the sensation of saliva against the edges of her mouth. "And do I really drool in my sleep?" the housewife muttered aloud, pulling back the glove compartment for a sanitation wipe.

Goku nearly breathed a sigh of relief, silently thanking Dende for not ratting him out as he mumbled a meek apology to his wife. The last thing he wanted was an embarrassed housewife yelling at him. When all was said and done, Chi-Chi stretched out like a cat before tossing Goku a smile.

"Isn't this exciting!?" she beamed. "We finally get some time to ourselves, and at one of the best resorts in Jingle Village too!"

"Jingle Village?" Goku asked, glancing at Chi-Chi out of the corner of his eye. Now why does that sound so familiar?

Chi-Chi bobbed her head in agreement, racing her fingers through her hair and tucking strays back into place. With enthusiasm unlike anything Goku'd ever seen, Chi-Chi fished around her seat for her pamphlet before spreading it across her lap. "Yes, Jingle Village! Ever since the destruction of Muscle Tower, the villagers thought it'd be a good idea to expand their town, and because of this, they opened a resort named after the hero of Jingle Village!"

"They have hot springs, and skiing and snowboarding, spas, buffet-style breakfast, lunch, and dinner, ice skating, tours, and just everything!" the petite woman gushed. While she prattled on about all of the activities they'd do, Goku could only focus on one thing: the buffet. His mouth watered at the mere thought of food. It'll more than make up for his vehemence towards chilly weather.

Chi-Chi fell back into her seat, her smile just as radiant and beautiful as her being. "A whole weekend with just the two of us," she sighed, closing her eyes.

Goku tossed her a genuine smile.

"No villains, no end of the world mumbo jumbo, no cleaning, no cooking, no training, no b-"

Goku quirked a brow when he saw Chi-Chi pause in her musings; however, he nearly jumped out of his seat when she shrieked.

"I forgot to check on the boys! Oh," she panicked, searching for her cell phone, "I hope they're okay. I can't believe I forgot to check on them!"

It took everything in Goku not to laugh at the panicky state of his wife. Of course, Chi-Chi wouldn't be Chi-Chi unless she was worrying about the welfare of their sons. He reached for her hand just as she was beginning to dial their house phone, grinning when he saw her look at him from the corner of his eye.

"Stop worrying, Chi," he teased, entwining their fingers for the first time since entering the car. "I'm sure the boys are fine. You raised 'em well," he added, looking at her with a broad grin before placing a chaste kiss on her hand.

Chi-Chi easily fell into a smile, blushing like a school girl as she eased back into her seat. "You're right," she finally agreed after a minute or two of silence. "I guess ... I could check on them when we get settled in, hm?" she queried, resting her head on her shoulder as she looked to her husband with a girlish smile.


Meanwhile, at the Son household, Goten wasn't faring nearly as well as his father thought he was. Boredom was the ultimate level of punishment in his eyes and while his mother had told him that Trunks was coming over for the weekend, the lavender-haired prankster had yet to arrive, leaving the wild-haired hybrid alone in the family room flipping through channel after channel for something good to watch. Gohan was in his room - as if he were anywhere else, Goten thought dully - either doing homework or talking to Videl.

Of course, Goten went with the latter, because when wasn't Gohan talking to Videl?

As if on cue, his brother came around the corner, holding the house phone to his ear as he made his way towards the kitchen. Goten paused in his channel flipping, ending on the discovery network, where the narrator was discussing the origin of paper clips, rubber bands, and staples - and in such a boring, mild-mannered tone too - and looked after the older hybrid.

His jovial attitude had all but faded once his parents left. It wasn't so much that he was upset that they were gone (at least, not that he'd ever care to admit). Being at home just, for lack of a better word, sucked!

Trunks wasn't there yet, there was no one to talk to because his only friend happened to be Trunks, he wasn't allowed to go outside while his parents were out (mostly because Gohan was too lazy to keep an eye on him), and, worst of all, his hunger pains were starting to kick in and even though his mom packed away a week's worth of food, he wasn't allowed to snack, because Gohan claimed that he'd eat it all up before the weekend was over!

So, not only did being home suck, but Gohan sucked too!

Propping his chin on the arm of the couch while keeping his butt lifted, Goten gave a sideways glance to the television before yelling, "Gohan, I'm hungry!"

The sound of Gohan's footsteps paused against the hardwood floor before Goten saw his older brother stick his head out the kitchen entrance to look at him.

"Alright. Love you too," the 19-year-old muttered into the phone before ending the call. Giving his younger brother a less-than-amused look, Gohan placed the phone on the hook in the hall. "What is it this time?"

"I'm hungry!" the demi-Saiyan repeated in a louder tone.

