Authors Note: Hi! Sorry this isn't a chapter, but I just wanted to tell you guys what's up with the story. I have written the next chapter, and I want to post it. But, I can't because I am at a relative's house for Thanksgiving, and I always write a hard copy of my chapters first. I thought to myself: "Why not type up the chapter now and post it because its been a while." But then I was like: "Oh. I left my notebook at home. Really smart, Moustachelover14."

I will be getting home late Friday night, so I will try to put up the story by Saturday night. I might update on Sunday, thought, because I have to work on a piece for a newspaper, and the deadline to turn it in is Tuesday. I haven't gotten that far in the piece, so wish me luck! (I can't work on that piece now because, like the next chapter, my notes are in my notebook)

P.S. I hope you liked my inner monologue at the beginning.