I'm sorry if you got excited because you thought this was a new chapter. I royally suck and have taken forever and ever to update all of my stories. I could give you a list of a million true excuses...but they would just be that: excuses. Sometimes, real life and the responsibilities it contains get in the way of our hobbies and the things that we love. Unfortunately, that's what has happened with me and writing. I'm getting back on the horse and finding time to do the things I love; one of which is writing and sharing the wacky things that come into my brain with the best fandom in the world.

I have been working on re-writing my old stories, my very first: Ready, Set, Action! and What I Never Knew I Always Wanted. I'll update each to let you know when the re-write is done. You may want to re-read those at that time, because I plan on writing sequels!

You may have noticed that I removed a few stories, and that's because I just have hit horrible writers block with those stories. I will pick them up on day and do them justice, I swear, but right now I feel like everything I write is shit for them.

So to wrap up:

- Re-writing/cleaning up RSA and WINKIAW. Sequels to come.
- ALIL will update within the next two weeks and regain its steady posting schedule of once a week (day to be determined).
- Home is Wherever You Are and Hard to Hate are on the back burner, for now.

Also, I have a plot bunny that is scratching to get out of my head, which I'll be working on in between all of that other stuff!

To those of you who have stuck around, sent me messages of encouragement, and hounded me to update: I thank you. It really means so much to me to see you loving my writing.

VV, xox