Hello again. Gravity's Child here, I've finally gotten around to the final part of the series. And I'm going to use one of the titles that were suggested to me. Thanks to everyone who has been reading. I don't know how many chapters this will be, but we'll just find out as we go along.

"Kaname?" It had been exactly three weeks since we had mated and him claiming me as his 'bride'. He was staring out the window, but I could easily read his thoughts through our connection.

How am I supposed to tell the Night Class?

You don't have to. I can always do it. I knew what I was offering was dangerous, and he whirled around.

But are you sure? I nodded slowly, and he released my arms before pulling me into a heated kiss. He never noticed my firmer belly. Yup. You guessed it; I am exactly three weeks pregnant, with twins. I could tell already, but I was surprised that he hadn't noticed. Maybe his senses weren't that defined. I would never have imagined the hell that would follow. . .

Kaname seems to have become distant, he's always thinking and he doesn't sleep with me anymore. I can't help but wonder what's going on. I miss his warmth, the feel of his arms wrapped around me as we slip into blissful sleep. I want him back, so I begin to plan how to do it. I think that it will take time, patience, and lots of love. Maybe a surprise? I can't help but feel a little bit of hope flare in my chest.

As I moved silently through our treetop home one night, I noticed Kaname slipping out. Wondering what he was doing, I followed. Before my eyes, he met Ruka at the lake, bent down just slightly and kissed her. My heart stopped in my chest; never would I have thought this would have happened. Slowly I turn around, walking mechanically back home. I can't think anymore, and every single happy memory has been crushed into pieces, and ground into dust under the heel if his shoes. My vision blurs as I reach the hidden door, and I have to feel my way back to my room before I fall, sobbing, onto the bed.

The faint scent to Kaname passes by the door; I've managed to muffle my tears so that he can't smell them or hear my sobs. Silently, he continues down the hall, passing my door completely, and at that moment I get an idea. A dark, dangerous idea; but still an idea. Moving to the window, I unfurl my wings and leap. They catch the air and I'm swept into the high sky. Quickly and silently, I reach the place where Kaname and Ruka were kissing; and to my delight, Ruka is still there. Without a single word, I glide up behind her, and thrust my hand through her chest; tearing out her heart. Spells that will not allow her body to crumble is placed into her eyes and I slash open her face, enjoying the sound of cracking bones and tearing flesh. Never again will I lose someone, but with one last regretful glance at our shared home, I disappear into the night sky; hoping to hide away until our child is born. Then maybe, I can find peace at last.

Okay, so this wasn't as long as I would have liked it, but whatever works, right? I hope you all enjoy it and that you will stick with poor Zero until the end. Whenever it might come.