*Peeks out from behind wall*

Um.. Hi! I know that many of you may be under the impression that this story has been abandoned, but that is not the case. I am re-writing it… mostly for some grammar issues, and also for some tiny fixes to the plot that have bothered me and made me a bit stuck in regards to following through with this lovely tale. I've removed all of the chapters, and have been cranking out the newly edited chapters for over the last month or so. I'm posting the first chapter re-written today, and will be posting about 3x a week. I'm thinking Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, until we're caught up to where we left off. Once that happens, I'll be posting new chapters weekly. I already have two new chapters written. Thank you to everyone who has been so nice in messages, encouraging me to finish the story. I really appreciate it. Please enjoy freshening up on the story over the next couple weeks, and then we'll be all caught up together and ready to finish this thing! I also have a new story that is almost complete. I'll be posting its first chapter this weekend. Thanks so much. xo