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It was a bright, sunny morning on Kovomaka. Inside dorm room number 8 slept three female mages. They are renowned throughout the school for their beauty and strength. And their very different personalities...

Arsenic woke up to the smell of pancakes and bacon. She immediately sat up. "Bacon!" she exclaimed happily. "This must be my lucky day!"

She hopped out of bed and began to pull on her black dress. She saw a flash of blue and purple as her roommate glided past the door.

"Liquorish! What's with all the food? Is it someone's birthday?" she asked excitedly as she forced a comb through her dark brown hair, quickly fixing a daisy garland into it.

"Well, looks like someone's in a good mood," Liquorish said.

"What's with the bacon?" Arsenic demanded for a second time. "I must know why the heavenly crispy food is currently cooking in my kitchen."

"It's Monday, so Peppa decided to cook bacon in order to get you out of bed," Liquorish said. Suddenly, she sneezed loudly. It was allergy season, which practically killed Liquorish every year. It kept her up all night, unable to breathe, and gave her horrible circles under her eyes. She absolutely hated them, but it made her more terrifying and some said more beautiful. Her short stature and curvy body made her incredibly popular among all the boys, along with her incredible fashion taste. She was covered in scars and strange tattoo's, which made her a legend among the younger students, who told stories of all her incredible fights. Everyone in school knew her.

"Oh crap? Is it Monday already?" she asked, depressed.

"Yeah, it's Monday" Liquorish said, nodding.

Arsenic sighed as she lace up her shoes. "At least we get to learn more. Oh, can I do your hair? Huh? Huh? Can I? PLEASE?" she asked, bouncing around her friend.

"Of course you can." Liquorish said with a smile.

If anyone but Arsenic had asked, it would have been a big fat no, but Liquorish saw the hyper-active girl like a younger sister that she had always wanted. The same went for all of the other kids, too, especially Hex, Maize, and Gelato.

Arsenic also reminded her of her grandmother who had vanished long ago. They both possessed such happy and carefree spirits.

Liquorish sighed at the memory, but was brought back to the present as Arsenic began to brush her long black hair back into two high pig-tails, carefully avoiding the three studs in Liquorish's ears. She expertly twisted the hair-ties into the pigtails, securing them in place.

"There we go," Arsenic said with a happy clap.

"Thanks, now let's go eat some of that delicious heavenly bacon," Liquorish said as she began to move through their dorm.

She entered the small kitchen and was greeted by the odd sight of a heavily armed girl making food in their kitchen.

It was Peppa, the exchange student from the other side of Kovomaka. Apparently she was a knight for the royal family there and, after they discovered that she was a fire wizard, they sent her to Willow O'Wisp Academy to hone her skills. She always wore her silver armor and took her claymore with her everywhere. She even slept with it under her pillow, which was a little strange. She was breathtakingly beautiful, just like her roommates, with her long wavy hair, which was an odd shade of ashy gray. She was short but strong, like Liquorish, and had the tendency to set stuff on fire.

"Sit and eat your food," Peppa ordered as she placed a steaming plate of bacon and pancakes in front of them.

"And if I don't?" Liquorish asked, taking a seat on a stool anyway.

"Then I will make you," she said curtly as she clanked around in her armor. It was incredibly noisy.

The clock above the stove suddenly chimed, signaling the time as nine o'clock.

"OH CRAP! Class starts in 10 minutes!" Peppa shouted, throwing the pan that she was holding through the air.

Immediately, the three girls began to shovel bacon into their mouths. They quickly ran to the bathroom and brushed their teeth, grabbed their bags and took off out the door.

Arsenic tripped as she stepped into the hall, only to be caught by an unseen person.

"Whoa there, Arsenic. You nearly knocked me off the railing again." Arsenic looked up to see her best friend quickly straightened up.

Hyde was the adopted son of Principle Biscotti. He was an incredibly attractive blonde boy, who always seemed to around when Arsenic made a fool of herself. He never teased her about it, had seen Arsenic get upset once, and the guy ended up with a broken leg and four broken ribs, courteously of Peppa and Liquorish. Those 2 girls were over-protective to say the least.

"Hey there Hyde," Arsenic said awkwardly. "When did you get there?" she asked.

"I was waiting for you three, like I always do, every morning before class" he said with a grin. "It isn't as creepy as it sounds," he said, noticing the odd looks that Peppa and Liquorish were giving him.

"Alright then, enough chitchat. Lets get moving," Peppa decided, leading the way with Liquorish across the narrow hallway and down the stairs to the ground floor, with Arsenic and Hyde walking behind them, holding hands. Everyone parted for the four of them like the Red Sea. They were the popular group, as they should be, but they were also very exclusive, so no one could ever get into their group. They quickly arrived at Ms. Madeline's classroom and took their seats.

"Hey guys," a male voice came from behind. The small group turned to see a tall feline standing behind them. The feline smiled to reveal a sharp grin. He wore yellow tunic and grey leggings, with a grey belt.

"Hello ladies," another voice purred from the opposite side. They turned to see another cat that looked the exact same as the other cat, except for his clothes. Instead, of yellow and gray, he wore a green and black clothes, consisting of baggy shorts, a belt, and an open black vest.

They were the twin felines, Maize and Flax, who were almost exact opposites, despite their identical looks. Flax was a foul-mouthed, manipulative flirt who often bumped heads with Peppa. Flax was kind and gentle, loving all animals, never hurting anything. They were both loved, one for his drop dead looks, and the other for his absolute lovableness. They were thick as thieves, literally. They could steal anything, especially Flax, which made up for his less-than-impressive use of wind magic, while his brother excelled with wind magic.

"Flax, sit down. Ms. Madeline will be here any moment," Peppa ordered, looking distastefully at the boy.

"No, she won't," Flax retorted. "She's always late!"

"Sit!" Liquorish commanded, giving the boys her famous 'death glare'. The twin's will crumbled against Liquorish's and they took their seats. Peppa and Liquorish shared an evil grin.

"I'm not late!" a voice shouted.

In skidded Gelato, a pale, barefoot boy with auburn hair. He had a tight sleeveless black shirt, with a slit in it held together with blue string. He had white pants on and a long, light blue cloak. On his was a white snowflake tattoo.

He was roommates with Hyde, Flax, and Maize, but he seemed closest to Rish, who was like his older sister. The roommates were an odd quartet, though. A light mage, 2 wind mages, and a water mage. They made it work, though. Despite the large groups reputation as being the most popular, they were all truly good friends, loving one another for their hearts, not their faces.

"Technically you are, but since Ms. Madeline isn't-," Hyde began to argue.

Arsenic cut him off by shouting, "Ms. Madeline is coming!"

The students all dove from their various perches to their chairs. When Ms. Madeline burst through the door, she saw her students sitting their angelically.

"Well, I'm glad to see that none of you are causing any trouble," she said, beaming around the room.

No one said anything, so she continued, "Since you were all waiting for me so nicely, I have decided to move your test on the Theory of Monster Behavior from this Friday to the Friday three weeks from now." This was meet by a large cheer of approval.

Ms. Madeline smiled, appearing happy. Inside her heart, though, she was sad. That would be one test that she would never grade.

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