Hello! I figured that it was about time to update. (I'm procrastinating to avoid my Chem work. . . . .) *Sighs* That and I knew that you would want to see a new chapter, soooo. . . . . Enjoy

A sigh escaped Zero's lips. This was going to be interesting and he wasn't sure on how to handle this. He was going to have to tread carefully, considering the fact that Zero didn't know how Kaname was going to act. Sure, it had been eighteen years since the God had given birth, but still. . . Kaname hadn't been around for it and he wouldn't be expecting anything. Zero however knew all about the problems of birth. Kaname was going to be in for a wild ride of emotions. At least Zero could pick on Aidou whenever he felt like it. That and satisfy his sexual cravings whenever he wanted. This was actually going to be good.

Zero glided down the staircase with a grin splitting his face. As soon as they saw him, most of the members of the ex Night Class stood up and moved quickly out of his way.

" Ohh.. Kaname. . . " Said man swallowed and turned around quickly.

"Yes Love?"




Kaname swallowed again. Zero was in an interesting mood and he wasn't sure how to deal with it. This was going to be slightly annoying.

"I'm not sure. What?"

Zero, seeing that Kaname wasn't going to guess correctly anytime soon; decided to spill the beans.

"I'm pregnant."

"That's wonderful. Is that all you nee..d. . . . . . . . . . .ed? WHAT?" The coffee cup that had been in his hands hit the ground and shattered into several porcelain shards.

"I. Am. Pregnant. Again." Zero carefully enunciated each word and Kaname blinked owlishly before sinking into a chair. "Problem Kuran?"

"No. I'm just." He paused, clearly searching for a word.



Yami however was ecstatic. "So I'm gonna get a bruver?"

"Or a sister."

"Don't wunt a sistar."

"Speak properly dammit. And you don't get a choice."


"Yami. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ."

"Sorry." Yami hung his head, but the Night Class could see the smile spreading across his face.

"Damn, mum's gonna get fat!"

"YAMI M. KURAN!" The boy fled from the room shrieking in laughter with Zero behind him brandishing a carving knife. When he came back, the God was swearing and grumbling under his breath.

"I hope you realize that he gets this from you."

"Really?" Kaname glanced up. "I thought this came from your side of the family."

Both men blinked and thought.


Zero sighed, "Remind me to kill him later."

"Will do. In fact whenever you get like this, I'll push you his way."

"Kaname Z. Kuran." Zero's voice had quickly became quiet, and the other Vampires fled the room, leaving their leader in the pissed God's hands. They could handle a mad Pureblood, but not a God who was currently extremely pissed off at his mate. Kaname Kuran was on his own.

As soon as the shrieking had stopped, Aidou peeked back into the room. What he saw had definitely not what he had been expecting. What he had expected was Kaname in a bloody heap on the floor, not Kaname fucking Zero into submission. It was hot. Really really hot. Enough so that blood began to flood south and drip out of his nose, leaving him feeling very light headed. Oh my. Aidou didn't know that Kaname could THAT with his powers. Well. That was interesting. Whirling around, the Ice-wielder closed the doors and froze them shut. Privacy for them, and to save the eyes of some of the younger Vampires. Hurrying down the hall, Aidou decided to find Takuma and ask him for some of his Yaoi mangas. That or check out . He needed the 'stimulation' fast, before he got himself into trouble. Of course, he could always sneak back there and watch the show from the window. Hm. . . That was actually a very good idea. But of course it was a very good idea, he was a genius after all.