Anna Blaze galloped up the dirt path to the farmhouse, kicking up bushels of dust clouds as her hooves thundered up the path. The dirt refused to stick to her glossy pink coat that was enchanted weekly by Ponyville's own Twilight Sparkle; Big Macintosh refused to have his filly be as dirty as Applebloom could get.

The road was clear of debris from the recent storm that had ravaged most of Ponyville. Why Celestia demanded that these hurricanes and blizzards be brought on a whim, she would never know. If they wanted to, they could easily make it sunny all the time. Her and her parents had spent the weekend cleaning most of the farm of fallen branches and wrecked trees, much to her displeasure.

Her long, toned legs carried her far, being that she was a full teenager, much to her mother's discontent. But those adolescent legs screeched to a stop, when a rush of blue soared pass and halted in front of her. With a whip of his dark red mane to the other side of his face, Blitz stood in front of her, casting a sultry look. Anna Blaze scowled at the Pegasus pony. Blowing her blonde mane out of her eyes, she pushed pass him, bringing a determined grin to his lips. She heard the flap of feathers, and he was beside her yet again.

"Hey Anna Blaze," he cooed, sarcastically trying to drape a wing over her which she bucked off.

"What do you want Blitz?" She tried to sound polite, but this pony frankly was not one she felt like talking to at the moment.

She heard him chuckle, though she refused to look to verify. "Oh nothing, just trotting you home," he snickered.

"Yeah right," she said, breaking into an unexpected gallop. Her long legs (thanks to her father's strength and mother's fineness) made for a quick pace as she tried to escape her annoying stalker friend. But being an earth pony was to her disadvantage, for he was right by her side, not breaking a sweat as his wings carried him along. She bowed her head, pushing forward. She thought she heard him yawn.

Trying to shake him from her tail, she took a sharp right turn into one of the infinite rows of apple trees. Shocked by the change in direction, Blitz halted in air, searching around for a bit to see where she had run off to.

A few branches tried to scratch at her, but thankfully her enchanted coat protected her from the untamed twigs whipping at her face. "Woah!" she screamed, when a weight on the back of her withers made her flip over in her sprint. She hit the ground harder than she had expected, her vision reeling with dancing birds. Wait, those weren't birds. They were eyes! She shook her head, clearing up her sight, to see Blitz straddling her with a goofy smile.

Anna Blaze allowed herself to chuckle, and playfully pawed a hoof at her friend sitting on her chest. He laughed a teenage colt laugh, looking at Anna. "Wha' the hay is goin' on here?" came a southern drawl from in front of them.

Blitz looked up, freezing. "Uh..uh-uh" he stuttered. His wings quickly flapped and he hovered off of Anna Blaze. An orange tapping hoof next to Anna Blaze's head brought her to her feet.

She rubbed the back of her hoof awkwardly, "Hi Auntie Applejack."

"Don't, 'Hi Auntie' me, young filly. What in Equestria do ya think yur doin'?"

"Nothing," replied Anna, trying to stay cool and collected.

"Nothing my flank. You are going to march your rump right home," she commanded, and Anna Blaze started for home with her head bowed low, when Applejack turned to the terrified Pegasus.

"And for you! Don't touch me niece again, you got that?"

"Yes sir! I mean mam. I mean yes! " he stammered, taking off before Applejack's glare sliced him in half. "See you later, blank flank!" he called behind him, sticking his tongue out playfully.

Blank flank. Almost a full grown mare and yet she still lived without knowing what she was meant to live for. She was the only pony left in her senior class without a cutie mark. Her aunt Applebloom tried to explain that no matter how long it seems to take, patience is the key. She had waited until her freshman year with her friend Scootaloo. But Anna had waited longer than any pony she knew. Twilight Sparkle had listed dozens of ponies who didn't earn their cutie marks until they were even older than her, and although it reassured her that she wasn't physically sick or anything, she still was sensitive about the topic. Her friends would playfully tease her about it, and she would play along as a joke, but she never told any pony but her family about her true feelings on the situation.

Applejack loped up to her side, not looking her niece in the eye. "I'm sorry Auntie. I swear we didn't do anything. I tripped, that's all," tried Anna Blaze.

