Panem School - Chapter 8

Monday morning; week two. Yep, school never gets easier the longer it goes on. I've always felt like a robot in the morning, always in the same old routine. No real reason to be happy about sitting in cramped out classroom with my worst nightmares. But not anymore, well at least I have one thing to look forward too. Peeta.

As soon I'm dressed I leg it down the steps straight into my mother.

"Kat, mind where you're going will you. Why are you in such a rush?" I groan inwardly at my mother's motherly tone.

"I'm gonna be late for school." I try to move onto the kitchen to grab some breakfast.

"No you are not. You still have an hour." I frown, that can't be right. I look at my battered old phone and find that she's correct.

"Great. More time to-" I'm interrupted by a knock on the door.

I hear mother mutter as she goes to the door, whilst she's at the door I take this as my opportunity to finally make something to eat. As I take in the first bite of toast I hear approaching footsteps.

"Kat, looks who's here for you." I turn from the table and look straight into the sapphire orbs belonging to Peeta. He takes three strides over to me before giving me a kiss on the cheek. Blushing I turn back to my mother, straight back to Peeta.

"Hey doughy! What are you doing here?"

"Hello Miss Kitty Kat Everdeen. Well, I finished most of the early morning prep at the bakery and it's lonely next door. So-o-o, hey."

I smile before turning to mother.

"So I'm guessing you're together now then."

"Yes." She's smiles at us both in the most approving way possible.

"Well, listen hunny, I've been called in to the early shift at the hospital. So I'll see you after school." She walks towards me, hugs me and kisses my cheek. As she steps back she still holds that motherly smile on her face.

"Make sure you pick Prim up from Hazelle before you get to school."

"Uhh... Yeah, sure, mum."

I feel Peeta's eyes observing the situation, before mother walks out of the room, out of the front door.

"Well, Doughy, you want something to eat?"

"Sure, but I bought you something first." He hold up a paper bag with Mellark's written across it. How did I not spot it before? Rolling my eyes at how much he spoils me.

"Stop spoiling me Peeta." He puts his hand around my waist as I turn my back to him to place the paper bag onto the table behind me. "OH MY GOD, PEETA! Stop with the freaking cheese buns!" I exclaim, both Saturday and Sunday put together I've eaten a dozen of these already.

"But I know how much you love them."

"That doesn't mean feed me hundreds by the dozens every day, Peeta." As I stuff another one into my mouth. I feel him chuckle and reach for one; I move the bag out of his reach.

"Oh, so you want to play Kitty?"

"What do you mean play, Doughy?" He lunges at me and manages to tickle me, till he grabs my waist again before I have a chance to move out the way. He holds me before going straight to my lips. I giggle just as his lips touch mine and kiss him back.

Before long I have to pull away to catch my breath. Not wanting to break contact Peeta I rest his forehead against mine.

"Don't wanna break it to you Kitty but we're gonna be late and remember we have to pick up Prim." I nod in understanding. Our first school day together as a couple; my first day walking into the school with a boyfriend. This feeling being completely foreign to me. I grab my bag and lunch from the counter and place my hand in Peeta's out stretch hand. My hands fitting perfectly into his.

Leaving the house we walk our normal route to school but only we make the stop at Gale's instead. Knocking on the door we are greeted by Hazelle.

"Katniss come in; come in." Both I and Peeta enter the threshold my hand in a firm grip in his. "Gale! Rory, Prim! Katniss and... Err...?"

"Peeta." Hazelle runs up stairs leaving us standing awkwardly in the hall way to make our way to the living room. I'm not sure why, I've been inside this house so many times I should call it my second home. So why do I feel like I no longer belong here. That I'm no longer in a place where a large chunk of my childhood took place?

"KAT!" I turn myself around only to take the impact at unsuspected full force from my sister and knock back into the Peeta. With Gale and Rory following suit rapidly after.

"Anyone would think that I've been in a coma for a third of my life." I begin to burst into a fit of giggles. Trying to control my fit: "Are we all ready to leave, otherwise were just gonna be late and I'm not in the mood to deal with that Trinket woman at front office."

"Yeah, sure Catnip." I head to the door with Gale in my pursuit. Pausing in the door frame I turn and hit Gale back over the head. "Ouch! What the bloody hell was that for?"

"For calling me Kat, Gale the ULTIMATE fail," I smirk and hit him again. "And that was for using an unneeded term whilst in the presence of Prim." With that I head straight back to the front door and step outside. Calling to say bye to Hazelle we head straight to school.

As we make our way down the street I feel Peeta's arm loop round my waist.

"Watcha thinking Kat?"

"That I need to go hunting and burn off some extra calories. You see my boyfriend keeps giving me these cheese buns, and there almost as good as he is but I keep eating them all and now I'm gonna just get fat."

I feel like someone's eyes are burning into the back of my head as I'm joking around with Peeta. Not being able to take it any more I sneak a glance behind us to find Gale and his murderous smile.

"Seems to me that your boyfriend just wants to show you how much he likes you." I snap my head back to Peeta to find him smiling down at me. Smiling back I turn back to Gale.

"What's wrong with you? You look like a squirrel has just stolen your Co-co pops."

He plasters a big grin on his face before replying: "Nothing's wrong, why would you ask?"

"Because of that murderous glare you've had on you fce since me and Peeta showed up at yours."

