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The annoying sound of my cell phone wakes me. I crack one eye open to check the time on the clock on the nightstand. I groan and snuggle back against Edward's warm body. He groans in response to my movements and I can't help but smile, feeling the evidence of his arousal against my ass.

In front of me, Masen sighs deeply and it breaks me out of my morning haze of lust. I gaze at his adorable, serene expression and my smile widens. The one silver lining of this entire ordeal is that Masen has been able to remain relatively ignorant to everything that's happened; he has been able to stay an innocent child through it all.

This last week and a half of utter bullshit has brought our little trio even closer. What once depressed and angered me has turned out to be one of the biggest blessings in disguise. It hasn't been easy, living in essentially a one room shack, but it hasn't been the nightmare I assumed it would be, either. Each day, we've gone to the park across the street, allowing Masen to burn off all his rambunctious, little boy energy. Our evenings have been spent snuggled up together, either reading a book or watching a movie.

My phone rings again, bringing me out of my memories of the last week. I crane my neck and see that it's my Dad calling. I frown at first, wondering why he's calling so early… and then my eyes widen as I realize there's only one reason that he would. Something must have happened.

Quickly and quietly, I free myself from my boys and reach for my phone. I tiptoe into the bathroom as I call my Dad back. He picks up after one ring. "Hello?"

"Hey, Dad, what's up?" I whisper. "Edward and Masen are asleep. Can you hear me?"

"Yeah, yeah. Listen… we caught 'em, Bells."


"Laurent and his partner."

"Really?" I can hear the hope in my voice. "What do we do now? Wait. Who is the partner?"

"Well… first you guys need to get your asses home. Everyone missions you so much. Once you're settled in and all that, you'll have to go down to the station."

"For what?"

"Well… you and Edward will have to confirm it's Laurent and try to identify this new guy. We're not sure of his name yet. He had no identification on him and he's not in the system. You'll need to talk with Trooper Carson when you come home. He's heading the investigation. I had to recuse myself."

"What? Why?"

"It's too personal. I'm too close to this. I can't do my job right, Bells. I don't want to risk messing the case up. I need you safe. Unfortunately, to do that, I have to do nothing."

"Oh, Dad… you're doing everything. You've done so much for me. You know that, right?"

He sighs. I swear I can hear the frown. "I wish I could've done more, honestly."

"Oh, stop it. You've done enough."

"Yeah, yeah. So… listen. You should leave as soon as possible. We want to get the ball rolling on this quickly. Plus, everyone is dying to see the three of you."

"Okay. I'll wake the guys up and we'll be on the road right away.

"Call me when you're on the road and have an ETA, okay?"

"I will, Dad."


"I love you."

His voice is gruff when he responds. "I love you too, honey."


"I can't wait to see Gram and Pops!"

Edward and I laugh at Masen's enthusiasm. He's been vibrating with excitement for the last hour. "They can't wait to see you either, buddy," Edward says with a smile. "Before we head home, we need to eat breakfast. Do you know why?" he asks as we pull into the parking lot of a homey looking little diner.

"Umm… 'cause it's the most important meal of the day!" he shouts and giggles. "Right, Mommy?"

"Right, baby. How did you get so smart?"

He shrugs and smiles, almost shyly. "You. You're the bestest teacher. So, you made me the smartest kid."

This kid is going to kill me, I swear. I get out of the car and open the back door, unhooking him from his booster seat. "You're the sweetest kid, ever. Do you know that?" He nods and laughs. "Good. I'm glad you know. How can I be as cute as you?"

"You can't be cute. You're a girl. Girls hafta be pretty… but don't worry, Mommy. You totally are!"

"She sure is," Edward chimes in as he joins us. He grabs my hand and gives it a squeeze before bringing it to his lips. He kisses my skin so softly, but it ignites a fire within me.

Our week and a half in the hotel wasn't terrible; we didn't rip each other's heads off, and we didn't go stir crazy, but…

Edward and I also haven't had sex.

It's driving me crazy.

I'm pretty sure I'm hornier than he is. Every time I look at him, I just want to lick every single inch of his skin. Edward coughs, and I realize that I've stopped walking, and I'm just… standing there, staring at him. And I'm drooling. Great.

"You okay, love?" he asks with a smirk.