"Eeyup, we'll just wait to hear what your parents think about this," coldly stated Applejack.

"Ugh! You guys suck!" growled Anna Blaze under her breath in a fit of teen angst.

"Don't mouth back Anna Blaze Apple!" corrected Applejack, and Anna's chops slammed shut for the duration of the award walk to the farmhouse.

It had seen better days, that's for sure; especially after the wicked storm that had just struck days ago; Applejack held the screen door open as Anna Blaze grumped inside. Her father laid on one of the couches of the living room, perusing an issue of Equestria Daily that Ditzy Do had recently dropped off, his coat gaining hints of grey streaks through it. Her mother, a butter colored Pegasus with a soft pink mane, nursed a kitten in her forelegs. With a slam of the screen door on her flank, her parents looked up with curious eyes.

Anna Blaze rubbed the back of her hoof with the other, staring at the ground to avoid their stares. She felt Applejack's eyes staring holes through her head. "Go on, now. Tell 'em what ya'll were doin' back there in the fields."

Her father, Big Macintosh, a large sturdy stallion, lowered his newspaper, his gaze becoming concerned and somewhat angry. Her mother, the dainty Pegasus by the name of Fluttershy, famous for defeating Nightmare Moon and Discord as the Element of Kindness, wore a look of betrayal in a sense, terrified of what her daughter had done.

"I didn't do anything!" Anna blurted out, refusing to look at her parents any longer.

"Don't ya lie to us, now," drawled her father, rising to his hooves with the same ease of sixteen years ago. He moved to his daughter, looking her in the eye. "What happened?"

Anna Blaze shifted uneasily, and heard Applejack trot over to her mother.

"Nothing I swear to Celestia! I tripped and my friend was chasing me and he fell on top of me. Auntie just came at an awkward moment. I swear that's all that happened," ended Anna Blaze, cantering up the stairs to her room.

"Annie wait!" she heard her mother softly plead, but the slamming of the door blocked her out. Safely in her room with the door locked, the pink earth pony flopped on her bed. She had done her best to redo what had been left to her by Auntie Applebloom after she moved out to Fillydelphia for some architecture job, yet the painting of three fillies still remained on the ceiling of the room, painted perfectly by probably none other than Applebloom herself with her skill. A white unicorn, an orange Pegasus, and a yellow earth pony that had to be Applebloom and her "cutie mark crusaders" that she had heard so much about.

Though many attempts to remodel had been tried to fit her ever-changing look on life, Anna still wasn't satisfied. The posters of The Connemara's weren't actually doing it for her anymore, and the black bed spread and chandelier weren't really fitting her queue lately. Confound Carrot Cake for suggesting it! It sounded like such a good idea at the time, but now she was feeling more of a psychedelic style coming on in the near future.

But for now she was sprawled on her bed in a fit of teen anger. How could Auntie embarrass her like that? She wasn't doing anything wrong, and that was just Blitz being Blitz.

'I'm not who you wan me to be. Get over it,' thought Anna angrily, pulling a pillow over her ears.

Tap tap tap. Anna Blaze through the pillow off her head, ears perking up towards her closed window. Tap tap tap. She shifted off her black bed, tiphoofing over to the window to see the source of the taps. Silently sliding it open, she stuck her head out.

"Ow!" she screamed, a lot louder than she would have wanted to. A rock flew and hit her square on the muzzle. She searched around in the twilight light for the culprit, eyes resting on a very guilty looking Blitz. Behind him was another Pegasus pony, an earth pony and three unicorns on the ground below.

Blitz and the other pegaus pony held out a hoof to Anna Blaze inside her window. Looking back at the locked door, she smiled coyly and let herself be carried away into the coming darkness.

Author's Note: You asked for it, and here it is! The first chapter of Not Far From the Tree! I know what ya'll are thinking, and this is going to be far from a Red and Yellow Affair. But it is still a romance fic, so not all hope is lost. I think you'll fid throughout the fic that the title is somewhat ironic, and you'll understand that as it goes on. But the main message that has to be kept in mind is that not every pony is perfect and sweet and nice. There are the rebellious teenagers, and even being raised by the kindest of parents cannot prevent that. Have fun reading and a new chapter will be up soon. Sorry for the wait.