He just shrugs his shoulder and pushes on ahead of us. Not long after we all arrive at the gate with five minutes to spare. With a quick goodbye to Prim, Peeta and I move on ahead to the annex. Gale left us alone a while back.

"Come on doughy, were gonna be late and I prefer to have a clean slate of lates for at least a term."

"Okay kitty Kat."

At Lunch, I meet up with Gale outside in our old usual spot. Again he has that glare, the one I now recognise as his jealousy face.

"Okay, you've been looking at me like that all day what's your problem?"

"Nothing Katniss I don't have any problem with anything." It's pretty obvious he is lying; he's not making any sense to me and doing what he always does refusing to meet my eye.

"Fine okay, well I'm gonna go meet Peeta, Finnick and Johanna in the cafeteria. Are you coming?"

"See this is my problem," I raise my eyebrows in pure surprise. "Peeta has been at this school for all it's worth a week and his already got you making more friends than you've had in all your life span Katniss." I look at him expectantly. "No I'm bloody well not coming."

"Fine, and I'm not talking about this now but after school..." He just nods in agreement knowing if we start this argument now one of us or both will end up excluded. And I really don't need that right now either.

As I enter the cafeteria I'm met straight by a "YO! Brainless!" my automatic response being that to roll my eyes and head straight to the table that it came from.

"Hey Jo," I kiss Peeta on the cheek before sitting down in the space which was very obviously left for me to sit down in. "Gale's being a grump and wouldn't come to say hi."

"That's okay" Peeta give me a knowing look which I'm not sure whether I quiet understood was for. Gale is just very similar to me in the largest ways possible: being highly stubborn and fiery with our temper. I'm distracted on my train of thought by Peeta pushing towards me a sandwich which clearly can see was made with fresh baked bread from the bakery this morning. As soon as it's in my grasp I take a massive bite; an explosion of flavours in my mouth. I close my mouth before electing a moan.

"If Peeta makes you moan like that outside the bedroom I'd let him take be." I cough on my next bite choking and blushing my eyes fly open. Peeta patting me on the back: "What? I would." Johanna being a bold as ever.

I move my eyes onto Finnick who from what I've gathered since Thursday that he would of course add his own comment onto Johanna's. But he is just sat there his lunch barely touched; staring off into his space. I follow his gaze to find it land on Annie. Who's talking to someone I don't recognize.

Waving my hand in front of face he it still takes him a couple of seconds to break out of his reverie.

"Earth to Finn."


"What are you looking at?"

"Nothing." He snaps at me. His secret never to be told but:

"Don't try lying to me Finnick. You were blatantly staring at Annie over there" I point suggestively towards Annie's table. Finnick's shoulders drop and he sighs. Just like a love sick puppy. "Erghh... Peeta, give him some advice before I leave due to sickly puppy eyes over there." I poke him in his side before I hear Peeta chuckle at me.

"Man, just talk to her. Have a conversation, likes, and interests same old same old. Just don't let my girlfriend leave me; lunch isn't over yet." I can feel Johanna role her eyes before I hear a very deliberate coughing comes from behind my chair. Quick to swivel round I see straight away that it is Gale.

"So you finally decided that the cafeteria is where everyone is at. Aye?" I try joking with him but he remained staring at me and Peeta conjoined hands. Stiffly nodding his head he moves to sit next to Finnick who yet again has let his cocky let slip and continue staring off into the total abyss.

"So," Johanna tries to break the ice. "What's everyone's last lesson?"

At the same time we all reply "Art." Excluding Gale and Finnick. Before we all head back into our own little bubbles without a peak from any of us, except the disturbance of a crunch of and apple from Peeta.

Ever since Friday, whenever I've seen Gale there has just been a sense of tension. Like all hell is too be let loose is about to let loose. The problem I have about it is I don't know what exactly about.

"Umm... Gale? Do you wanna go out to the woods tonight? I feel like I need to let loose on some squirrels?"

"Sure Catnip"

"Oh, Gale the Fail. You never fail to disappoint." That finally gets Gale to crack a smile at me.

After school it was just like it was all last week. Meet up with Prim and Rory; although they were acting a lot more like couple since Prim's weekend stay. Along with walking hand and hand with Peeta and all of just making idle chat.

As we round up to Gale's I realize I still need to gather my stuff and change into my hunting gear before we head back out into the woods.

"Fail, I need to go change. How about I meet you at our rock in an hour?"

"I don't see why not."His tone being monotone. I nod taking no notice to it and begin turning to leave spotting Rory and Prim kissing.

"RORY! PRIMROSE!" They jump back as they to see that were all watching them. Prim mutters her goodbyes with a not so subtle blush colouring her cheeks. Walking on ahead I feel the continuance of Peeta's presence and go to grab his hand and walking back down the street to catch up with Prim.

Reaching home I kiss Peeta goodnight and tell him I see him later; and a promise to ring him when I get back. I run upstairs to change, grabbing one of the only things left from my dad before exiting let alone half an hour later.

When I get to the fence I cross at where I usually do and take the 10 minute walk into the woods to where Gale and I's friendship really began to bloom. This being outside of our classroom. As I pass further into the woods I come across one of the many blackberry bushes with still a couple of berries left on the bush. I pick them off and finally reach my destination.

When I get there I'm already greeted by Gale. I sigh before I let my confusion from my weekend and today and finally begin to get everything back into the open.

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