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Chapter 9

"The Mysteries and the Accomplishments"

"There you are, Yako" detective Sasazuka came out from the house "Neuro asked me for you a while ago."

"Did he?"

"Uh? Yes, he told me you asked him to gather everyone, since you had already discovered who the culprit is."

Well, at least he had dismissed the idea of turning Matsumoto-san her successor, Yako let the cat go, Detective Sasazuka stared at her for a moment, like wondering why was she there petting a cat when she was supposed to investigate.

"This...uh...relieves me from the stress" she half smiled.

"Understood" he gave a sip to his cigarette, and then blow the smoke out to make a point clear "shall we go?"

"Oh, right!"

Neuro had already gathered everyone on the yard. Toshio and Tsubame where cuddled to each other near the long side of the pool; the maid Eiko was nervously tangling her apron with the hands across them; the tall woman Ayame had took a place beside her. The other side Yako had Sasazuka-san and Ishigaki. There were other three uniformed cops next to Neuro; he was sharing some comments with them in his fake-but-cheerful attitude. It was annoying to see him acting like that when she knew him in the inside, he was burning in anger. Let's just hope the mystery is tasty enough for him to forget everything that happened today, she thought, not even wanting anymore to be respected by him but at least to do not end in a new torture device. I wonder to which point Sebastian can defend me, could he hit Neuro if it's necessary? As she was considering it, the said demon jumped behind her like a shadow. She threw a loud yelp that brought everyone's attention. As everyone was staring at her, she straightened-up and coughed a little.

"Did you find it?" she stretched towards her employee to ask in a whisper. The demon didn't answer; instead he showed her the black wig in his right hand. Yako nodded with confidence. "Ahem... good afternoon everybody. I know some of you are upset about the recent events, and would like to go home and everything but, I asked 'my assistant'" she gazed Neuro, who was the other side of the pool glaring at her with his acid green eyes "to gather you in her for discovering the culprit of this crime."

Everyone gasped; they didn't expect her to find the criminal this fast. Again she checked Neuro's reaction and, was he smiling? Or was that his poker-face smile? Suddenly, some well known energy started ticking in her left arm. This was so unfair! No way was she going to let Neuro solve the mystery before she does! Her left arm started to tremble; opposing the demonic energy was a waste, so she acted fast.

"The culprit is...you!"

And her rightarm pointed directly to Mika Tsubame.

There was a deep moment of silence. Yako's left arm stopped to tickle, she eyed Neuro who had a different expression, and she had never seen that one on his face. Was he...proud?

She couldn't even dare to check in Sebastian's, and then just pecked to make sure the demon was still there. A glance showed her he was had a serious, pensive, expression. Maybe things weren't going the way he wanted? Demons were so complicated.

"Eeeh? No way! Why me!?" Tsubame killed the mutism of the place.

"Yeah, she didn't know the girl! Moreover, we were all yesterday night having se-!" Toshio wanted to support her, but instead he got a slap from his girlfriend.

"I've explained everything to my assistant beforehand, he would be gentle enough to do it for you" Yako lead the word to Neuro, he might be too interested in solving the case and eating the mystery that he didn't care about her acting different than the normal. Yako was enjoying not being just a puppet for just once, sadly that might cost her life. Sebastian giggled a little, so low it was almost noticeable.

"Boss, I can't wait to savor the complete flavor of your accomplishment" he had learned to let her know the contract was about to fullfil and then he returned to his straight position.

"Right, sensei!" Neuro started explaining "Mutsuki Hayashita wasn't death up until 11:00 PM, as for the files the police lend us, she worked in a Hentai store in Akihabara District. Of course that's far from where we are right now. Then she had to have a motive for coming here, and someone had to give her the address."

"That's not the point! Hell knows what she was doing in here, s-she could be a burglar" even when Toshio admired Mutsuki, his responsibility was to protect Mika.

"Or she could have gotten the address from your girlfriend" Neuro implied, his expression not as gentle as before. The boy stayed silent, hugging his girl "And the reason for she coming here..." Neuro showed a pink shell cell phone, delicately decorated with fantasy jewelry. He opened it, the recent calls were displayed. Yako was too far for seeing the screen, but she completely got his point, especially since she had heard it also from Akase-san. "This is the victim's cell. It was oddly placed on an inflatable chair floating in the middle of the pool inflatable chair floating in the middle of the pool" Neuro pointed to the said article, placed in the short side of the pool, right next to him "and it's wet. Which means the telephone was in there to begin with. The victim tried to pull the chair from one side."

