Although this is beside the point. The point is, Merry Christmas! Are you as excited as I am to family members and spend time with parents? (For your health, you had better be. . .) So, in honor of all of the holiday cheer, I've written up the next chapter of The Mask is Removed and a continuation of A Werewolf's Halloween! Enjoy.


It wasn't the fact that his name had been etched into the ice; clearly stating Yami Kuran; it was the fact that there was someone else's name there. And that he knew the name. As odd as it was, and no matter how hard he racked his brain for the answer, it never popped up. Reaching up to touch the ice, Yami froze when it made contact. Emotions that weren't his own swept through his body. Hatred, rage, pain, sorrow, but mainly overwhelming sadness. It was the pain of losing someone that they loved. It hurt, and Yami yanked his hand away; but the emotions wouldn't recede. In a pure blind terror, the Pureblood tore back down the tunnel and took to the sky, never once pausing in his wild flight away from the cave.

Landing silently on the roof of the Moon Dorms, Yami was a wreck. His mind was reeling, body trembling and the child couldn't seem to pull himself together. Those emotions were still in his head, echoing the pain and anger radiating from the frozen figure. Fear had long since been added to the mix, but Yami had quite a good idea of why. It was the fear of having the person you loved die on you. It was something that he had never experienced; and if it was that bad; he never wanted to. Though, for some strange reason, Yami couldn't help but feel that he had been sucked into some sort of strange crisis. And that damned frozen cave was in the center of this mess.


Glancing out the window, he noted a sharp silver blur; but only knocked it off as a bird, it wasn't like there weren't a lot of them around here already. What was one more flying nuisance? At least they weren't like Aidou and his Get-drunk-then-molest-anything-that-can-move phase that happens every Christmas. Yes, it was Christmas again, the seventeenth one that will have passed by; the seventeenth one without the love of his life; Zero. It hurt every year; but as each one passed by, the pain had dulled down into a numbing ache, one that only flared up at this damned time of year.

"Merry Christmas Kaname-sama!" Aidou had poked his head through the doorway and was now staring at him with amusement. Kaname's frown deepened more than Aidou had ever thought possible.

"Humbug." He didn't care. What was Christmas without the one that you loved? It was nothing to him, not anymore. The presence of another Pureblood pulled him out of his dark musings. It was Yami, the poor boy seemed slightly shaken. He set a small piece of cake on the desk, along with some strong Blood-Sake. As much as he wanted to swig the alcohol, he also desired to know where the boy had gotten it from.

"What's this for?"

"'t's my birthday. Born on Christmas mornin'. Other's in ma class threw a party a'd I thoughtcha might want some of tha cake. We h'd punch, butcha looked like ya need'd somethang stronger, so I swip'd some sake frum Cross. Eat."

Again with the deciphering of his speech? This was getting annoying, but it was a meaningful gesture. Closing his eyes, he picked up the Sake bottle and poured himself a glass. This was definitely what he needed. Turning his chair around slightly, he stared out the window, out into the snowy dark grounds.

"Ya seem sad? Somethang happ'n?" Kaname froze, this again, but it was a student asking. Aidou had stopped breathing, the sort intake frozen in his throat in a look of horror. Nothing would be able to rescue this kid.

"Yeah. . . It has now been seventeen years since I lost my mate to my foolish actions." Yami tilted his head. . .


". . .hmm?"

"Waz iz name Zero?" Silence filled the room.

"How did you know that?" Kaname's voice came out strangle and tight. He was sure that he had never ever said that name out loud, but it was possible for him to have overheard it. . .

"Follow me." Yami turned around and left the room, not even looking back as he hurried out of the Moon Dorms, Kaname hot on his heels. When the Pureblood stepped out of the dorm with the others right behind him, Yami was nowhere to be seen. No foot prints, nothing. He had disappeared into thin air. Facing his head towards the moon and blinking away the snowflakes that fell onto his face, Kaname noticed the boy was standing in one of the branches of the nearby tree. He leapt down and stared into Kaname's face before racing off. Managing to keep up with him, Kaname stopped when he did at the entrance of the cave.

"There's a hole 'ere. be careful." And he leapt into, his silver hair stretching out behind him as he disappeared into the darkness. Without even blinking Kaname jumped as well, with the rest of the former Night Class right behind him. Stumbling slightly, he glanced up at Yami; leaning up against the wall. Aidou was looking around and he left a choked noise. Whirling around, Kaname came across the only thing that he hadn't wanted to see.