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Just to refresh your memory, Marina has just been shoved into a wall by our very own, Dallas Winston. He accidently hit her head a little too hard, causing her memory to go bye bye! The gang is slowly realizing this situation. What will happen next?

Ponyboy POV

This can't be! She has to have her memory! I wonder if anyone else knows...ok Ponyboy, calm down. Relax. I take a deep breath and relax some. Good. Now stay like that.

"Guys," I speak up. Everyone turns to look at me, except Marina. Her eyes are wide and she's breathing heavy. "I think she lost her memory."

"What? That can't be!" Two-Bit denies.

"Think about it. She can't remember her name, she can't remember us..." I let that thought sink into their minds.

Marina POV

Who are these people? What do they want? Then, it dawns on me. Me...they want me...they want me to...to...to do something. I can't bear the thought anymore. I stand up and bolt out the door. If they want me, they have to come and get me! I run as fast as I can on the sidewalk. The farther away I am from them, the better. But something changes. The farther I get, the more fancy the homes get. I wonder why.

Once I decide I'm far enough, I stop running and start to walk. I'm panting hard and I have a cramp in my side. I decide to take a seat on the curb. Where the heck am I? Who am I? Where's my home? I try to think of what my home may look like, but nothing comes to mind. I try thinking of my name. Amber? Kelly? Mary? Ellie? Allison? Jessica? A whole list of girls names runs through my mind, but none of them sound familiar. Ok. Next thing. Where am I? This place is too run down to be New York. Too hot to be Alaska. Too big to be Hawaii. Too dry to be near the ocean. I must be in one of the states in the middle of the country. I think real hard and conjure up a few state names. North Dakota. South Dakota. Kansas. Texas. Oklahoma. Louisiana. The only state that stands out to me is Oklahoma...Oklahoma...sounds right to me. Now where in Oklahoma am I? I barely have enough time to think about it when these fancy dressed teenaged men walk out of a blue Mustang. The word Socs comes to mind.

Soda POV

I watch Marina get up and run outta the door. The entire gang remains silent as we let all that's happened in the last few minutes sink in.

1) Marina lost her memory

2) She just ran outta the door

"Guys...where do ya think she ran off to?" I ask more worried then ever. My kid sister just lost her memory and ran off!

"I don't know...she could've gone anywhere..." Darry whispers. Anywhere. She could have gone anywhere. Like Soc territory...

"Guys! What if she ran off to Soc territory! What if she's getting jumped! We need to find her!" I say frantically.

"Guys, Soda's gotta point. What if she's in Soc territory? What if she's about to get jumped? We need to find her!" Steve announces. I'm slightly relieved that someone finally agrees with me.

"Well then we gotta go. Right now!" Darry orders. The whole gang bolts outta the door and runs down the sidewalk. Ponyboy and Johnny up front, followed by me and Steve, and behind us Dally, Darry, and Two-Bit. We all have one thing on our mind. Marina.

Johnny POV

We run down the sidewalk as fast as possible. I'm just trying to keep up with Pony. He's so fast! No wonder he's a track super-star. he sure does deserve that title. The whole time we're running, my mind focuses on Marina. I wonder if she's ok. I sure hope she is. She's one of my only friends. And she's the only friend I have that's a girl. I can't lose her.

With each step we get closer to Soc territory, the more nervous I get. The gang's told me I've been so jumpy ever since I got jumped. But can you blame me? I thought I was gonna die if it weren't for the gang saving me! But then something dawns on me. What if Marina's getting bruised, cut, and hurt just like you did? The thought makes me shiver in fear.

Marina POV

The 5 well-dressed men walk around me in a circle, an evil grin on each of their faces. I start trembling in fear.

"Hey guys look! Little Greaser-Girl over here's scared! Haha!" one says. He must be the leader because everyone follows him and laughs along. This can't be good. I start to stand up but just end up being shoved and pinned down by the leader. He reeks of alcohol. If he's drunk, I'm just in more trouble. The leader lifts up his hand in a fist while the others drink more alcohol. Two of them pull out switchblades. I'm too stunned to do anything.

It all happens so fast. The leader's fist makes contact with my left cheek. His many rings make little tears in my skin. He punches me once more, this time, with more force. Then one guy with an afro starts pouring his drink on my face. I begin screaming and that's when I know I've made a stupid mistake. The alcohol enters my mouth and burns my throut. It's an awful burning sensation that makes me begin to choke. The leader punches me square in the chest. My screams are cut off by him winding me. I'm just about to breathe when he winds me again. he does this about 5 more times before he stops and asks one of his followers, Randy, for his switchblade. The one he only uses for girls. It's a fancy black switchblade with a silver star carved into its handle, a long blade with a super sharp tip, and a handle udjusted to fit the leaders hand perfectly. The leader has a dead serious look in his eye. Nothing me, his buddies, or anyone can stop him. He's in the zone.

Before the leader makes any cuts on me, one guy takes to initiative and makes a long cut on my forehead. Quick and painful. I can tell by the pain amount that the cut's not deep, but bleeding. Badly. I start to wiggle my way out, for my sake, but it's impossible. These guys must have at least a good 100 pounds on me. I'm really skinny and don't weight much. I start kicking my legs this way and that, trying to make contact with someone. I'm rewarded with the satisfaction of kicking a man hard in the kneecap. Two of the leaders friends each take one of my legs and sits on it. My right leg screams out in pain, and I have a gut feeling that it's broken. Unable to hold in the pain, I scream out, hoping for someone, even if it's a stranger, to come and rescue me. The leader punches me again in the left cheek, harder than I thought possible. Kinda like the pain I felt when Dally shoved me into the wall.

As the guys continue to cut and punch me, I realize something. How'd I remember his name? How'd I remember that he shove dme into a wall? Then, something hits me, and it's not another punch. It's a thought. If I remember Dally, then that means...my memory! It's coming back! Then another thought comes to me. I'm being jumped by Socs and I've stopped calling for help.

I don't let anyone stop me from shouting,"Ponyboy! Soda! Darry! Help me!"

Then, my entire memory comes back with the latest punch. My name's Marina. I'm 12 years old. I'm 4'8 in height and I have three older brothers, Ponyboy, Soda, and Darry. I'm being jumped by Socs for the first time. I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and I'm in Soc territory. I need help, and I need it now.

Ponyboy POV

Just as I'm about to give up on hope that Marina's gone, I hear someone screech,"Ponyboy! Soda! Darry! Help me!"

The gang and I know who's voice that belongs to the moment we hear it. Marina. She's being jumped. I know it! We take off runing faster than I thought possible notice a huddle of Socs up ahead. Marina here we come!

Marina POV

It's hopeless. The gang isn't coming to save me. These Socs are gonna keep torturing me till I die. No matter how hard I try to get help, it's inevitable. I'm gonna die. These are my murderers. I'll never see the gang again. I'll never fall in love. I'll never finish my math homework. I'll never see anything ever again. I am going to die.

Just as these thoughts come to mind, I hear footsteps coming closer to me. Several sets. Before I can react to the footsteps, the leader punches me real good in my torn up left cheek, one Soc makes a good long (but not deep) cut on my left leg stretching from the top of my calf and to my ankle, and the Soc on my right leg punches my right leg real hard. He hurts it so hard that I'm pretty sure my bones sticking out from it.

The footsteps get even closer and the Socs leave me lying there, bleeding teribbly and crying from the pain. I hurt and ache everywhere and all I want is for it to end. Then, as if by magic, I'm greeted by darkness.

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