Alright, alright. I know that some of you guys might be mad due to the fact that I didn't let you choose the name of Kaname and Zero's son, but there was a reason for that. Yami translates to Darkness, or Evil. I specifically had Zero choose that name because it will be a constant reminder of what Kaname did. However, I will knock Zero up again later on; assuming I haven't killed him off already [I kind of forgot. (-.-') ] or if I end up killing off Kaname just to be spiteful. I really don't know what I'm going to be doing, but I promise that it will be good. (I hope.)

Gravity's Child

16 Years Later:

Glancing out of the window of his office, Kaname couldn't help but think that humanity had come a long way in the past 16 years. Cross had rebuilt the Academy where he was currently writing up lesson plans, and waiting for class to start, but he hadn't really changed though; remaining single and just eating enough to look decent. It really hurt, losing Zero like that and he remembered the agonizing pain when their bond had been broken. It felt like he had been ripped in two; but now it was more like a numbing, constant burn. Though he understood that he deserved it. He should have known the betraying Zero would have been the worst thing that he had done; the God had been kind of unstable; but now that he thought about it; there must have been a reason. If Ruka had really been killed by Zero, then he would have to be punished; not in the normal way though. Bondage sounded really good right now, but then again; so did other things. Tuning out the raging blonde that was fuming in front of him; he began to let his mind drift towards other things. Yes, justifiable homicide was starting to sound reeeaaaallly nice.

It wasn't that the blonde was annoying him, it was the fact that the loss of Zero was really starting to get to him; and it didn't help that Takuma and Senri were making out on the couch of his office. Yes, this was going to have to stop before he killed someone or something. That was just the way it was going to have to go; whether or not the others liked it After all, he was the boss, and he always got what he wanted. Even if things didn't always turn out in his favor, somehow; but some grace of Go- Kaname stiffened as that thought crossed his mind. Zero was God, and now he was gone. Sighing for the umpteenth time; the Pureblood cradled his head in his hands and prayed that his migraine would get the hint and go away. It didn't; instead his body decided to play a mean trick on him, it got worse.

Though his eye was quickly caught by a paper that had just been placed on his desk by Siren; bless her heart, she was the only sane one; and he picked it up gently and drew in a sharp breath. Another one of Cross's adopted, huh? Yami was his name? What child would name their son after evil darkness? Shivering slightly, he decided not to ask; after all, it wasn't like he was able to voice an opinion; and instead settled down into reading the child's profile. It was a similar to Zero's in many ways, but he had really no way to compare faces for this one had no portrait. His name was Yami Cross. Interesting. Apparently he had been abandoned barely after he was born, just shy over nine months and Kaien had found him on his doorstep with a note that simply said his name. They boy was a level A Pureblood, that was nice and he was quiet and kind; but the notes said specifically not to get on his bad side; probably because he had a temper. But the actual reason came as a surprise. His powers hadn't completely manifested yet, so often Cross didn't know what he was dealing with. Apparently Yami extremely smart and he liked to read a lot. Drawing and painting was another of his passions, and some of his works were featured in parts of the buildings around the campus. Kaname couldn't wait to meet his newest student. Naturally, he was going to be in for a shock.