In the Classroom

As he stood in front of the Night Class later on that evening, Kaname couldn't help but feel suspicious and uneasy. There was something about Yami Cross that he didn't like. It might have been the fact that there was no photo of him, but he shook it off; quickly becoming more and more uneasy. There wasn't any reason to be acting like this; skittish and unsure of what was going to happen next, but he couldn't help it. It was almost as if his body was automatically acting this way. Kaname's left eye twitched slightly at the sound of the Chairman's footsteps as they echoed down the hallways. Right behind him, underneath the loud clomping sounds were a lighter, more dainty set of footsteps. Probably the new students. Actually, it was most likely to be him simply due to the fact that no one in his class was absent. It was common knowledge actually, so he wasn't surprised. Kaien Cross threw open the door and stepped into the room, happily bouncing around on the balls of his feet. Kaname made a mental note to find out which asshole gave the Chairman sugar and then to kill them so that it didn't happen again. . . A normal Chairman was bad enough, but one that was high on some sort of candy? Brr. . . Kaname shivered slightly.

True to the rules, only Kaien came into the room; the newest student remained in the hall, waiting to be introduced. Quietly the class watched as the Chairman made his way over to their Sensei and began to whisper into his ear. It was the usual process. Silently he turned and faced the class before reaching up and pulling his glasses off of his face. Kaien's dirty-blonde hair was pulled back into a high ponytail, and he was wearing a black suit and tie. It was the usual thing, but it seemed that he had never really left eh mourning stage after Zero had vanished. Kaname felt his heart twist into more pieces at the mere thought of his missing beloved's name.

"I want you all to meet our newest student. Can you please come in?" Kaien's voice snapped Kaname out of his thoughts and he glanced up as the door slid open before looking down to take a small sip of tea. Looking up again, the Pureblood nearly choked on the liquid in his mouth. A young man had stepped into the room; easily making his way to stand be Kaien's side. If Kaname had to take a guess, the boy was about 5'9", but that wasn't what caught his eye. It was the brown hair, streaked with silver and his single lavender eye. The other one was covered by a black eye patch and Kaname couldn't help but wonder if something had happened. His uniform was on correctly, but his face held a look of unending boredom. This was going to be interesting. The sound of Kaien leaving the room snapped Kaname out of this thoughts and he glanced up.

"Why don't you tell us something about yourself?" The boy glanced at him for a second and sniffed slightly.

"If it'll make ya'll leave me 'lone sooner, then so be it. Nice ta meetcha, teach. 'Name's Yami Cross. Currently 17, and 'm a Pureblo'd. I have the ability over shadows, but I still have m're to come. Don't get me mad as 'm not the nicest person when 'm mad. Got me?" Okay, so apparently he spoke with a southern accent. Slightly difficult to understand him, but not too bad. The only problem was that he looked so much like Zero. Kaname's heart clenched painfully and he stifled a sharp breath of pain. This wasn't good. He couldn't react like this any time he saw the boy, hell; the child probably wasn't even related to Zero!

"H'y teach, were do I sit?"

"In the back next to Blood. . . . ." Yami grins cheekily and makes his way to the back of the class before sitting down in the seat. Good God, the boy was a Pureblood, but he had such an accent that it would be quite a chore to untangle his sentences; especially if he spoke quickly. Running his fingers through his hair, Kaname made a quick decision.

"Why don't you guys head out and join Atsuki-sensei's class out in the training field?" As soon as the students had left the room in their hurry, Kaname sank down into his chair and pulled out some strong wine, he was going to need it.