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It wasn't the angry aura coming from Zero that warned Kaname of his mate's bad mood. It was the vase shattering against the wall inches away from his head. That wasn't exactly a good sign. It had been about a month since he'd found out about Zero's pregnancy, and his mate hadn't been suffering from morning sickness. He'd been suffering from severe mood swings. And the person who was suffering wasn't the pregnant one, it was the pureblood King. His mate. Kaname swore slightly under his breath. That was the third vase this week alone. It seemed that Zero was getting agitated again, and having Aidou around probably wasn't the best idea. He was generally the one who pissed Zero off in the first place. Maybe if he was quiet, the threat would pass over and he could go back to reading his book in peace. Maybe.

But it seemed that luck was against him. The sound of another glass thing shattering greeted his ear and he couldn't help but sigh. It seemed that he was going to have to step in to stop this one. It was either step in and stop this noise or let his rather homicidal mate kill off most of the Night Class. The silence would be nice, but since it would take forever to remove the stains and scent of blood from the walls, Kaname decided that he needed to do something. There was the sound of stomping and a fist pounded against his door. Hard enough to make the wood crack slightly. Kaname winced and mentally steeled himself for the lecture that was sure to come.

"Come in."


Mental note number 1: Zero was mad.


"Don't you dare 'yes' me!"

"Do you need anything, love?"


Mental note number 2: Zero was mad at him.

"May I ask what I did?"

"You exist." Ohh. That hurt.


"This is all your fault! If you hadn't fucked me, I wouldn't be PREGNANT!" His voice rose a notch and Kaname fought the urge to flee. "You are such a narcissist bastard!" As soon as his rant was over, he sank to the ground and started to sob, while the rest of the Night Class looked on in shock. This was new and very much disturbing. Zero was supposed to be the I don't give two shits kind of person, not the weeping God on the floor. Stunned and very much worried, Kaname bent down and pulled Zero into his chest, only to recoil as he was smacked directly across the face.

"Don't touch me, you narcissist asshole." The God recoiled further when Kaname made a move to stand up, before he whirled around and fled down the hall, soft sobbing and silver hair drifting behind him. This was definitely not how Kaname pictured spending his day. Groaning because he realized that he would now have to find his mate, the Pureblood stood up quickly and hurried after the distraught God. Really, Kaname was worried, he didn't want anything happening to his mate. Now that Rido and Yuuki were gone, it wasn't like he could really worry about Zero, but still. Kaname knew that he would feel better if the location of his mate was known and not unknown.