I narrow my eyes at him. "I'm fine."

Payback's a bitch… and he's not the only one who knows how to tease.


Before we've even completely stopped the car, Esme Cullen is at the door, dragging Masen out of his booster seat. "Oh! Oh, honey, come here!" She gets him out in record time and crushes his little body in a giant hug. "I've missed you so much." Her eyes fill with tears as she kisses his head.

"I was on vacation, Grandma!"

She laughs, looking close to tears. "You were? Tell me all about it!" She walks toward the trunk of the car, where Edward and I are getting our bags. Leaning over, she kisses my cheek. "It's so great to see you, honey. How are you?" Her blue-green eyes search my face.

I shrug. "I'm fine. I'm better now that we're home." I give her the best smile I can muster. "How is everyone?"

"They're all doing well. Everyone is waiting inside. I just couldn't wait."

Edward chuckles. "We can see that, Ma. I'm home too, by the way." He pouts adorably until she wraps him in a hug.

"Oh, hush!" she scolds him. "I love you," she says before kissing his cheek. "I'm so glad you're all safe and home. Let's go inside. Everyone else is dying to see you all."

The second we're through the door, there's cheers and squeals; the squeals totally came from Emmett and Jacob. There are hugs, kisses, and a few tears as we all greet each other and catch up over a lovely lunch that Esme prepared.

All of the guys are hanging out in the living room, munching on sandwiches and watching ESPN. All of us girls are in the kitchen, snacking and talking. It's all so cliché and domestic, but I love every single second of it. I'm so ready for normal and mundane. Hopefully, if all goes well with the next few legal steps, normal and mundane will be my day-to-day life sooner than later.

"So, I talked with the planner yesterday and she said that it could all probably be finished by this Friday. How great would that be?"

Jessica's voice breaks me out of my thoughts and back to the conversation at hand. "What will be finished by this Friday?" I ask, feeling completely out of the loop – because I am.

"All of the final bridesmaid dresses and the flower arrangements," Leah answers for her. "They're soo pretty Bella, you're going to love them."

I just smile tightly at her. "I'm sure I will."

If I'm even wearing one. How the hell could she get bridesmaid dresses without me? I couldn't even go to a fitting!

The world doesn't revolve around you and your dramatic life, Bella. People have to live their own lives, too. Not everyone can't put their life on hold for you.

Jessica must be able to her my conscious berating me, because suddenly, her eyes meet mine. She gives me an apologetic look and nods her head toward the backyard. With a sigh, I get up and follow her. No one asks where we're going or what's up. I guess they were expecting this.

"Bella-" Jessica starts, but I interrupt her.

"I get it, Jess." I hold up my hand. "I really do, okay? I'm not upset. I get that you couldn't put your wedding plans on hold because of all the shit that's been happening. It's totally acceptable. I'm glad you didn't alter your life and plans because of me; it would've just made me feel like shit if you did." It's all true, I realize. I'm glad that everyone else in my life doesn't have the constant stress and drama that I do. I wouldn't wish this stuff on my worst enemy.

"Oh, Belly! I'm so glad you're not upset. I was so afraid you'd feel left out. We measured Leah in place of you, because you guys have the same body type. I gave you an inch or two more in the boobs though, cause look at that rack, baby!" She pinches said boobs and we both giggle.

"Get off me, you perv," I push her hands away. "Am I going to totally hate the dress?"

Jessica shrugs and grins. "Probably... but that's your job."

"So… when is the big day?"

"A week from this Sunday."

"Wow," I blow out a breath. I know this entire legal process of shit I have to go through – whatever it may be – won't be over before then. I'll just have to suck it up and hope beyond all hope that I'll be able to attend my best friend's wedding. "That's soon," I say.

"I know. I'm so excited! I can't wait for the wedding night." I raise an eyebrow and she giggles. "Mike and I haven't had sex in almost two weeks! Can you believe it?"

"No," I laugh. "Why not?"

"I want our wedding night to be special," she smiles. "I figure if I work him up for a while, it's sure to be special."

"Or your wedding night is sure to last three seconds."

That causes us to burst into giggles. "Yeah, there's that… but let's hope for the former, shall we?"

"I'll pray for you," I nudge her.

