Panem School…


Katniss is starting a new year at a 6th form college. But her first day back doesn't go as it expected when a blue eyed blonde newbie from district 2 shows up to her tutor.

A/N: In this FanFic the Hunger Games don't exist. Katniss doesnt have to hunt to keep her family to survive although she spends a majority of time in the woods with Gale. And Gale is the same age as Katniss and I put peeta from district 2 as in the hunger games cato is blue eyes and blonde from 2 soooo yeah. Sorry but i thought it would suit the story better and made sense to me. If character are a bit or worse yet extremely OCC, I apologise as its my first FanFic. Oh, and the POV might change throughout the story but for now its staying as Katniss'.

Katniss POV


"Kat... KAT!" Prim was shaking the bed and trying to pull on my wrist. This is not how I planned to wake up this morning.

"I'm up prim, look." Thats when I decided, to leap from my bed and tickle Prim.

"Kat... Katniss, s-s-sto-op pl-eas-eeee!" I let her go; my only excuse was I had to get to school. I couldn't miss and damage Prim's future. My bright kid sister that's going to be the next best doctor of Panem is ever going to see. Prim ran out the room as soon as I stopped.

I got up and looked in the wardrobe. I don't really have anything special to wear. And to be honest I don't really care. Why would I need to impress the kids at the school with what I wear? They should like me for who I am and not for what i wear. I jumped in the shower first. Braided my hair and pulled out: a bra, underwear; a pair of straight cut jeans; my favourite forest green top; my dads old leather jacket and put on a pair of soft leather ankle boots. As well as my charm bracelet that my best friend Gale gave me for my 16th birthday. It was a simple gift with 3 charms. A tree with emerald coloured leaves, a bow and arrow, I was ready set go. I went down stairs where Prim was already eating a slice of stale bread, we had about 20 minutes left to get to the school so i grabbed my bag and toast.

"Are you done yet Prim?" She stood up, grabbed her bag and walked out the door were I was standing. She was wearing the standard uniform that the school was expected to wear. A skirt 1" above the knee, knee length socks, plain ballerina pumps, blue shirt and black blazer with the school crest on it. As I am a 6th form student I get to wear my own clothes as im considered not fully apart of the school.

Walking down the street we meet up with Gale and his brother Rory. (Who is the same age as Prim.) And made our way down to the school gates before the first bell went.

"All ready Catnip?" Argh that stupid nickname if only he went with one day without saying it. I just turned towards him scowling.

"Yes, Gale." We enter through the gates and say goodbye to Prim and Rory:

"ill meet you at the gates after school. 3:40 dont be later."

We make our way up to the 6th form block, and see that we are one of the last ones there. Just after the late bell goes off Glimmer and her army of barbie dolls stroll through the door like they own it and our very own tutor, Mr. Haymitch Abernathy, like every morning stumbles through the door laughing his head off. Great. Half 8 and he's already drunk. More than he usually is, I scowl at the thought. What I dont understand is how can the school imploy him when he spends most of his days drunk senseless. Just fifteen minutes left in this dreaded classroom then i can go enjoy my lessons without the stench of alcohol. I snap out of the thought when Gale turns round.

"I dont know why he still works at the school."

"Funny fact, I was just thinking the exact same thing." We both burst out laughing too until we hear a loud knocking on the door. And a pale skined, sky blue eyed and wavy blonde boy walks into the tutor with a note from the office.

"Urm.. Sir, sorry I'm late I got a note explaining why." He hands Mr. Abernathy the note.

"Its fine, welcome to the best tutor you will find yourself in for the next two years. Go fiiind yourself a seat." Hmm he's definitly had more then usual, he's never this 'happy'.

His eyes scan across the room, when his eyes land onto the seat next to mine. Crap. Only gale chooses to sit near me and that's only because we've been best friends since the start of secondary school(AN high school to americans I guess, the last stop before college) and that was only because of our love of nature.

He sit next to, turns and looks at me

"Um, hi. I'm peeta mellark. I've just moved here from district 2."

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