So? Do you want the plot to Thicken? Sure, I guess you might say. So please enjoy this story of a thickening action adventure featuring four flightless feathered friends.

"Of course he is upset," said Midgel. "How could he not be? You called him an idiot." Midgel was sitting in the pilot's chair flying the ship like usual. Zidgel didn't seem to be able to get it.

"He is!" said Zidgel. "And not very attractive...and fat!"

"Now you are just being cruel," said Midgel. "Jason and Fidgel are trying their best to calm down the big guy." If on cue, Jason, Fidgel, and Kevin entered the room. Fidgel looked at the others.

"Remember," he said. "Let's not get any rudeness rubbed off on us. So if there are any jerks in the room. Make sure to stay away in a two foot radius." They all backed up a bit from Zidgel and then continued walking.

"Okay guys," Zidgel said. "This is getting to be a bit much." BING flew in from the back and then pushed the computer-screen behind the Captain's chair on. He reached into Zidgel's pocket and took his clicker. "Hey!"

"No Captain," said Fidgel. "I think BING may be onto something." BING went into 'confidential files' and it showed a picture of Baron Von Cavitus. He searched on. He saw a picture of The Lizard King. BING looked at Kevin and made a noise.

"BING wonders who that is," said Kevin.

"How do you do that Kevin?" asked Midgel. "I thought you only advanced in instrumentals. I didn't know that you advanced in languages too."

"See," said Zidgel. "His assignment was a mistake. The federation only thought his instrumental specialist rank was for reading instruments even though he can only play them. I'm still giving facts why you should forgive me."

"Be quiet Captain," said Midgel. "We are not forgiving you yet!"

"Aw," Zidgel said.

"Anyways BING," Midgel continued. "The Lizard King should be taken away from our confidential files. When we went to space-station Bullamanka with Michelle, Jason's sister, we confronted this guy. He would cheat to win games, gain money, and even trying to kill the players in the process by using the Gurgler to blast them into deep space. Michelle was able to calm the Lizard King down before we all were doomed. He payed his fines for attempted murder and has since been the truck-driver for the Space-DE-Freeze." BING acknowledged Midgel and continued. He found a picture of Uncle Blobb. Another noise came to Midgel.

"Ah, that guy. Jason tried to stop Uncle Blobb when he planned to use complaining to turn me, Zidgel, and a group of pumpkin-headed kids into seeds of discontent. He was going to de-populate Planet R&R and then destroy all of us seeds in the process. Jason here was able to teach us all to be content and shine like stars before permanent damage could occur. He is still out there, maybe planning some sort of evil scheme if I am not mistaken. Zidgel let him go by letting him use an out-house rocket." Midgel turned around. "Point One for Crew!" Zidgel groaned.

"This grudge is going a bit far." He said.

"But you are Kevin's friend and you should be more considerate." Fidgel said. Midgel then started to struggle.

"What is going on Midgel?" Jason asked.

"I'm loosing control of the system," Midgel replied. "I feel like I am not actually flying the ship anymore." The Ship started to fly another direction, more and more until SLAM! Jason saw only rock.

"The door opened and Jason climbed out to see that they were on an asteroid. "Wow," he said. "Guys. Take a look at this!"

The Penguins and BING emerged from the ship to see a giant note carved into the rock. Fidgel read aloud. "Ahem. 'Do you want to know how to stop me? Visit Planet Picket and make sure that the Conrad boy is the first one to step into the new house right beside the court-barn'. Oh my...what could Cavitus want with Jason?"

"More importantly," said Midgel. "How did Cavitus take control of the ship? This isn't normal for him. Could it be someone else?"

"Not even close to being likely," said Fidgel. "Everyone claims that they saw Cavitus committing these crimes." Jason then spoke up.

"We should go to the space-prison," he said. "Then we might be able to figure out more to what could be going on with whatever Cavitus is up to."

"Good idea Cadet Conrad," said Zidgel. "Okay Boys, Let's get to it!" He ran up into the ship and the rest of the crew followed. Midgel started the ship up.

"BOOONZIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!" he yelled. Then the ship started-up and they all flew out into the universe.

"We would like to see Baron Von Cavitus," said Fidgel. "Also known as Burt Bertman."

"Name please," said the guard. They were walking along the space-prison they put outlaws in. Cavitus was their newest prisoner.

Zidgel came up to the man. "Zidgel and the Rockhopper crew. That there is Jason T. Conrad. He is a recruit."

"Ah," said the guard. "Okay. You can pass. He opened up the doors and Jason with the Penguins entered the room. They saw Cavitus sitting there. If it was a was very well designed. They got everything correct. Jason and the Penguins sat down.

"Ah," said Cavitus in his usual voice. "It is the Penguins taking their little human pet for a walk in space. What is it this time?"

"Open your hood," said Fidgel. "We need to make sure you are a fake."

"FAKE?" Cavitus cried. "I can not be a fake." His hood went down, revealing Burt Bertman, the little hamster who used to be Fidgel's pet. "I know of the copier who has been taking my crimes in their own hands. It must be some sick wanna-be!" He hopped out of the suit. He did a few tricks and noises that could not be usual for a robot. It was almost official...this was really Burt Bertman. And the one out in space was an impersonator.

"Now GET OUT OF HERE!" the small Hamster yelled. "I don't like having you Penguins or that Human in here. Now please GET LOST!" Fidgel opened up the door out of there and they all left.

"It is still too bad that Burt Bertman had to go all dark like that," Fidgel said on the ship. "He was one of my greatest experiments."

"It's okay Doc," said Jason. "Where are we going now?"

"The only clue we've got," said Midgel. "We're going to Planet Picket. If this imposter turns out to be there...we will have our criminal.

The ship ejected it's new landing gear – two giant balloons. This time, the balloons popped right before it hit the ground. It was a close call though. They saw the Court-Barn right beside them and got out of the ship.

"So," said Midgel. "Should we all enter together or should we follow what the message said and for Jason to go in first?"

"It could be a trap," said Fidgel. "To maybe hurt Jason. Let's let him decide." Fidgel turned around to Jason. "Jason," he said. "Should you go in first, or should one of us?" Jason thought for a moment.

"I'll go in first," he said. Then, slowly, Midgel and Kevin opened the doors just a creek so that Jason could step in. Once Jason put his foot in the room, a rope tightened around his foot and Jason was heisted into the air, fifty feet above ground.

If I am not mistaken...Chapter Five is coming up next!