"B-but, the forensics said she died by a hit in the head" Eiko-san was getting interested in the case too.

"Indeed. Sensei never said it other way" the Mind-Eater crouched to the inflatable chair, and grabbed something. From Yako's point of view he was magically lifting the chair from one side, without touching it. Then Sasazuka's gasp pulled her attention to somewhere else, the other side of the transparent string Neuro was holding, tangled to a bunch of orange and red leaves.

"Hum, interesting" Sebastian mumbled.

And Yako started to felt frustrated for not understanding, everything was different from the reasoning she had made; but as she noticed Mika Tsubame was turning green, something big was happening in the field Neuro excelled.

"One side of the sting was attached to the leaves of this branch on the top of our heads" Neuro raised the eyes towards the branch that had lost more leaves than the rest of the three; everyone did "which were holding a heavy object, the same that hit the victim. It was simply a matter of pulling the sting, even a little force could work; the leaves gave up and slid down with the blunt object"

"No way, that string means nothing" at last Mika defended herself "it may be from a stuck kite or such. Moreover, there's nothing heavy around here!"

"Of course, there's nothing" Neuro grinned, and then he pointed the pool. Incidentally Yako thought that if she had been beside him, he would have managed to throw her at the water that same moment "because it already melted. Sensei made me analyze the water, and there's a high concentration of salt in it."

Detective Sasazuka was the first crouching to taste the water, followed by Ishigaki and the other cops. By the time they confirmed the salty flavor, Mika was trembling at the border of tears.

Neuro continued.

"Through changing the freezing point of the water, the ice melts faster when it's mixed with salt. So, a salty brick of ice would make the trick". Toshio had let go of Mika, he had stepped backward a little, and his girlfriend was crunching her first at the sides of her body, glaring at Neuro. "You just had to call the victim luring her with her own cell phone. When she entered the house, not being welcomed by anyone, the ringtone led her to the pool. Trying to grab it back she pulled the inflatable chair" Neuro motioned, by pulling the chair, the bunch of leaves from the other side of the string fell directly on his nape, swining from the tree behind him "later you only had to arrive and fix the 'Marry ME' text on Hayashita's back."

Tsubame Mika started giggling, first it was soft, later it turned into a big 'squeee'. She took out of her pocket a pair of thick-rimmed glasses, and opening her blouse under it she had a T-shirt with the text 'I 3 yaoi', then she tied up her hair and fixed up with a pin, and from God knows where she pulled out a man sized paddle.

"Wasn't it amazing!?" Tsubame raised her arms giggling and spinning, she took out of her pocket several pictures of the corpse "since the first time I read Ichiban Koibito I've only dreamt reacting this murder case, if I could also meet Marius and Makoto it would be the happiest day in my life. I even dated this moron because he was a rich boy in a rich house" she pointed Toshio scornfully with the thumb, the boy was in awe. "As if I care about the heterosexual boys. Everyone knows pairing is the only thing that matters in relationships. For example" she pointed the paddle to Neuro, he still had his good-boy facade "you're a perfect seme for..." the paddle pointed towards Ishigaki, who seemed annoyed "you're mostly a uke, but not for detective boy..." then it continued his path through Sasazuka to stop with Sebastian. She giggled "you're a good seme too" then she continues with her paddle until the side was pointing at her boyfriend "then I nominate you to uke!"

Mika started drooling. The detective Sasazuka said something about her confession being enough for considering her culprit. Neuro walked towards her while only Yako was seeing, the demon was drooling also, for different reasons. When he was half a meter from the girl, she hit her boyfriend with the paddle, and sort of magic force propelled Toshio towards Neuro. As the demon didn't want to look conspicuous, he caught the rich boy with open arms; both fell to the side of the pool, hugging, while Tsubame Mika was giggling and squeeing all over. Toshio struggled to move apart, but he was like glued to the demon, Yako blamed not having brought a camera, this was so fun.

Neuro looked startled but not much angry; he managed to turn up the boy. Mika took out a camera from her pocket to picture the oh-so-hot scene. It would be amusing to ask later for a copy, let's hope Sasazuka-san retrieves them as evidence, Yako though while holding her laugh.