"I really missed you, Bella," her tone is serious and her expression is sincere. "It was so weird, you know, not being able to call you or anything. I mean, I know I was a bitch before when we went so long without talking and stuff, but this time was different. Before, I knew you were just a phone call away and this last time… it was just difficult, to know that I couldn't call you."

She looks like she's on the verge of tears, so I wrap my arms around her tightly. "I know. It was all so insane. It feels like we were away for so much longer than just a few weeks. I'm so ready for all of this to be over."

"Me too," she sighs.

"Me three," Alice's voice chimes in, scaring the shit out of me and Jessica.

"Bitch!" we both shout at the same time.

Alice throws her head back and laughs, joining our group hug. "Are we bonding?" she asks with a grin. Jess and I nod and hug her tighter. "Good. We need some serious girl time. I think we should all do a spa day sometime this upcoming week. We all need it. We have a very special occasion coming up." She winks at Jessica who surprises the shit out of both of us when she blushes.

"I think we should invite Rose and Leah," I suggest. They both nod. "Oh! And Esme, too. If you feel comfortable with that, Jess. I just want to include her. She's missed us so much, and she took it all so hard."

"Oh, definitely. Esme is a given," Jess says. "We've gotten to know her really well."

"Really?" I ask, kind of surprised.

"Yeah. It was more than the casual party conversation, you know? She was here all the time. Hell, we all were when we weren't at home or at work. It was just easier to deal with it all when we were all together. Everyone was so worried about you guys."

"It really helped Esme, I think," Alice says. "I think she liked having a bunch of us to mother."

I laugh at that, knowing it's true. "I think you're right, Ali. By the way, this spa day? It's a one-time thing; a special occasion. I am so not doing that shit on the regular.

"Whatever you say," she says, clearly patronizing me.

"What are my favorite bitches doing?" Jacob's voice booms out, making all three of us jump apart.

"Talking about our least favorite asshole," Jessica quips back. "Speak of the devil and he shall appear."

"Oooh! I hope getting married doesn't suck the spunk out of you, Jess."

"It won't. I think I'll be too busy sucking the spunk out of-"

"Okaaaay!" Edward shouts, covering Masen's ears as they both walk out of the patio doors. "Enough talking, more partying!"

The rest of the group follows him out, laughing as they find spots in various places of the backyard. A blushing Mike grabs Jessica's hand, whispering in her ear and making her giggle like a school girl as they find seats.

Edward wraps his arms around me as we watch our family interact with each other, looking much happier than they did on the day we had to leave. "It's good to be home," he whispers against my skin, causing goose bumps to break out everywhere.

"Yeah, it is."

"But…" he says as he trails his lips along my neck. "I must admit, I'll be happy when they're gone."

"Hmm? And why is that?"

"Because I need some alone time with my fiancé." He presses his hardening cock against my ass, letting me know exactly what kind of alone time he's referring to.

"What about Masen?"

He's been very clingy this past few weeks, with everything going on. It'll be hard to break the habit of him sleeping with us every night. If we don't break that cycle tonight, there won't be alone time at all in our near future.

"He's going to my parents. My mom cornered me inside. Masen is thrilled beyond words to be going."

Butterflies erupt in my stomach when I think of being truly alone with Edward for the first time in over three weeks. I discreetly press my ass against him, making him groan into my ear.

"Get a room!" Emmett yells from his spot a few feet away.

I blush, turning around in Edward's arms.

"What's wrong, love? Are you embarrassed?" He tilts my chin up until I meet his eyes. "Goddamn, I love that blush. I can't wait until you're blushing and naked beneath me. And trust me, we won't be getting a room." Edward leans in and kisses me sweetly. "I'm going to have you in every room and on every surface in our house tonight."

I moan, but Edward quickly kisses me again, capturing the sound with his lips. He kisses me deeply, making me tingle in anticipation, knowing exactly what's coming later. When he pulls back, I pout like a child.

Edward laughs deeply, wrapping his arms around me and squeezing tightly. "Later, love. I promise. Let's go and spend some time with our crazy, clingy family."

I take his hand and follow him eagerly, wanting nothing more than that.

Okay, that's a lie.

Right now, there's nothing I want more than a naked Edward.

But I'm a patient girl.

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