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Kaname stared up into the ice. It was impossible, Zero had disappeared nearly eighteen years ago, but it all made sense. This was why he had never been able to find him. He had been here the whole time. Yami kept looking around, a confused look crossing over his face as he ran his fingers over something in the stone. It was a name. The shrill grating sound echoed through the cave as the boy slashed his claws through the name in disgust. Only part of it remained, his first name. It have been painfully obvious that his last name had been there, but that Yami didn't want it to be known. Letting his eyes flicker back to the ruined name, Kaname drew in a shaky breath as the letters healed themselves revealing the child's true last name and the wording that was with it.

Yami M. Kuran. Son of Kaname Z. Kuran and Zero X. Kiryuu. Yami looked away, his eyes flickering to the ground, refusing to stare at the shocked Vampire King in front of him. It couldn't be true, but here it was. It made sense though. His unknown abilities, and Pureblood status when Kaname was the last one. His silver hair, but wine-red eyes should also have been dead giveaways, but he hadn't even considered the fact that Yami was his son. But that also meant that Zero had killed Ruka. It wasn't like he was killing her out of spite though, right? Kaname sure hoped so.

"Kain, I want you to burn through this damn ice."

"He's awake. . . . . . ."

In absolute shock, Kaname whirled around. It was true, Zero was awake. The God was staring at him, a dark look etched into his eyes. They spoke of horrors untold and days of complete loneliness that would never recede. It had been Kaname's fault that they had been separated, and he knew it. The ice began to hiss, evaporating as the molecules themselves were destroyed. That was probably not a good sign.

"Kuran. What the Hell do you want?" And that was also the other sign that Zero was pissed with him. Well, he had deserved it.

"Zero. It's been eighteen years, hasn't it?"

"Why would you care. You have that bitch Ruka by your side." Okay, that hurt. "Oh wait, never mind. I took care of her. She was a thief, so I dealt out a punishment. I will s─. . . . . . . hmm. See isn't the right word, is it? Especially since I'm blind." A ragged breath caught in Kaname's throat. Blind. Never before had he heard him say it with such venom. It hurt merely to think about the word, much less actually apply it to a loved one.

"Zero, we need to talk."

"Hmm? Do we? I wasn't aware that cheaters tried to 'talk' things out." Deciding that he had had enough, Kaname grabbed his arm and tugged him gently out of the cave before pinning him against the tree. When he opened it to protest, the Pureblood silenced him by pressing their lips together. Zero froze, clearly not expecting it. To be honest, Kaname knew that he shouldn't have done it, but it was the first thing that came to mind and he was desperate to get him back. Zero meant everything to him, and Kaname had set his mind on proving it.

Zero seemed to melt with the kiss, and when Kaname finally pulled away, Zero was gasping for breath, eyes lidded and dark with emotions. His lips were puffy from the abuse, pink and Kaname desperately wanted to kiss him again. Damn, Zero was going to sent him on a one way trip to hell and back for this, but Kaname didn't care. Not anymore. He had Zero back within his arms and that was exactly what the Pureblood wanted.

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