Mika was so close to both boys that no one actually saw what happened, from a moment to the other the girl was screaming at everyone, like they were participants of her worst nightmares. She tried to run away, but the cops secured her with handcuffs. To Yako, and probably to Sebastian as she heard a relieved sigh, it was pretty obvious what had happened. Neuro had eaten the puzzle.

Toshio stood up awkwardly, still unsure of how to react; he apologized the demon to run towards his girlfriend, who seemed terrified of even seeing him. Neuro just stood up innocently and nodded to the boy, apologies accepted.

Seriously didn't he care what just had happened?

Neuro caught up with Yako and Sebastian. She was stunned her boss was actually patting her on the hair.

"Quite impressive, even though I had already solved the mystery myself before your acting. Perhaps, you no longer are a dishrag, maybe you've evolved to kitchenware, and I shall name you spatula or salad mixer from now on."

"...Neuro" Yako didn't know what else to say.

"I've been considering it" he pulled Sebastian by the collar, even if they were even in power, the black bodyguard still held some respect to Neuro, who grinned evilly "you're the slave of my slave. That makes me your owner, too."

"It seems so, up until the contract ends." Sebastian looked nervous, but never lost composure.

The mind eater released him.

"Let's go, Yako, Michaelis, I sensed another mystery near here."

Yako followed Neuro, Sebastian followed Yako. She hastily said goodbye to Sasazuka-san, and thanked Ishigaki for the Rally Vincent sketch he had made for her; then rushed contempt for finally being able to solve a case by herself, even if Neuro didn't compliment her as expected.

As they were walking, Sebastian asked for an explanation about the black wig. Yako said it had been a key piece for solving the case. Mika had a lot of knowledge about an older than her yaoi manga, and her acting wasn't exactly as a kogal. It looked almost as she was doing it to please Toshio.

When Akase-san mentioned Mutsuki had met someone, and the police was still to identify that fourth suspect, Yako linked it at the moment. Mika shouldn't have a black wig in her belongings if she wanted to please her blonde-obsessed boyfriend, much less if they were living together than only week. After Neuro explanation everything was clearer, she accepted watching the hentai for him not listening to Mutsuki in the back yard and her ringtone. Mutsuki's appearance was very similar to the victim in the manga's case; that she was cosplaying the same hentai they were watching was a mere coincidence.

"Then, this means you got what you wanted" Sebastian smiled grimly, he was about to grab what he sign the contract for.

Yako turned to face him.

"No" she didn't want to discern if he has cheated her with the contract or not, after all she was playing her soul on "the contract says: 'Make Neuro admit that I am a great investigator, and because of that a respectable human being' and I remember to have mentioned I don't like his demeaning nicknames".

"He complimented you, didn't he?"

"He promoted me to kitchenware!" she rolled her eyes.

Sebastian blocked a sudden kick with his arms before it could reach Yako's face. The demon fell backwards on the floor; it hurt him more than the expected. Neuro was standing next to him, looking down like he was scum.

"I heard everything you said, louse" he was smiling with all his pointy teeth, there was an evil Friday on his index finger "if that's the term of your contract it's way better to me" Sebastian stood up, shaking the dust out of his black suit. His anger was so well suppressed it was almost a frown "this way you will work for me forever, as I'll never say what the dish rag expects me to tell her."

I've been promoted and demoted in such a short span of time! Yako thought. Even so he was right, in some way she felt warm inside knowing Neuro cared enough for her; while in the other side it was easy for him to never compliment her.

"As long as it's okay to you, Sebastian" Yako didn't want her bodyguard to wither as Neuro does, even if she didn't like the way the demon gets his food, even if it was too convenient to have a powerful protector "or we can finish the contract as I said earlier."

"My boss, it's my duty to follow you until we're done with the pact" Sebastian bowed ceremoniously.

Neuro laughed, pleased.

"Then welcome, Michaelis" he turned away, to continue walking. But Sebastian was smiling, for the first time, and in an honest way "hurry up, maggot and its tool."

"Phew" this Saturday was lasting way too much, and she was already hungry "let's go, Sebastian."

She grabbed the bodyguard's hands and they ran towards the mystery ahead. Yako was happy, and she wondered if in some centuries, Neuro could still remember her, and if Sebastian would be by his side to do the same.

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