Panem School- Chapter 7

I lay in bed with just the thoughts: I'm. In a. Relationship! With Peeta? With Peeta. It just feels so right. As well as a giant smile on my face.

I ease myself out of bed and instantly look straight into the mirror. I look so happy, when there's an unexpected knock at the door. I look at my alarm clock and see its gone 12 in the afternoon. Mum would be gone to work another shift at the hospital. Which means…

"Damn…" I pick up my tatty dressing gown and head down the stairs when they knock, "Okay, okay I'm coming Prim." As I round down the hallway I hear a very gruff voice muttering something behind the door. This is no Prim. I open the door to find Peeta standing there in a sky blue tee and baggy jeans.

"Hey, umm considering I'm now your boyfriend that we could go out somewhere." Before kissing be sweetly on the cheek. I spot him carrying a picnic basket and a light blue blanket. I've seen him for less than a minute and he is already got me blushing.

"Hey to you too, I've just woke."

"I can tell" I see his eyes flicker over me.

"I'd guess you'd wanna come in, I'm not planning on getting dressed for a while longer." I open the door wider as he steps in through the door. Closing it I walk through to the living room and plonk myself down onto the sofa, shortly followed by a very awkward Peeta.

"No Prim?"

"Nope." Popping the 'p' sound.

"Where's your mother?"

"Err… She took another shift at the hospital. She won't be back till tonight….Why?" I feel his face dip toward me to give me a peck on the check, I turn and he lands straight onto my mouth.

Pulling back with a cheeky grin plastered onto his adorable face. "No reason, just curious." Before dipping his lips back to mine. A small giggle escapes my lips.

WAIT. I just giggled?

Breaking apart, I smile again and ask, "What did you have planned for today then?"

"Romantic walk in the park, picnic in the shade and possible another movie?"

"Wow! You planned all that to me. Take the part where you didn't say romantic and it would be very tempting."

"Fine, I'd make it as less romantic then I'd possibly can. Does that mean you'll get dressed?"

"Maybe…" I smile coyly wriggling my eyebrows, trying to keep it up before I burst into laughter.

"As much as I enjoy you in very little clothing I want to take you out. On my first day off on a weekend."

I look down and realize I'm only wearing a tank top and sleeping shorts and a dressing gown that's a bit to small for me.

"Fine, stay here doughy..."


"Yes..." I poke my tongue at him and just as he moves his hands to tickle me, I dart out of the room and up the stairs.

What do I wear, that's suitable for the park and movies? Do I even have any money? Crap.

I run back downstairs to my bag, grab my purse and pour the contents onto the table.

"You alright, Katniss?"

"Uhh.. Yeah!" I call back. Okay, so I have £10. That should be enough right?

I head back up the stairs and big up a pair of black baggy jeans and a green tee. That should work right?

Re-braiding my hair, I step down the stairs.

"Are you done now, Kat?"


"Yes." He is stood at the living room door, quite awkwardly. He, in the same gesture, pokes his tounge at me.

"Oh, by the way, there was a knock on the door. So I answered it."

"Oh." My eyebrows shoot up, how did I miss that?

"Yeah, and look who's back." He steps away from the door and see Prim stood there with the biggest grin I've ever seen on her face.

"Are you an item yet?"

"Prim!" I exclaim, "stop using that kind of terminology, and what like you and Rory?"

Her face drops instantly and a crimson blush takes over her cheeks.

"You think I wouldn't find out?" I shake my head and I hear Peeta chuckle to himself as he moves to stand next to me. And presses a gentle kiss to my cheek.

"You ready to go?"

"Uhh.. Yeah. Prim, are you going to stay here or go to boyfriend's again? I'll drop you off?"

"HA! I knew it! Aww you to are so adorable!"

"Just answer the question Primrose or we'll just leave."

"Okay, okay. You go, ill drop my stuff up stair then go. See ya Peeta."

"Uhh, yeah bye."

"Come on, before I change my mind Doughy."

He kisses my cheek again as I pull him towards the door.

Outside, a nice breeze takes place as Peeta takes my hand, laces his fingers and twist his hand around me in a protective kind of embrace, as we walk down the street towards the park.


"So?" Peeta questions.

"Yes," I lean my head against his shoulder "why choose to take me too the park."

"Well... Its the only place I haven't been here in District 12. And I thought I'd share it with you, as you told be you like nature."

"Aww, what did I have to do to ever deserve you?"

I could just feel him roll his eyes.

"But, if you wanna be my boyfriend, stop with the cheesy-ness. It will get you no where."

'You know you love it." I growl lightly and push at his hand. Before laughing lightly.

Soon, we reach the park gates and in comfortable silence we walk straight towards the flower garden. Guiding Peeta to my favourite spot he lays down the blanket he was carrying and plonks himself down, half dragging and half pulling me down.

"Oww... What was that for?"

"No reason." I shove him playfully and go straight to the basket, Peeta beats me to it and smacks away my hand.

"Hey!" I scowl, as he chuckles "I'm hungry."

"And my names Peeta."

"No it's Doughy."

"Ha ha." His voice dripping with sarcasm. As I reach back over to the basket.

"Ooo... You bought cheese bun?" He just nods. "How did you know these where my favourite?" I narrow my eyes, in suspicion.

"Talking to Prim has its perks,even if it means being asked billions of questions." Right. Prim.

"Ooooo...strawberries? And stop rolling your eyes at me. I've been your girlfriend for what? 14, maybe 15 hours and you've already spoilt me completely rotten."

"Okay, okay." He kisses me full on the lips, I blush, being in the public and kissing is something I'd just have to get used to I guess.

We munch on some food, chatting idly, until Peeta brings up the dreaded topic.

"How are you feeling about Prim and... uhh... Robbie?"

"Rory? Yeah, I'm fine with it." I state as quickly state as fast of possible.

"Really, cause I bring up the topic, and I watched you face drop kitty kat?"

"Kitty kat? Really Doughy? And I'm fine. I always saw it coming. But really, she's like twelve. TWELVE PEETA! Couldn't of waited till she was 65 at least! But nooo!"

"Aww, my kitty kat is upset." He pulls a mocking face and motions me to sit on his lap. "Arn't you being over protected?"

"No I am not!"


"Really." He chuckles and to silence him I kiss him.

"Touché Miss Kitty Kat Everdeen." He grin and winks.

"Why does everyone like giving me nicknames?"

"You started it by calling me Doughy."

"But you work in a bakery, did I mention bakes very well and your name is Peeta."

"Yes I'll give you that one." I grin.

"Come on. I'm full already and as much as I like lazing around on a Saturday with le boyfriend I wanna go see a movie."

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