Gohan dropped his head, pinching the bridge of his nose with a temperamental sigh. "We've been over this already, Goten. You have to wait until Trunks gets here."

"But that's not fair, Gohan!" the younger boy shouted again. "You said that hours ago and Trunks isn't here yet," he seethed, pressing his face into the couch with a groan. "And you won't let me have a snack either!"

"A snack in this house is a three-course meal and a meal is a banquet. You and I both know that you have no limit when it comes to eating," Gohan countered, refusing to give into his brother's whiny plea. "And stop yelling in the house. Your voice carries."

"This sucks," Goten moaned into the couch again, clutching his stomach with his arms while making fake gagging sounds.

Gohan shook his head. "Why don't you do something productive to take your mind off of food?" he suggested, walking into the kitchen again.

"Like what?" the nine-year-old asked, his face still pressed into the couch.

"Oh, I don't know, read a book? Actually do your homework? Or how about cleaning up your side of the room? Kami knows you haven't done that in awhile," he murmured that last part to himself.

Gohan rolled his eyes when his brother started to gag again, almost as if the mere sight of a book or a math problem or his room repulsed the very essence of his being. This is absolutely silly, the teenager thought, peeling open the refrigerator to see what food his mother had made for their three-day weekend. Unfortunately, there was nothing special, save for a bowl of oatmeal (which couldn't have been anyone else's but Goten's), a half-gallon of milk, a pitcher of lemonade, and four capsules accompanied by a note marked with his mother's neat handwriting.

"If you're so hungry Goten, why don't you come finish your oatmeal?" Gohan suggested, snatching the note and capsules from the top shelf and shutting the fridge.

"You mean that bowl of boogers?" Goten corrected, gagging for a third time in a row. "No thanks!"

"Stop gagging before you soil the sofa," Gohan scolded, his patience just about wearing thin from his brother's childish attitude.

He passed it off as puberty simply hitting its course, but nearly found himself laughing at the thought. Goten still found bathing with their father a treat, and if that was any indication, then his severe disdain for their female counterpart was a dead giveaway, not to mention his childish disposition on life itself. It could've very well been that he was hungry, but if Goten wasn't hungry enough to eat his leftover oatmeal, then he wasn't hungry enough to eat anything else.

That left ...


Oh, brother, Gohan thought, stepping out of the kitchen and looking up from the note in his hand just in time to catch Goten zip from the couch and towards the front door. The older demi-Saiyan quirked a brow when he saw Goten throw open the door, reveling at just how fast his attitude transitioned from doom and gloom to cheerfulness and spunk.

In the doorway stood Trunks, his usual kempt bowl cut looking unusually tousled. His breathing was erratic as the 10-year-old held a hand to his chest in an attempt to catch his breath and beads of sweat clung to his face. When he finally got his breathing in order, Trunks flashed his best friend a wide and cheeky grin as he hauled his sleeping bag over his shoulder.

"Hey," he greeted with a one-handed wave.

"Finally, you're here," Goten heaved, closing the door behind the young prince when he stepped through. "What took ya so long? You were s'pose to be here hours ago! It's already gettin' dark!"

Trunks gave a sheepish laugh. "I had to take care of some errands; ya know, grown up stuff. You wouldn't understand," he said with a fan of his hand.

Goten flashed his friend a disbelieving look, but before he could question the older hybrid and his outright lie, Trunks hushed him with a mental yell. I'll tell you later! I don't want Gohan to find out!

Goten's eyes widened for a split second before he began to snicker into his hands. Okay!

Gohan didn't miss a beat, narrowing his eyes into a skeptical glare as they settled on the trouble-making twins. "And by grown up stuff, you mean what exactly?" he questioned. Goten immediately put a halt to his laughter as Trunks shot him an exasperated glare.

"Uh," Trunks thought aloud, rolling his eyes with a grin. "Nothin'."

"Oh, I'm sure," Gohan countered, crossing his arms. Before he could voice his thoughts anymore, Trunks clamped a hand on his best friend's shoulder.

"What's for dinner? I'm starving!" the young prince bellowed, changing the subject. "Knowing Aunt Chi-Chi, she probably cooked a feast!"

"Let's hope she did!" Goten chorused. "Gohan tried to make me eat oatmeal for dinner!"

Trunks nearly burst into laughter, not sparing Gohan a second glance as he tugged Goten by the arm towards the kitchen. "C'mon!"

Gohan begrudgingly followed suit, eyeballing one of the capsules labeled "Dinner" with a calculating gaze. There was no way in hell he was going to break his promise to his mother and allow Trunks to wreck this weekend. He'd find out what those boys were up to, one way or another.

With a pseudo smile, Gohan tapped the button on the capsule and tossed it onto the table. "Who wants stew?"


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