Author's Note: I am so sorry for taking so incredibly long to update. I have been very busy with school and adjusting, but everything is going great, but believe it or not I have been having a social life that I had to attend to! But I did not forget about all of you, so here you go. Another chapter.

The two ponies erupted in front of the boutique with an audible crack of time and space and a blinding flash of light that sucked back into itself as quickly as it had appeared. Anna Blaze shook on her hooves, not being used to teleportation, or liking it, while Gem simply smoothed a few fly-aways in her mane with a hoof. The lights were off inside, the spiked boutique casting a grim shadow in the night against the grass around it, its shadows billowing in the softer shades that by darkness were now revealed.

A lone lantern swung from a rail by the door, creaking as it swayed softly in the wind with little ease, squeaking on its neglected hinges while the flame struggled immensely to stay bright in the whistling wind that whipped at it. To ay the least, it looked like Nightmare Night had come early this year in Anna's eyes.

Gem sauntered up to the door, grabbing a key from a location that was obscured by her body, and unlocked the door to her home. The door unhooked with ease, and the two ponies strode in, one unicorn with more confidence and posie than a certain terrified earth pony. Sneaking in? That was bad. Anna didn't feel as comfortable anymore, not like she had felt comfortable in the beginning anyway. She just knew Gem's mother, Rarity, to be a bi of a drama queen, and of a drinking queen.

Tiphoofing up the stairs, Gem snuck to the upstairs level. Turning around, she saw her friend not following. "What are you doing?" she hissed at Anna through the cloud of night.

"Should we be going upstairs? Isn't your mom home? She thinks your at my house!" snorted back Anna, sinking further towards the door. Gem flicked her tail in aggravation.

"She's probably asleep. Come on Anna Blaze! We don't have time for this." With that, Gem disappeared around the corner. Anna Blaze knew she could easily just wait for Gem to return, but knowing Gem, that would earn her an angry glare for the rest of the night. Huffing her bangs out of her eyes, Anna reluctantly trotted up the stairs to follow her friend to her room.

Photos lined the winding stairwell, none of which Anna stopped too long to look at, having visited Gem's home on multiple occasions. The same photos of Sweetie Belle, her aunt, and her mother and father, the acclaimed Fancypants fashion pony of Canterlot in his time. Gem always stressed to Anna how 'spectacular and fabulous' he was at his peak, being a pony everypony should know.

And he still was, just over in Manehatten, and Fillydeplhia… and Las Pegasus.

She heard the strike of a match and the burning of a wick, and trotted over to Gem's room to see her slip something into her saddlebag. Her room was the least modest teenage bedroom she had ever seen. A crystal chandelier hung delicately from her ceiling, the bedroom walls littered with posters of flankster bands that Anna wouldn't understand because she was too 'manestream', according to Gem. A few family photos stood in jewel-encrusted frames that probably cost more than Anna's farmhouse. The bedspread was divine, made of fine silk with soft rumples from where Gem had been laying, showing a hue of pink even in the dark. The white walls contrasted brilliantly with the black bed frame that gave a sort of diva quality to the whole abode. Needless to say, it made Anna Blaze's room look like crap. Hundreds of beautiful gem necklaces and horn rings lay on her vanity table, a lot that she hadn't seen during her last visit. Anna trotted over to the hoard. She dangled a pearl necklace from her hoof.

"Woah, where'd you get this?" asked the earth pony, throwing it over your head and preparing to model it.

"It was a reward. Now take it off before my mom catches us," chuckled the fashionable unicorn. Anna reluctantly obliged, but not before admiring the gleam of the pearls in the faint light.

They clip clopped down the hallway, until a shriek halted them. In the black nothing could be seen, neither having a candle with them. "Ahh!" screamed the unknown source again. Gem whipped her head to the left where a sliver of light peaked out. Moving cautiously, Gem and Anna made their way over to the door, Gem tapping it gently with a hoof so it swung open without a sound.

Rairty's room. The only light was the beaming rays of the moon flooding through the uncurtained window. A few unfinished projects scattered the room, with lifeless mannequins standing like soldiers in a small gaggle in one corner. A huge jewelry chest loomed from the workstation, most likely glittering with gems and diamonds inside its mahogany finish.

Something was moving. On the bed. There was something under the covers, thrashing about, screaming in agony as it swayed around. A unicorn horn peeked out, and the cries stopped, when a purple maned head popped out with a sigh of relief. And was that… a Pegasus wing?

Click Click Click. The smell of smoke breezed around the room, as the other pony puffed on a freshly lit cigarette which he then offered to Gem's mother, who took it immediately, deeply inhaling and exhaling heavily. She looked towards te door, and the cigarette fell from her mouth.

She scrambled out of the bed, trying to tame her mane and stuttered for something to say. Gem's face was a rock. She did not blink. Her horn lit up, and the jewelry chest unhitched, a pair of incredibly huge diamond earing floating out and hooking onto her own ears, before she turned and walked out.

Dumbfounded, Anna through her eyes to the ground. Rarity's mother just watched the two ponies walk out in disbelief.

Anna and Gem headed out of the door, Gem slamming the door dangerously close to Anna's rump with her magic on the way out. She stared ahead of her as they went, not even bothering to teleport.

"Sure is the Element of Generosity." That was all she said as they were swallowed into the darkness of a sleeping Equestria.